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Jul 31 2015 11:00am
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Episode 331

Hosts: Adam & AJ

Episode Length: 01:09:06



  1. Battle for Zendikar News: A crumpled Evolving Wilds was found in the parking lot / dumpster of WOTC building, with the B for Z symbol on it.

  2. Duel Decks packaging reveals new Eldrazi.

  3. Alli Medwin’s new MTGO notes from implementing Origins

  4. After this week's downtime, the foil animation for Adam, at least, seemed to slow the game to a crawl. He had to turn it off again, as is par for the course, and now, as Paul Leicht has said, it just looks like someone piddled all over my cards.
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  5. Origins not Tribal Ready except for five cards.

  6. Worth checks in.

  7. Another “we’re sorry” for the tuck rule.

  8. Magic Origins Release queues are firing, and we just had prerelease queues last weekend. Did you play?

  9. Related to Origins, the head designer, Shawn Main, did an AMA.

Random Gatherer Card o’ the Week:

Time and Tide

Question of the Week:

From Reddit: WOTC has tapped you to do the next FTV theme. What do you pick, and what 15 cards do you pick?

Adam: From the Vault: Villains

In every Magic storyline, there are villains to face in order to move the story forward.

  1. Emrakul, the Aeons Torn: The biggest, baddest Eldrazi on Zendikar. These unrelenting horror shows are villainous elder gods.

  2. Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker: The biggest, baddest villain in Magic, he had to show up. His nonPW version showed up in the first FTV.

  3. Liliana of the Veil. Garruk’s been hunting her to hopefully lift his curse, and she’s been generally screwing up a ton of stuff on Innistrad. Her inclusion would lower her price on MTGO, but not by too much, and the rarity of FTV cards in paper wouldn’t affect her paper world price. She’d be the big draw to the set.

  4. Dark Depths/Marit Lage token (making this FTV 16 cards/special). The second expensive draw to the set, Marit Lage is a foe from the olden days of magic, realized on a card for the first time in Coldsnap, but mentioned heavily before.

  5. (Karona the False God): The amalgam of Jeska/Phage, Akroma, and some person never fully explored was the ultimate evil of the Onslaught block.

  6. Xenagos, God of Revels: Xenagos was all about effing up Theros.

  7. Baron Sengir, ruler of the Dark Barony on Ulgrotha, he was one of Magic’s earliest villains.

  8. Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur: representing a Blue villain, he was one of the praetors of New Phyrexia who sought his own form of phyrexian perfection.

  9. Maraxus of Keld was hired by Volrath to stop Gerrard, and was said to be “Keldon perfection made flesh.” Starke killed him.

  10. Volrath the Fallen When Crovax deposed him, Volrath was fallen from power and not the former supervillain he once was during most of the Weatherlight saga.

  11. Konda, Lord of Eiganjo: A white villain! From Kamigawa, he messed with the spirit world, and became immortal and started a crazy spirit/nonspirit war.

  12. Ambassador Laquatus: Was a conniving merfolk who was playing the Cephalids and Cabal against each other, and ultimately wanted the Mirrari for himself, but was totally stabbed by Kahaml.

  13. Kaervek the Merciless trapped Mangara in an Amber prison, and waged long wars during the Mirage block.

  14. Thelon of Havenwood, though a villain only by accident, through deeds meant to save the elves-- Thelon created thallids and saprolings in Havenwood, who eventually grew sentient and sparked a debate among the elves as to what to do with them This eventually led to a civil war/split of Thelonite monks, and the destruction of Havenwood as it was overrun with Thallids. It’s presumed he died during the thallid revolution.

  15. Oona, Queen of the Fae: The big bad villain of Lorwyn-Shadowmoor.

AJ: From the Vault: Jace!

In every magic storyline, there’s this wonderful blue mage who all the players identify with. We need more of him.

  1. Jace Beleren. The original, defining Jace’s key defining trait: Card advantage. And milling.

  2. Jace, the Mind Sculptor. The first and so far only Planeswalker too strong for Standard, this set the benchmark for cheap, 4-ability planeswalkers. If you’re opponent isn’t cryin’, you’re not tryin’. Was also in From the Vault: Twenty and Vintage Masters.

  3. Jace, Architect of Thought. A fun combo with Doubling Season to net yourself the 4 best cards in your opponent’s library.

  4. Jace, Memory Adept, because ‘Draw 7’ is too weak.

  5. (Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy). Boltable.

  6. Jace, the Living Guildpact. Now, one of the most popular planes of all time is hanging on to his every word forever!

  7. (Jace’s Archivist) because Windfall is only banned in block, Legacy and restricted in Vintage. Put it on a stick and staple Jace’s name on it!

  8. (Jace’s Erasure) because I heard you like Card Advantage and milling.

  9. (Jace’s Ingenuity) because it’s only 4 mana more than Ancestral Recall.

  10. (Jace’s Mindseeker) did I mention card advantage and milling yet?

  11. (Jace’s Phantasm) because 5/5 flying for one mana is perfectly fair, can’t even beat Serra Ascendant.

  12. (Jace’s Sanctum) as a representative from the latest set.

  13. Fact or Fiction Hey, let’s take one of the most iconic draw spells of the Invasion era and put Jace on it!

  14. Counterspell, because the card too good for Modern needs more Jace.

  15. Omniscience because he is. Jace walking along the Planeswalker symbol, mic drop, show’s over.

Whatcha been playin’:

AJ: Gods, Constructs and indestructible humans, all laden with shenanigans and trickery. Also involving Origins cards, see above rant.

Adam: Phenax, God of Deception, Working on a perfecting a Kruphix brew, and 4 Origins prerelease Swiss drafts. I went 3-0 when I drafted the new lily in a black/green brew. I drafted red/blue, and won no packs, then drafted green/blue and won two packs. I won 4 with the lily/green/black and then won two packs with a Jund draft


This "Paul Lekt" character by Paul Leicht at Fri, 07/31/2015 - 19:57
Paul Leicht's picture

This "Paul Lekt" character sounds remarkably witty. :D My name if you are uncertain how to pronounce it rhymes with Night and Sight and Flight and well I hope that gives you the idea.

Re: Time and Tide. Sadly the creatures with phasing clause makes this card niche only. Unless you have something that gives your creatures phasing.

My own favorite idea for a FTV set would probably be Iconic Commander Staples: Living Death, Sylvan Library, Oblation (I know it isn't anymore but it was), Insurrection, Blatant Thievery, Rites of Flourishing, Lightning Greaves, Kodama's Reach, Warp World, Oblivion Stone, Aura Shards, Austere Command, Artisan of Kozilek, Chaos Warp, Damnation.

This isn't as creative by any means as yours. I merely think these cards are all both great in Commander (and notorious) and (I think) symbolize most of the strategies in the format with Time Stretch being the notable exception.

Living Death represents the animation cards, Sylvan Library deck manipulation, Oblation spot removal and a way to deal with broken commanders, Insurrection is the "I Win Now" representative, Blatant Thievery is the more subtle I steal your things card, Rites of Flourishing is the group hug representative, Lightning Greaves is the ubiquitous hexproof/shroud type equip in the deck specifically to protect your troublesome commander, Kodama's Reach is the archetype of ramp, Warp World represents the chaos deck player, Oblivion Stone is your colorless board wiper, Aura Shards is your answer to Artifact/Enchantment Heavy decks, Austere Command represents modular sweepers, Artisan Of Kozilek represents "fair" big fatties, Chaos Warp is red's iconic answer to stuff, and Damnation is Black's iconic sweeper.

Alternatively I might also find a FTV: Superfriends set to be interesting: Pick your 15 favorite planeswalkers. I know very lazy idea there but it would be intriguing purely from the point of view of getting ahold of some of the less easy to obtain pws. Like Ajani Vengeant, and Lily of the Veil and also those that just fun to play with together like Elspeth, the 2nd, and Garruk the 3rd/4th.

I would also love to see a set of cards that are impractical to print in Standard but should be made so as to complete certain formats like 4 color legends for commander.