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By: AJ_Impy, AJ Richardson
May 15 2015 12:00pm
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Episode 320

Hosts: Adam and AJ

Episode Length: 1:09:02



WOTC announces that Magic Online is having a Modern Festival. With a grand prize of one copy of every Modern-legal set, which kicks off on Wednesday, June 24, following the downtime. Check out the official WOTC article for the full details, including information on how entry can garner an alternate-art Eternal Witness and a full-art Lightning Helix.

To qualify for the Modern Festival tourney, one needs to play in a Modern Festival Prelim. The events will be happening from 6/24-7/1, replacing the Modern Daily Events during that time.

The Magic Online Championship is being held this weekend, May 15-17, and features sixteen players battling for a share of more than $100,000 in cash prizes. Viewers can tune into Twitch.tv/magic to watch a live broadcast of the event.

Tempest Remastered Release Events are running from now until the Wednesday, May 27, downtime. Get the full prize and event details here. Due to lack of player interest in the Tempest Remastered 64-Player Drafts, these events are now cancelled.

The full spoiler for Modern Masters 2015 was published last Friday. For some reason, WOTC thought Surrakar Spellblade needed an additional printing.

MM2015 prerelease given an additional day; Now it starts (online) on Thursday, May 28.

August’s FNM card is Serum Visions! How will they add more to the online card pool? Only time will tell.


The top cards in Modern not reprinted in MM2015:

Liliana of the Veil 77.33

Batterskull 38.25

Scalding Tarn 31.43

Infernal Tutor 28.89

Twilight Mire 25.18

Dragonlord Ojutai 24.63

Deathmist Raptor 24.41

Auriok Champion 23.68

Blood Moon 20.99

Omniscience 20.60


Question of the Week: What card in MM2015 did you hope to see reprinted but wasn’t?


Adam: Scapeshift. As a champion of casual play and a casual lover of Landfall, I wanted to be able to pick one of these up for cheaper than my left kidney.

AJ: Batterskull was a surprising omission.


Whatcha been playin’:

AJ: Dragon-generating humans at the weekend, backed up by Magus of the Moon. Ghitu Firebreathing on a Brood Keeper gives you as many Furnace Whelps as you like for 3 mana each at instant speed.
Adam: Revamp of three older commander decks, now with new cards. Medomai, Ghave and Doran. Played in my second TPR draft-- drafted a red/black build. Did not place, won no matches. Did pull a foil wasteland in my third pack though :) Thus, I am content, and will not play in anymore TPR drafts.

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