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By: Paul Leicht, Paul Emerson Leicht
Apr 29 2022 10:10am

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Episode 676

Hosts: Paul and AJ

Episode Length: 1h 20m 2s




Random Card Lore o’ the Week: 

Shaman of Spring


Whatcha been playin’:

Paul: Despairing for something to do I have been torturing myself with CIV 6. Midweek Madness was as per usual a torturous slog with me running an Isshin deck built around the themes of the commander (Warriors, Samurai, attacking, Humans, ETB creatures, Winota.)

AJ: Winning at the weekend with my fallback Archon reanimator, Winota in the midweek madness, basically biding my time until New Capenna. Outside of Magic, fun background sim science in Elite, and enjoying the best possible start in a Civ 6 game.

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