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Apr 30 2015 12:00pm
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Episode 318

Hosts: Oliver, Adam and AJ

Episode Length: 1:14:41



More Modern Masters Spoilers! Some definite, some possibly dubious…

The first episode of Standard Super League aired this past Tuesday. The Standard Super League airs Tuesday nights at 6:00 p.m. Pacific (UTC-7) on twitch.tv/magic!

Tempest Remastered cards bring a new bug to MTGO, but it only really matters if you trade with wishlists. Tempest Remastered goes on sale for three weeks, beginning Wednesday, May 6, only on Magic Online.


Prices: Top ten priciest Slivers

Sliver Legion - 4.84

Toxin Sliver - 2.47

Sliver Overlord - 1.28 (SCG version, Premium Decks version is .70)

Crystalline Sliver - 1.25 (Premium Decks version; Regular is 1.00)

Magma Sliver - 1.19

Sliver Hivelord - 1.13

Sliver Queen - 1.06 (Promo)

Muscle Sliver - .90 (Premium Decks version)

Brood Sliver - .70 (Premium Decks version, reg version is .69)

Synapse Sliver - .64


Honorable mention: You can pick up the entire Premium Deck series: Slivers, for just slightly over the cost of a Toxin Sliver, 2.66.


Question of the Week: What’s your favorite sliver?


Adam: Necrotic for utility, Harmonic for flickering and an honorable mention of Hivestone.

Oliver: Probably Virulent Sliver - for back when poisoning people to death was more of a challenge.

AJ: Sliver Hivelord, the ideal general for 5-color indestructibles in Commander.


Whatcha been playin’:
AJ: Exclusive Cliques! With the MM15 reprint of Vendilion Clique, the price dropped just enough so I could finally build my all-Clique Fae deck. Just took me nearly 8 years!

Adam: Been playin’ a Toshiro Umezawa Commander deck, loaded to the gills with instants, half of which are removal. Added some new cards to my Zurgo Bellstriker deck and been runnin’ that as well.

Oliver: Played Goblins in the Classic Heirloom PRE on Saturday to a Top 4 finish.  Also, more Modern with Collected Company decks.

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