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Jul 10 2015 12:06pm
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Episode 328
Hosts: Adam and AJ
Episode Length: 01:01:46


Question of the Week:

Favorite Origins Cards (Before playing with them):

Adam, in no specific order:

  1. Kytheon, Hero of Akros

  2. Starfield Nyx

  3. Jace's Sanctum

  4. Gilt-Leaf Winnower

  5. Priest of the Blood Rite

  6. Shadows of the Past

  7. Tainted Remedy

  8. Chandra's Ignition

  9. Pia and Kiran Nalaar

  10. Animist's Awakening

  11. Nissa's Revelation

  12. Orbs of Warding

  13. Alhammerret's Archive

  14. Sword of the Animist

AJ, in no particular order:

  • Kytheon, Hero of Akros.

  • Blood-Cursed Knight

  • Chief of the Foundry

  • Demonic Pact

  • Erebos's Titan

  • Flameshadow Conjuring

  • Ghiraphur Aether Grid

  • Hangarback Walker

  • Infinite Obliteration

  • Pyromancer's Goggles  

  • Tragic Arrogance

  • Willbreaker

Random Gatherer Card o’ the Week:


Whatcha been playin’:

Adam: Working out kinks on a Huo Tua deck, playing Grenzo because I can’t help myself, and Avacyn, Angel of Hope in CMDR.


AJ: Shenanigans in many and varied forms this week. First up, inspired by Kytheon, there are currently five human creatures online which are either indestructible or can attain indestructibility. Just enough for a tribal deck! Anchored by Konda, Lord of Eiganjo and Tajic, Blade of the Legion, we have Frontline Medic, Transcendent Master and Knight Exemplar, with Angelic Overseer as thematic air support, everything withstanding Wrath of God and Oblivion Stone.

Next up, breaking Living Lore. Avatar tribal base on Grixis lines, using Hit/Run and Decree of Pain as ways to cheat on huge Lores for value, plus discarding them or Cruel Ultimatum to Avatar of Discord. Cruel Ultimatum gives you an endless loop, swing in with your 4-mana 7/7, sacrifice it for the 10 point life swing, 6-card swing, edict and as an encore raise dead the Living Lore to recast it.




Having clicked the origins by Paul Leicht at Fri, 07/10/2015 - 17:10
Paul Leicht's picture

Having clicked the origins spoiler link only to be taken to WOTCs Frankenstein site, I was given the opportunity by random survey to express my extreme dissatisfaction with their site's meta tag redirect bug which I did. But I did not get to view the complete spoiler list because I lost patience with having to back arrow again and again while the graphics of the spoiler SLOWLY downloaded. I'd prefer if you guys also linked to MTG Salvation's list next time. Thanks. I plan to listen later.

Listened, enjoyed, wished Id been on this one to discuss the hot button topics because I feel like I have good deal to say about them. But then again maybe not suitable for polite company. Anyway thanks for keeping the cast alive guys.

I really think Inimitable Adam should stick btw.

I should say friends of mine and I started a "guide" to mtg slang a while ago (more than 16 years ago) and while it was on my list of things todo I never got around to polishing it off. I am glad someone else decided to something similar. Having a lexicon of gamer terms is always useful and particularly with a game as evolving as this one.

I've never ever said "I battle my ...with your ..." but I expect some people do that regularly. Nice to learn something new.

Isn't helldozer a lot like a by Joe Fiorini at Fri, 07/10/2015 - 19:01
Joe Fiorini's picture

Isn't helldozer a lot like a Demonic Horde? It is, indeed similar. I loved Demonic Horde as a kid. It seemed really good, but then we all thought Stone Rain was OP :).

It takes me forever to listen by Joe Fiorini at Thu, 07/16/2015 - 16:25
Joe Fiorini's picture

It takes me forever to listen to Podcasts these days, for various reasons. So I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to get around to listening and making this comment.

About the MTG artist complain RE: artist pay- I read the book "So, Do you Wear a Cape?" by Titus Chalk (I really do recommend it to anyone with the seven bucks to spare). In the book, I learned all about how artists were procured for MTG.

Jesper Myrfors (who I'd love to interview, and you should also try to get) got his job as the original art director because he was the person responsible for getting original art/artists.

You see, Jesper sat in MTG meetings, pre-printing/pre-launch meetings, where the topic of how to illustrate the cards came up. The powers that be knew that they didn't have much money, but the photocopied clip art from the playtest cards wouldn't cut it. To save cash, the idea WOTC had was to buy second and third-use rights to existing artwork! Basically, they figured all they could afford was to do stuff like go get an illustration of a Bugbear from a 1983 D&D book and buy that picture.

Jesper knew that there was something special about Magic, and the idea of using recycled art was abhorrent to him. Luckily, Jesper was a student at the Cornish School of Art in Seattle at the time. He talked his friends into taking jobs at Wizards to paint for this new card game. Since WotC had little cash, the initial deal they agreed to was a small cash payment (don't quote me, but I think it was only 50$), but in addition each artist would receive royalties and a stock payment.

These young, starving artist/students took the small payments for their efforts with the chance that the royalties wouldn't be worth anything. Then the game blew up, and after a while Wizards decided that the original business arraignment no longer suited them, so they changed how they paid artists from that point on.

That's what I assume the artist you mentioned was complaining about, the one-time cash payment model that has been used since the late 90's.

Without choosing a side or anything, I'd like to add that Jesper Myrfors is WAY more responsible for the fact that we're still playing magic all these years later than anyone gives him credit for. I can't imagine someone paying 15k for a Black Lotus with a third-generation B roll image used on it. He also designed the entire card layout, front and back. The "M" Magic logo is his design, and all the mana symbols.

Thanks for providing the community with a killer podcast guys! I'm so happy with the direction the show is heading in! It's always been great, but now it's awesome! :D

Interesting info on the magic by Paul Leicht at Fri, 07/17/2015 - 02:23
Paul Leicht's picture

Interesting info on the magic art origins. Thanks for sharing.