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Nov 10 2023 9:12am

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Episode 749

Hosts: Paul and AJ

Episode Length: 1:07:41


  • Mechanical breakdowns and other sundry Difficulties. Anyone else notice how the rewards for the MWM event this week and last had random no prizes apparently given but a bug in the claim button? We did. We saw people complaining about this on the forums on Steam as well. Apparently when this happened some people did get gems so maybe it is related to the duplicate protection function. – Keep clicking on the claim button until it goes away.

    Other issues reported recently are people having trouble logging in at all on Steam. While this is hard to verify, it seems par for the course with Steam games. Sometimes their DRM gets in the way. We recommend installing the game outside of Steam if this happens to you. There also seem to be some connectivity issues with matchmaking of late (“Waiting for Server…”). That is an ongoing problem that does not seem to be solvable for now except to keep trying.
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  • Murders coming in February.
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Our Magic Styles and Philosophies

Carebear or Rattlesnake? What is your approach to (Social) Commander and why?

Paul: I used to run a lot of group hug style cards (Everyone Draws a Card, Everyone Gains a life, etc) but moved more toward rattlesnake (Everyone takes damage if my creatures die, My guys have deathtouch, My guys will hit back twice as hard, etc) over time as I realized many players don’t care if you are helping them or hurting them, so there is no social or political cache for being nice. Being threatening gets the job done more often. However, the drawback is, people will start targeting your threats sooner and may view you as a saber-rattler rather than a baby rattle shaker. 

AJ: Ooh. It’s been a while but I like a bit of both, bear hug. I’ve done both widely over the years, enjoyed setting traps, seeming undefended, dissuading my opponents by example, such that they couldn’t know which horrible thing I might do, but there was likely something. I love the political aspect of the game. The social bits, so tended to do my Commander with voice chat or in client conversations.

Whatcha been playin’:

Paul: Dealing with a nasty head cold. Still suffering from it. MWM was a horror show: 3-x where x is far greater than 10. Was using the Giada deck because many of my favorite cards are in it but kept losing to Danitha. So switched to Danitha and finally after x games won a third. Quite horrible. One of the main difficulties I had was that all the decks have a ton of chaff (draft level or worse) cards in them and I seemed to draw those more than the ones with actual value. Another is the amount of ETB Tapped lands was extraordinarily high. In many cases because it is a 2 color deck just basic lands would have sufficed and the starts where I got 2-3 basics were the best starts. Overall I would give the deck building of this event a C- and that’s mainly because they did include SOME good cards.

AJ: 1-2 at the second part of the Apocalypse Halloween special, 3-2 using Danitha in MWM. Not much outside of magic, a few forum and message board games.

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