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By: hamtastic, Erik Friborg
Aug 03 2010 1:03am
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Thursday Night Magic announced!
In case you missed it (and if so, shame on you!) Wizards recently announced the Thursday Night Magic Online program which is largely designed to emulate the successful Friday Night Magic program that has been running for a while in game shops and hobby stores across the country.  The premise is simple enough; offer people a low cost, low risk, low-ish reward place to get cards and test decks.  The program feels similar to the two man queues that worked out quite well.  For more details click the link above!

Also, the PureMTGO Custom Card Creation contest for July is now complete, and it ended in a 3-way tie. If you want your shot at some prizes and card creation fun, take a look at the August CCC requirements.

M11 Baneslayer DROPPING, dropping, dropping. She's has been thoroughly and utterly dethroned by the Jolly Green Giant, aka Primeval Titan! Sadly, he's not very tactful and is more than happy to point that out whenever he sees her. Poor thing.

Whatcha been playin?:
AJ: One prerelease, opened Fireball, lightning bolt, pyroclasm, overwhelming assault, Mitotic Slime, 2 Chandra’s Outrage, 2 Garruk’s Companion and not much else in the way of supporting creatures. Weekend Tribal: -1/-1 on everything shenanigans with Harbinger of Night and Midnight Banshee.
Seb: Random combos in Standard, winning:
Erik: RDW, obv, and a new deck because I wanted to build deck around a phrase...  It's how I roll.


Personally... by oraymw at Tue, 08/03/2010 - 05:59
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I feel like Thursday Night Magic Online is one of the best ideas I have ever seen. It means that I can get into constructed tournament magic online, which means I will spend more money online, which means that Wizards will make more money. I love to play limited, so it means I can play limited for a very low cost. Awesome.

Is there any reason why the by darthibanezowner at Wed, 08/04/2010 - 14:00
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Is there any reason why the podcast is no longer going up on Mtgcast?