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By: AJ_Impy, AJ Richardson
Jun 05 2015 12:00pm
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Episode 323

Hosts: Adam and AJ

Episode Length: 59:43




#Goyfgate #foilgoyf #makemagichistory: During the Top 8 of the Vegas GP, Pascal Maynard ‘rare-drafted’ a foil Tarmogoyf, instead of taking a Burst Lightning. A few Pros (Owen Turtenwald, Reid Duke, Huey Jensen) had some harsh words. The internet reacted as is its wont -- some defended Pascal, some trolled him, some were indifferent, but it was messy. After the debacle, Pascal posted the foil, stamped Goyf on eBay and was again trolled by bidders bidding insane amounts only to blatantly tell him they were doing it to ruin the auction, and had no intention of paying. Half the proceeds go to charity; Pascal has stated a friend of a friend runs some security at eBay and is helping to remove fake bids. The eBay auction is currently up to $16K. Though not an online issue, we discuss its impact on the general Magic playin’ lifestyle, and it give us a chance to discuss internet bullying and why the only gates MTG player should be concerned with should be ones that are either to Phyrexia, or Guild-related.


The MTGO.com update article is live, and with it an announcement that includes Updates to Event Pairing Algorithm:

“Today, we are updating how pairing in events works. This change should reduce the number of users who are paired incorrectly according to tournament rules. We will be monitoring this transition closely, both internally and via player reports. If you encounter any issues with who you're paired against in an event, please let us know via the link below.”


We talk MM2015: Its popularity, its price-dropping of Modern Staples, and our current grabs and speculation on what will rise in EV later on.


Random Gatherer Card of the Week:


Questions of the Week:

  1. What other Magic related websites do you frequent?

  2. WOTC’s employees that write for dailymtg.com have been recounting their origins to the game, in tandem with pre-promoting Magic: Origins. What’s your magic Origin story?



Gatherling generally once a week, and I started out on the demo version of Shandalar, and stayed on computers ever since.



I frequent Reddit’s Magic subreddits; I just discovered Cardboard-crack.com; here’s an awesome comic from there. I, of course, go to Dailymtg.com, mtgotraders, and this here puremtgo.com website the most. Mtggoldfish.com for prices. I also frequently use Twitter as a means to gather info on the game. Hey! Here’s a shameless self-promotion! Follow me on Twitter! I just set up an account that is solely related to writing and podcasting for pure, and all things magicy (with some other nerdery thrown in). https://twitter.com/CmdrJohnnyBoosh -- I follow back! As for my origins, listen to the dang podcast!


Whatcha been playin’:


AJ:Making the money at the weekend through more construct shenanigans.


Adam: I created unholy dark tomes that summon elder gods that just appear to tell me I’m despicable. Feldon of the Third Path who pops out Ravenous Baboons and (Avalanche Rider)s all while Magus of the Mooning, and maybe a little Boom/Busting. Also Five-Color Studly, which uses Dream Halls to free-cast Conflux which tutors up horrid combos like Maelstrom Wanderer & Progenitus, with two cards to pitch to cast them, plus an (All Suns’ Dawn) or (Praetor’s Counsel) to Conflux all over again....

Magic Meme of the Week:


Courtesy Brad Nelson / @MishrasFotoshop on Twitter


Though not a meme, we also highly recommend you view this animated gif from Redditor randominc99, which is an animation of Plague Spitter’s art by artist Chippy.


http://i.imgur.com/DEPx9XV.gifv is direct to the animated gif, and the post itself is on the ever-delightful /r/magictcg in case you want to upvote it. Kudos to you randominc99. This thing is awesome.


Questions? Comments? Constructive Criticisms?


Contact us at: freedfromtherealmtgo@gmail.com




Pavel: I am floored by the by Paul Leicht at Sun, 06/07/2015 - 14:04
Paul Leicht's picture

Pavel: I am floored by the fact that Pros thought it was OK to do what they did in response to Pavell's pick. Sure we know some people are hateful, petty, unnecessarily vindictive, envious, spiteful, etc but usually that stuff is well hidden and not put on public display. I hope he gets the maximum he could from his wonderful and spontaneous pick (and I don't doubt my shaking would have been 10x more out of control if I'd had that opportunity). Nevermind the fact that he MIGHT have won the GP with a different pick. It was as Adam says, HIS pick and no one else's and screw the kibitzers. I've shouted at people for less at the chess tables when they opened their mouths to criticize a move they found questionable. I am not proud of that but I do think it serves as an example of how we are served better as a community when people keep their venom to themselves or their cronies.

Magic Origins: I am fortunate that a friend saw the Unlimited Edition packs at a Compleat Strategist and bought me some for xmas '93. Otherwise I likely would never have gotten into the game at all and made several very dear friends for life from playing it. In '94, I attended DexCon as a GM (running Champions scenarios I'd written) and happened to bring my cards and learned how to play, roughly, while I was there. I also met one of those life long friends I mentioned above, while there. If I knew then what I know now I would change very little except to not give away the Time Walk I had for stupid antiquities cards. Nor perhaps trade off my "extra" duals. I certainly wouldn't have sold my Mox Sapphire for $90. Though the played-to-death Ruby I traded a Legends Land's Edge for, had to go.

Sites: puremtgo, mtgotraders, mtggoldfish.com, mtgtop98.com, wizards.com (and subsequent subdomains),
defunct sites I used to read regularly: Neutralground.net, various personal fan sites. Oh and IRC channels I haven't been in in well over a decade: on newnet, #e-league, #i-league, on efnet: #mtgwacky, teamhacked.

Pascal Maynard seems like by Joe Fiorini at Sun, 06/07/2015 - 19:15
Joe Fiorini's picture

Pascal Maynard seems like such a nice guy, and the entire incident left me more than annoyed. I can't help but feel a small amount of the animosity secretly stemmed from jealousy.
"If I made top eight, I'd ALWAYS pick the better card".
Well, you didn't make top eight, did you. You'll have to be content with blasting others on Twitter. Super mature of you. It's a good thing that most new and casual players aren't likely entrenched enough to even know of this. I can't imagine this is good for the brand.

Someone pointed out that had Pascal taken the Burst Lightning, people would likely be dogging him for passing it up. Who knows, maybe someone would have had it in a winning deck and laughed all the way to the bank!

Good show gentlemen. Keep it up. Freed from the real frees me from boredom each week!