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Jul 17 2015 11:00am
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Episode 329
Hosts: Adam and AJ
Episode Length: 01:41:44


    1. Joe Fiorini weighs in on the list in terms of Vintage and a small bit o’ Legacy and Pauper

    2. Joshua Claytor weighs in on Modern

    3. Adam & AJ’s usual chatter about things

  • Speaking of banlists, a fun article on the mothership which relates the tales of Standard bannings.

  • The Paper World’s Competitive Play: Change in the “accidental extra draw” penalty rule.

  • Whomsoever is in charge of PROMOS form MTGO are finally getting their crap together: We have Serum Visions incoming people!!!

    Event, Store, MOCS: respectively.

  • Postponed Magic Online Collection Performance Upgrades happened July 15. Is there a noticeable difference? Also note that these updates come with three new ways to crash the client, even if they are fairly obscure.

  • No update listed as to Commander “tuck rule” implementation. Inquiring Johnnies want answers.

  • The roar about WOTC’s lack of transparency regarding Jesse’s ban may have ebbed, but a New York Observer article about the debacle seems to have given it a little more life. I like whimsical, archaic, and off-the-beaten-path choices of vocabulary, but I (Adam) do not condone the use of “Tizzy” in this article’s headline.

  • Modern decks cost more now than they did six months ago. MM2015 did not lower prices, some argue it raised them. The article linked focuses mostly on paper, but online has witnessed the same thing.

Random Gatherer Card o’ the Week:

Question of the Week:

Sorta-half-stolen from Reddit:

What are your top 10 favorite Urza’s Block cards?


Gilded Drake

Defense of the Heart


Citanul Hierophants

Sigil of Sleep

Deranged Hermit


Aura Thief

(Urza’s Incubator)

Yavimaya Elder






False Prophet



Ill-Gotten Gains


Karn, Silver Golem

Whatcha been playin’:

Adam: Workin’ on Grenzo: Goblins in Commander, probably won’t be sharing it in an article, but it’s fun nonetheless. Played a bit with my Edric, Grenzo, Brago and Medomai decks, and extensively with my Mill God deck.

AJ: Commander Vish Kal (Still needs work), double strike Warriors, half-zombified Knights.



Magic is featured in another, by Adam_the_Mentat at Fri, 07/17/2015 - 11:57
Adam_the_Mentat's picture

Magic is featured in another, non-Jesse related "real world/nonmagic" media outlet: -- just came across it today

Great cast guys. Nice guest by olaw at Fri, 07/17/2015 - 12:47
olaw's picture

Great cast guys. Nice guest appearances - I enjoyed the guest appearances. I enjoy collaborations between PureMTGO writers/podcasters.

In terms of Modern, I am not at all surprised that there were no bans for Modern. I disagree with Josh that there was anything that stood out as needing to be banned. There are decks in Modern that can combo before Turn 4 but generally they aren't all that consistent and that is where you actually have a problem. Nothing has proved particularly dominant. I thought it was particularly interesting that we have seen Elf Company and Merfolk win Grand Prix events.

Splinter Twin is probably the card that is flying closest to the banhammer - I don't think they would ever just ban Deceiver Exarch/Pestermite because it's not a real answer if Splinter Twin is the problem. It would definitely weaken the deck but it's never been an approach WOTC have taken - and rightfully so for the most part. If the problem is Splinter Twin then ban Twin. I imagine the same would apply to Joe's idea for restricting Chalice of the Void.

If you ban twin, would you by AJ_Impy at Fri, 07/17/2015 - 18:16
AJ_Impy's picture

If you ban twin, would you need to ban Kiki-Jiki as well, or leave him in as a permitted option for the decks?

That's an interesting point. by olaw at Sat, 07/18/2015 - 04:59
olaw's picture

That's an interesting point. Kiki sees almost no play in the format these days. I cannot see any problem with Kiki staying unbanned if the day came that they banned Splinter Twin. The fact he costs 5 rather than 4, and actually has quite a restrictive mana cost with triple red, is very significant. Also, the fact that you can answer Kiki with a Lightning Bolt in a way you cannot answer a Splinter Twin on a Deceiver Exarch is a big factor.

If Twin were banned I think that deck would just die as Kiki is not a suitable substitute for Twin, which if they were looking to ban Twin would be the desired effect. Leaving Kiki as a permitted option is nice though as it does mean the combo still exists in some form.

Just for clarity I don't think Twin should be banned but back at the last set of bannings there were a lot of people calling for it, which I imagine puts it on WOTC's radar. Recent results don't support a Twin ban though and I think it would kind of fly in the face of their Turn 4 Combo rule to ban Twin, though I'm sure they'll do whatever is necessary for a balanced format.

If asked without listening to by Paul Leicht at Fri, 07/17/2015 - 20:56
Paul Leicht's picture

If asked without listening to the commentary of Joe and Josh I probably would have shrugged at the no bans. It is what I expected. We just had a series of bans last time. And they seem to have worked. Good.

The only commentary I would have added to the ban/restricted list no changes discussion is that a) Shops particular Martello variants are very beatable. Turn 1 Chalice set to 1 or 0 certain hurts a lot. It is not game over by itself anymore than turn 1 lodestone golem is. Follow that up with a tax artifact, however and maybe we are talking go to game 2/3.

How to win against extremely early "god" starts is a challenge of the format. I don't see Dig as format warping any more than any of the other big blue cards. That they made it good enough to play in vintage MIGHT have been in error but I doubt it. Blue gets to select cards. Restricting it makes no sense to me.

As to banning Griselbrand or Goryo's Vengeance in Modern, I see no point. Yes turn 1 wins in Modern are anathema to the philosophy of the format but that is a very rare occurrence and it is not unique to this deck archetype. And there is certainly plenty of hate to bring in from sideboards if you wish to insure it not happening.

To reiterate: No bans?? No surprises there...

Now that said I am sure some friends of mine would love to see Prophet of Kruphix banned from Commander just because: Annoying cards are annoying. I lent my Tasigur deck to someone at the EDH last week and they got god draw after god draw and even with 3 of us actively fighting them in the end they won. Of course by then Prophet had long since been exiled but he played his part for sure.

Keeping in mind my opinions are those of a casual observer more than a competitor.