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By: AJ_Impy, AJ Richardson
Apr 01 2015 12:00pm
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Episode 315

Hosts: Adam, and AJ

Episode Length: 1:09:50


Tempest Remastered revealed! Mythics: Cataclysm, Humility, Dream Halls, Time Warp, Living Death, Recurring Nightmare, Shard Phoenix, Starke of Rath, Oath of Druids, Survival of the Fittest, Sliver Queen, Cursed Scroll, Grindstone, Mox Diamond, Volrath's Stronghold

Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease and release events from this weekend


Tempest Remastered Mythics:

Humility 11.24

Grindstone 8.71

Time Warp 7.31

Mox Diamond 6.95

Volrath's Stronghold 2.69

Oath of Druids 2.15

Cataclysm 1.39

Dream Halls 0.75

Survival of the Fittest 0.73

Sliver Queen 0.54

Cursed Scroll 0.28

Living Death 0.28

Recurring Nightmare 0.23

Starke of Rath 0.06

Shard Phoenix 0.05

Question of the Week: Which of the Dragons of Tarkir are you most looking forward to?

Whatcha been playin’:
Adam: Commander: Animar with a +1/+1 theme. Also in Commander, Teferi the planeswalker. I had out a Sol Ring, Worn Powerstone, Thran Dynamo, Soldevi Excavations and The Chain Veil alongside both Teferi and the original Jace. By Manipulating Terferi, I could untap the chain veil and mana artifacts to activate both planeswalkers multiple times. As soon as I thought my combo was not unlimited, I drew into a Voltaic Key which allowed me to untap the Veil one more time and continue doing insane things. Ultimately, since my opponent was a good sport, I wound up decking him by using Jace’s ultimate a few times in conjunction with making us both draw cards every other activation.

Also, Legacy Tribal Kobolds

AJ: Demon shenanigans.

Questions? Comments? Constructive Criticisms?

Contact us at: freedfromtherealmtgo@gmail.com



I feel like Adam is my by Paul Leicht at Thu, 04/02/2015 - 14:00
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I feel like Adam is my alterego. Ride the Dilu Horse is one of my alltime favorites. I wish it was available in paper since Ive been building cmdr decks in paper lately.

Rings of Brighthearth by mindlesslemming at Thu, 04/02/2015 - 14:44
mindlesslemming's picture

put Rings of Brighthearth in your Teferi commander deck!