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By: Paul Leicht, Paul Emerson Leicht
Jun 30 2023 10:12am

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Episode 731

Hosts: Paul and AJ

Episode Length: 1h 3m 35s



  • Words and what they mean in Magic vs the Real world. A topic for a slow news week.
  • The Economy of the Rings. Secrets and Nobles. 
  • Arena Stuff
  • Stuff


Random Card Lore o’ the Week: 

Torture Chamber


Whatcha been playin’:

Paul: Not a lot. 0-3ed a LOTR draft before going 3-X with the phantom LOTR sealed. Pathfinder WOTR otherwise.

AJ: LOTR drafts and sealeds, mixed results, some ludicrous amassing. Went with Elementals in Standard Apocalypse, midrange lost to aggro. Outside of Magic, completed one run of WotR and started another.

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