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By: Paul Leicht, Paul Emerson Leicht
Jul 21 2023 9:57am

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Episode 734

Hosts: Paul and AJ

Episode Length: 1h 18s




Random Card Lore o’ the Week: 

CounterspellAzorius Chancery


Whatcha been playin’:

Paul; MWM: (Standard format) 3-x where x is an arbitrarily large number uncountable by normal human minds. Oh wait no this week it was 1. 3-1. Using Breach Rakdos. Just so used to doing poorly with this format that I almost didn’t notice when I did OK. Chess with actual people on Win Win Lose Win (beat an italian player with Guico Piano – achievo unlocked?) Draw so far this week. (10min Rapid),


AJ: Villains getting defeated at the modern apocalypse, 3-2 at the MWM standard with an Angel/Cleric hybrid, more Wrath of the Righteous and a couple sessions of Blood on the Clocktower outside of Magic.

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