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By: JXClaytor, Joshua Claytor
Aug 07 2007 9:55am
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I'm sure you read my last article, you know the draft where I had a pretty solid Blue Red deck, and actually got off of my first pick, and switched colors.  I could have been forced to rebuy after that last draft had I not figured out that Blue and Red were open, and gotten out of Black. 

So, I know I can learn how to actually draft, but will I be able to continue on the success I just had, or will it be back to the drawing board?  I need to drop my horrible habits, and make better picks instead of putting blinders when that super expensive rare has been passed. 

This is draft number three, I'm still in the 4-3-2-2 queue, and my rating is still hovering around the middle 1600. 

Pack 1:

Think Twice, Ashcoat Bear, Urborg Syphon-Mage, Cloudchaser Kestrel, Thallid Germinator, Cyclopean Giant, Brass Gnat, Savage Thallid, Screeching Sliver, Momentary Blink, Riftwing Cloudskate, Nightshade Assassin, Smallpox, Scion of the Ur-Dragon, Soltari Priest

Pick: Riftwing Cloudskate

This is a pretty good pack.  Thankfully I can go ahead and discount the rare, because Scion is a giant pile of steaming garbage.  The rest of the pack gives us a few really good white cards (Soltari Priest Cloudchaser Kestrel and Momentary Blink.) a couple of solid black cards (Smallpox and Nightshade Assassin) and a really fantastic blue card.  I love the Cloudskate, he's a great suspend play early in the game, and removes troubling creatures during the later part of the game.  I favor blue, and have a really strong preference towards the color, so it seems natural to me to put the flyer in my draft pile. 

Pack 2:  Well I'm at the very least showing how awful I am with DraftCap.  Again I lost this pick, I can only assume it is somewhere floating through out cyber space.  This pack was very unexciting, and I ended up taking another blue uncommon instead of going into a different color at this point.  However, this uncommon had the potential to lock me into a color for the deck.  I'm talking about Stormcloud Djinn, this guy is very ridiculous in the blue red deck, but it is also a very solid body for five mana that would be an excellant twenty third card in Blue White or Blue Green. 

Stormcloud Djinn


I got your three wishes right here chump...Wait, I'm not a genie. 

Pack 3:

Feebleness, Chromatic Star, Tolarian Sentinel, Flowstone Channeler, Molder, Children of Korlis, Viscid Lemures, Ground Rift, Dark Withering Saltcrusted Steppe, Dementia Sliver, Witch Hunter, Snapback

Pick: Snapback

I think we have a couple of options here.  I can go ahead and head in a black direction with Dark Withering, but I'm not to happy about having to do that this early.  We can stay colorless with the star, or we can just take the correct pick, and get the Snapback.  It's clear that I am already in Blue, and the other cards in the pack are not good enough to make me dip into another color yet.  Snapback is one of the best cards you can hope for, so it's in the pile. 

Pack 4:

Ironclaw Buzzardiers, Temporal Eddy, Mogg War Marshal, Temporal Isolation, Detainment Spell, Thallid Shell-Dweller, Bewilder, Call to the Netherworld, Thick-Skinned Goblin, Fungal Reaches, Fool's Demise, Sarpadian Empires, Vol. VII

Pick: Temporal Isolation

I've played with Sarpadian Empires, and it's always been an underacheiver.  It is very slow, it's not very impactful on the board position, and I do not want to have to sit around waiting for this artifact to come online.  Isolation is the pick, there is a really bad blue card in Bewilder, and a decent card in Temporal Eddy.  I decided to go ahead and go with the Isolation, because it leads me into a natural allied color combination and allows me to flip Drake in Future Sight. 

Pack 5: This pack also escaped the snapshot that DraftCap takes, but a simple view of my deck will allow me to see what I took here.  It was a very troubling pick, as we can see from the above packs, the red was not exactly flowing freely, so I was a little shocked to see Jaya Ballard hanging out in this pack.  Has her value dropped so much in draft now?  It might have, removal is spread out in almost every color, but I can pass this little lady up, I had to draft her, more for the fear factor than anything else.

I'm also pretty sure that you never see this situation in an 8-4 draft. 

Jaya Ballard, Task Mage

Did someone say toast? 

Pack 6:

Pentarch Ward, Assassinate, Zealot il-Vec, Psychotic Episode, Jedit's Dragoons, Sprout, Foriysian Interceptor, Calciform Pools, Barbed Shocker, Mirari

Pick: Assassinate

There is nothing solid in this pack for the colors that I might be in.  As of right now, I am heavy blue with a slight lean towards Red with a small splash for white.  I say this because I have the Djinn and Jaya as a heavier commitment to red.  Of course I can take a fourth color with Assassinate, or I can stay in color with a card that might see play.  Zealot or Dragoons would have been a better pick here.  I'll go with the Dragoons for right now, because he has a large defense, and would allow me to block Might Sliver or anything else with a four toughness without much worrying.

What I should have picked: Jedit's Dragoons.

Pack 7:

Pentarch Ward, Dark Withering, Ancient Grudge, Greenseeker, Foriysian Interceptor, Basal Sliver, Calciform Pools, Pendelhaven Elder, Demonic Collusion

Pick: Dark Withering

There is really nothing for me here.  I could take the Ancient Grudge, because I do like blowing up Akroma's Memorial as soon as possible, but Fury Charm would be better if I ended up in Red.  I took the removal spell, because with the Assassinate, I may end up in Black regardless. 

I had a worried look on my face as I was sure the draft was falling apart on me here. 

Pack 8:

Slipstream Serpent, Gaze of Justice, Sidewinder Sliver, Viashino Bladescout, Ophidian Eye, Fool's Demise, Gustcloak Cavalier, Flying Men

Pick: Flying Men

Not sure what I was thinking.  I can have a 1/1 for one, or a body that might mean something in the Cavalier. 

What I should have picked: Gustcloak Cavalier. 

Pack 9:

Think Twice, Cyclopean Giant, Brass Gnat, Savage Thallid, Screeching Sliver, Smallpox, Scion of the Ur-Dragon

Pick: Think Twice

Cheap card drawing should be self explainatory.  Smallpox is still around though, and I was tempted by it, but I really really really wanted to avoid black especially with a playable blue card in the pile.  

Pack 10:

Scarwood Treefolk, Glass Asp, Ground Rift, Eternity Snare, Skulking Knight, Tectonic Fiend

Pick: Eternity Snare

Pack 11:

Temporal Eddy, Detainment Spell, Bewilder, Call to the Netherworld, Sangrophage

Pick: Temporal Eddy

I guess the value of Eddy has dropped a bit, I'm really surprised to see this card so late in the draft.  If there was a windmill slam option on MTGO, I would have clicked it. 

Pack 12:

Feebleness, Children of Korlis, Viscid Lemures, Dementia Sliver

Pick: Feebleness

I took removal over a body.  Feebleness is very bad removal, Lemures is a decent body with swampwalk.  Not sure what I was thinking, but if I ended up in Black I was going to hate myself for passing that guy. 

What I should have picked: Viscid Lemures.

Pack 13:

Coral Trickster, Traitor's Clutch, D'Avenant Healer

Pick: Coral Trickster

Yep, might as well take the Trickster.  He's a surpise on a stick. 

Pack 14:

Psychotic Episode, Foriysian Interceptor

Pick: Psychotic Episode

Pack 15:

Foriysian Interceptor

Pick: Foriysian Interceptor

Pack 16:

Erratic Mutation, Battering Sliver, Reflex Sliver, Whitemane Lion, Midnight Charm, Ghost Tactician, Wistful Thinking, Dash Hopes, Simian Spirit Guide, Sinew Sliver, Gossamer Phantasm, Big Game Hunter, Hammerheim Deadeye, Calciderm, Life and Limb

Pick: Calciderm

Even if I am in blue, there are very few situations where I am going to first pick Erratic Mutation.  It's a very good card, but when there is a Calciderm in the pack, and I have already started to go white, then yeah, I'm going to take the huge bodied four drop.  Of course, I really like Sinew Sliver, because Poultice Sliver is already a solid regenerating body, so it may not have hurt to grab the Sliver at this point.  I'm sticking to my guns though, there was not in Blue or Red that made me want to take anything besides the Caliciderm. 

Pack 17:

Battering Sliver, Aven Riftwatcher, Cradle to Grave, Reflex Sliver, Fury Charm, Evolution Charm, Reality Acid, Merfolk Thaumaturgist, Skirk Shaman, Sinew Sliver, Hunting Wilds, Frenetic Sliver, Roiling Horror, Gossamer Phantasm

Pick: Sinew Sliver

The Slivers in this pack were very tempting.  I was not really ready to get off the Red train yet, but I had a very bad feeling that Future Sight was going to lacking in awesome spells for me.  I took the Sinew because I was sure the Merfolk would table, and if not him, the Phantasm would always be there the second time around.

Pack 18:

Saltfield Recluse, Synchronous Sliver, Mire Boa, Reality Acid, Citanul Woodreaders, Pallid Mycoderm, Seal of Primordium, Essence Warden, Brute Force, Psychotrope Thallid, Saltblast, Groundbreaker, Radha, Heir to Keld

Pick: Saltblast

I like a spell that says destory any non white permenant.  There is a very good chance that I will be playing against decks that are not Mono White, so it seems to be the best choice.  I'm also sure that one of other cards I want will be back again as well, and I would be fine with that.  (The other cards that I think will be back by the way are Synchronous Sliver and Pallid Mycoderm, I am sure that the Recluse will not be around.)

Pack 19:

Shaper Parasite, Cradle to Grave, Giant Dustwasp, Synchronous Sliver, Fury Charm, Vitaspore Thallid, Deadly Grub, Merfolk Thaumaturgist, Gossamer Phantasm, Darkheart Sliver, Pongify, Retether

Pick: Pongify

I made the wrong pick here.  Shaper Parasite is clearly the best blue common in the set, and he normally kills a man with his ability and than blocks and kills another man. 

What I should have picked: Shaper Parasite. 

Pack 20:

Dreamscape Artist, Aven Riftwatcher, Cradle to Grave, Dust Corona, Uktabi Drake, Blightspeaker, Mana Tithe, Primal Plasma, Vampiric Link, Magus of the Library, Deadly Grub

Pick: Aven Riftwatcher

I'll take a flyer that gives me some life over the land fixer.  I have a theory that the Artist is actually a horrible card in two color decks, and I clearly am in two colors here.  However, I still managed to make the wrong pick here, the Primal Plasma may have been the better pick.  However, I really like the Riftwatcher, so I will not call it a mistake. 

Pack 21:

Poultice Sliver, Spitting Sliver, Veiling Oddity, Aquamorph Entity, Brain Gorgers, Healing Leaves, Revered Dead, Sophic Centaur, Blood Knight, Spellshift

Pick: Poultice Sliver

I could have ran with the Oddity here, but I think he is not going to be as good as I want him to be in the main deck.  I do not have a cheap swarm to take advantage of him with.  I love the Sliver as I have already alluded to, and was glad to add him to the pile.

Pack 22:

Dreamscape Artist, Poultice Sliver, Ridged Kusite, Deadly Grub, Essence Warden, Bog Serpent, Primal Plasma, Shrouded Lore, Aether Membrane, Keen Sense

Pick: Poultice Sliver

Again, I am taking the regenerating Sliver over the Plasma.  Maybe I decided in my mind that I did not want too many four drops in the deck that I would be playing. 

Pack 23:

Dawn Charm, Aquamorph Entity, Firefright Mage, Blightspeaker, Ghost Tactician, Fa'adiyah Seer, Bog Serpent, Frozen Aether

Pick: Dawn Charm

I took the Charm because I needed some combat tricks. 

Pack 24:

Reflex Sliver, Midnight Charm, Ghost Tactician, Wistful Thinking, Dash Hopes, Simian Spirit Guide, Gossamer Phantasm

Pick: Gossamer Phantasm

There was nothing better than the Phantasm for me in this pack, and I was pretty sure he would be one of the final cards cut. 

Pack 25:

Battering Sliver, Fury Charm, Reality Acid, Merfolk Thaumaturgist, Frenetic Sliver, Gossamer Phantasm

Pick: Gossamer Phantasm

I might have wanted to take the Merfolk over the Phantasm here, but again I have a really bad habit, I love the Phantasm, he's been good to me in the past, and well, I like him a lot. 

What I should have picked: Merfolk Thaumaturgist

Pack 26:

Synchronous Sliver, Reality Acid, Seal of Primordium, Essence Warden, Psychotrope Thallid

Pick: Synchronous Sliver

Pack 27:

Cradle to Grave, Vitaspore Thallid, Deadly Grub, Gossamer Phantasm

Pick: Cradle to Grave

Pack 28:

Cradle to Grave, Dust Corona, Uktabi Drake

Pick: Cradle to Grave

Pack 29:

Brain Gorgers, Healing Leaves

Pick: Brain Gorgers

Pack 30:

Deadly Grub

Pick: Deadly Grub

Pack 31:

Wrap in Vigor, Knight of Sursi, Leaden Fists, Gift of Granite, Augur of Skulls, Sarcomite Myr, Henchfiend of Ukor, Thornweald Archer, Death Rattle, Blind Phantasm, Augur il-Vec, Skirk Ridge Exhumer, Llanowar Reborn, Utopia Mycon, Tarox Bladewing

Pick: Knight of Sursi

So, I saw the Tarox, and I kinda thought for a second man, that guy would be awesome in Mono Red, than decided that I neded to actually win the draft, because you know, I only have a pack of Future Sight left over to my name.  With a clear head I picked the Knight, because he's a quick guy, and he fits my idea that a good blue white deck should have plenty of evasion. 

Pack 32:

Grave Peril, Wrap in Vigor, Samite Censer-Bearer, Infiltrator il-Kor, Putrid Cyclops, Blade of the Sixth Pride, Grinning Ignus, Whip-Spine Drake, Mass of Ghouls, Lucent Liminid, New Benalia, Shivan Sand-Mage, Cyclical Evolution, Nix

Pick: Whip-Spine Drake

This pack was busted for me.  It had the goods that I want to see, I got my Whip-Spin, but the Infiltrator and Limind both got more than a passing glance when I was looking at my screen.  I like the Drake, probably more than I should, but he can come down on turn three, and turn face up of turn four whenever my opponent makes a block with one of their own two powered creatures. 

Pack 33:

Quiet Disrepair, Saltskitter, Unblinking Bleb, Llanowar Augur, Lucent Liminid, Vedalken Aethermage, Virulent Sliver, Frenzy Sliver, Fomori Nomad, Reality Strobe, Festering March, Keldon Megaliths, Muraganda Petroglyphs

Pick: Reality Strobe

Strobe is one of the more annoying cards in the format, and it's very powerful to boot.  Limind again got some consideration, but having a bounce spell every third turn was just too good to pass up. 

Pack 34:

Fatal Attraction, Cutthroat il-Dal, Quiet Disrepair, Foresee, Whip-Spine Drake, Lymph Sliver, Homing Sliver, Grave Scrabbler, Lumithread Field, Lost Auramancers, Stronghold Rats, Augur of Skulls

Pick: Whip-Spine Drake

This pack is an example of why I need to drop my bad habits.  I am sure that Foresee is the best card in the pack, but I wanted another Drake.  I should have thought that it would have been possible to see another Drake in a later pack, but I will not see another Foresee in this draft. 

What I should have picked" Foresee

Pack 35:

Lost Hours, Fatal Attraction, Petrified Plating, Leaden Fists, Grinning Ignus, Deepcavern Imp, Fomori Nomad, Logic Knot, Haze of Rage, Dakmor Salvage, Dust of Moments

Pick: Leaden Fists

This pack was not as juicy as I would have thought it could have been, but Leaden Fists is always a good spell to have.  Sometimes it is removal, sometimes it deals the final three points of damage. 

Pack 36:

Rift Elemental, Marshaling Cry, Unblinking Bleb, Lost Hours, Mesmeric Sliver, Patrician's Scorn, Sliversmith, Chronomantic Escape, Cloudseeder, Logic Knot

Pick: Mesmeric Sliver

Well at least I have some slivers to kinda make this guy playable.  I should have paid a little more attention here, and realized that my deck was going to be packed full of dudes, and taken the cry.

What I should have picked: Marshaling Cry.

Pack 37:

Oblivion Crown, Emberwilde Augur, Patrician's Scorn, Logic Knot, Grave Scrabbler, Henchfiend of Ukor, Shivan Sand-Mage, Soultether Golem, Mistmeadow Skulk

Pick: Mistmeadow Skulk

There was nothing in this pack that I felt was going to wreck me for not playing, and at least the Skulk is immune to a majority of the format.  Could you imagine how ridiculous this guy would have been if he said Protection from Two or more? 

Pack 38:

Rift Elemental, Augur il-Vec, Grave Peril, Marshaling Cry, Mesmeric Sliver, Flowstone Embrace, Dakmor Salvage, Llanowar Mentor

Pick: Marshaling Cry

I at least made the right pick, I finally did notice how many men I was going to play with. 

Pack 39:

Wrap in Vigor, Gift of Granite, Augur of Skulls, Sarcomite Myr, Henchfiend of Ukor, Blind Phantasm, Utopia Mycon

Pick: Blind Phantasm

Now the packs are getting weak, the best cards have been taken, and I somehow get a solid three drop.  Nice.

Pack 40:

Grave Peril, Samite Censer-Bearer, Putrid Cyclops, Grinning Ignus, Shivan Sand-Mage, Cyclical Evolution

Pick: Grave Peril

Pack 41:

Quiet Disrepair, Saltskitter, Unblinking Bleb, Llanowar Augur, Frenzy Sliver

Pick: Saltskitter

Pack 42:

Cutthroat il-Dal, Quiet Disrepair, Grave Scrabbler, Lost Auramancers

Pick: Lost Auramancers

Pack 43:

Lost Hours, Petrified Plating, Haze of Rage

Pick: Haze of Rage

Pack 44:

Lost Hours, Patrician's Scorn

Pick: Patrician's Scorn

Pack 45:

Oblivion Crown

Pick: Oblivion Crown

So I felt that the draft went rather well for me.  I've got a nice Blue White deck that takes to the skies.  I was tempted to stretch the mana to run Jaya, but in the end I decided that it was not worth wrecking my mana base for a two red casting cost spell that I really want to see on turn three. 

Lets look at the Blue White deck that I played.


1 Temporal Isolation 
1 Saltblast
1 Aven Riftwatcher
1 Calciderm
1 Sinew Sliver
2 Poultice Sliver
1 Mistmeadow Skulk
1 Knight of Sursi


1 Reality Strobe
1 Temporal Eddy
1 Pongify
1 Snapback
1 Think Twice
1 Leaden Fists
1 Blind Phantasm
1 Coral Trickster
1 Mesmeric Sliver
2 Whip-Spine Drake
1 Riftwing Cloudskate
1 Stormcloud Djinn
1 Synchronous Sliver


9 Island 
8 Plains


I was very pleased with the deck, I was able to stay away from the temption to force red, and I ended up with a very solid number.  I have a lot of tempo spells in the deck, so I was able to control the board will letting my men get through.  I was able to sweep the first two rounds in quick succession, but I was crushed in the finals by a very solid Black White rebel deck. 

It's okay, I know I am not going to win them at all.  I was able to replace the draft set with the won that I won here, which meant I got to draft again.  I raised my rating ten points, going to 1673, which gets me a little bit closer to one of the goals that I have set.  I have a feeling that sooner much rather than later, I'll be hanging out in the 8-4 room, waiting to see just how much I have learned here. 

As always, I look forward to the comments in the forums, and if you see me (JXClaytor) online, please feel free to say hello!



by JohnnyHardcore at Tue, 08/07/2007 - 16:55
JohnnyHardcore's picture

Just a few quick observations:

P6: I agree, I love Dragoons myself, especially in U/W.

P7: I like Ancient Grudge here as you have not really decided what your second color is and you just grabbed a red bomb two picks earlier. You already shipped a Assassin and a previous Withering, putting either the guy on your left or the guy next to him on B/X Madness, so I really don't like the Withering here. If it was a Soot, yeah, but withering really isn't all that strong without madness outlets.

P8: Slipstream is a fine man, try unmorphing him after blockers are declared. Gustcloak is terrible, I would rather run anything rather than put him in my deck.

P18: I think Saltfield Recluse, it will actually save you more life in the long run IMO, and if you are staying W/B you will have better removal options later.

P23: Enitity IS a combat trick, one that tricks your opponent by killing him. Or just holds the ground long enough for your Drakes to do it.

P33: Luminid, I think you are heavy enough blue that the Strobe would probably come back if you really want it, which I wouldn't.

Good call on not raping your manabase for Jaya.

Part 2 by iceage4life (Unregistered) (not verified) at Tue, 08/07/2007 - 16:04
iceage4life (Unregistered)'s picture

Comments were too long to post so here is part 2:


Some last notes on draft picks: 

P2 I would have like to see because the Djinn is a bad 3/3 flyer for 5 if not in U/R not being able to block the formats many 2/2s, 2/3s and 1/3s (not to mention 5/3s) it a pretty big drawback. 

P8 Take the Eel, by far better then the two cards you mentioned.  A 2/2 for five need a crazy ablity to be good, see Endrek Sar, Master Breeder.  Gustcloak Cavalier simply never makes the cut in a deck.  I'd run an 18th land over him.

After pack one you should have been U/B you had seen one good white card after pack one.  The Preist, Blink, and Kestal all were picked before pack got back to you putting at least 3 other people at table with white cards.  Two of the pack's three black cards were gone but you had seen the Dark Witherings late showing you the way to go.

P16 Based on what I said above Mutation was proper pick.  If you were still looking to force white then Derm was card to go with.  That said you were trying to force White by picking it, if you knew it or not.   You say you will rareley 1st pick mutation, this is incorrect, blue has few one mana spells worth playing.  While it's not the best card to first pick it is one I have first picked many, many times.

P17 Nothing in your colors, taking the Sliver wasn't awful here but was not a good pick.  I would have picked Cradle probably if you really wanted to avoid black this pack showed you that maybe you should be in Red or Green.  Saw not much Red pack one, but did see some decent late Green that pack (and that will repeat itself this time.)  If you're sticking to white I think you take Riftwatcher and hope to nab a Whitemaine Lion later, or maybe a Ramosian Revivalist pack 3 if you're lucky.

P18 Tough call, if you're not playing Black Saltblast is right call as you have no removal yet.

P19 You said it as well as I could :)

P20 Plasma is right call.  At this point chance of Whitemaine is much lower and without any rebel searchers Plasma is better anyways.  Riftwatcher if you have nothing to go with it is a 23rd card at best, you gain 4 life, maybe they loose 4 and you're out a card.  Not worth it.

P21 You have almost no Slivers.  Aquamorph is right call imo.  I like him much more then entity but as you lack evasion at this point he might not be a bad call ether.

P22 Plamsa, if you are worried about running too many 4 (and 5 with FS coming up) drops then Artist will power them out sooner.

P24 Midnight Charm is best card in pack but you are not going for Black.

P25 An Artist before would have let you splash for a very good sliver to go along with your so-so ones.

P33 I'd take the 3/3 flyer.  Strobe basically has worked out three ways for me.  First one: too slow versus fast decks, they beat me down.  Second: Longer game Strobe lets me get in there for the win.  Third: longer game Strobe does nothing against a large, stalled board and my opponent just replays whatever I bounced.  I only pick it highly if I have a way to abuse it (Rift Elemental and Timebug being the main ones.)

P36 That is my least favorite of the Future Sight slivers and one I have almost never played, just plain bad.

P37 Nice pickup this late!

P40 A weak card in a color you're not playing, less then ideal.  The further I go into this draft the more I wonder what should have replaced White, Red or Black?

P42 This puts me back in Black camp as U/B decks make Grave Scabber so amazing, plenty of discard outlets.


Didn't really mean for this to be so critical, think of it as constructive critism.  And good luck in the 8-4s!

8-4s by iceage4life (Unregistered) (not verified) at Tue, 08/07/2007 - 16:03
iceage4life (Unregistered)'s picture

I think I've gotten Jaya second maybe once.  Never seen her past that, her going 5th is insane, just bonkers.  If the pack was :Tromp the Domains, Firemaw Kavu, Sulferious Blast, Jaya, Call of the Herd, Foil Spectral Force (and I think we can say it wasn't) she maybe should go 5th, but honestly in terms of card power should be 1-3rd pick.

This is why I feel that 4-3-2-2s don't help alot in getting ready for 8-4s.  For instance you're plan to block a 2/2 with your facedown Drake, honestly odds are pretty small this will happen vs a decent opponent.  Good players can play around most morphs without too much trouble. 

This draft looked alright however you should have been in black.  Seeing not one but two late Dark Witherings is a strong signal.  You should have picked both then the Smallpox to go with them.  Double Cradle to the Grave late pack two backs this up.

 Also I think you underrate Dreamscape artist, seems like a black splash for the Cradles would have been worth it.   (Also with three mana up you can activate the Artist getting Swamp+other land cast cradle a nice syngery that will also surprise your opponent.)  Also good for madness.


Great articles by Anonymous (Unregistered) (not verified) at Tue, 08/07/2007 - 12:07
Anonymous (Unregistered)'s picture

I love draft walkthroughs and yours have been very enjoyable. I like seeing how someone of similar skill level thinks when drafting. Solid drafts with room for improvement of course just like all of us.