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By: Clan Magic Eternal, Magic Eternal
May 19 2011 8:34am
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Daily Event on 5/7/11

See Comparison # of Wins Swiss Place Player Deck Name
Add this to your compare list 4 wins 1st XShockWaveX Rogue - Landstill
Add this to your compare list 3 wins 2nd ncsu31sb Fish - Vial Fish
Add this to your compare list 3 wins 3rd xkorpio Storm
Add this to your compare list 3 wins 4th TheWilddog Fish - Noble
Add this to your compare list 3 wins 5th the_crisp_one Oath - GG

Meta Wrap Up.

3x Shop
3x Oath
2x Dredge
Land still
Bargain spike
Agro loam w/ bb elf
casual black deck
UGWR fish
Vial Fish
Glimpse elfs
RBW Fish

White Blue Black  Red Green Artifact Land
Alaborn Veteran Capricious Sorcerer Bone Harvest Blazing Effigy Giant Growth Ashnod's Battle Gear Mishra's Factory
Brainwash Cloud Pirates Dark Ritual Burning Cloak Gorilla Berserkers Battering Ram City of Traitors
Clergy of the Holy Nimbus Command of Unsummoning El-Hajjâj Dwarven Weaponsmith Pale Bears Conch Horn Wasteland
Disenchant Ingenious Thief Hand of Death Earthbind Razorclaw Bear Lotus Petal  
Festival Merchant Ship Kiss of Death Goblin Hero Rysorian Badger Runed Arch  
Kjeldoran Pride Power Sink Mind Knives Goblin Settler Timber Wolves Wall of Shields  
Repentant Blacksmith Remove Soul Moor Fiend Gorilla Shaman Uktabi Orangutan Aegis of the Meek  
Skyshroud Falcon Segovian Leviathan Murk Dwellers Hyperion Blacksmith Undergrowth Ancient Tomb  
Starlit Angel Talas Air Ship Pestilence Rats Lightning Bolt Untamed Wilds Rocket Launcher  
Wall of Essence Water Wurm Plague Rats Obsidian Giant Whip Vine Urza's Avenger  
War Elephant Zephyr Falcon Walking Dead Veteran's Voice Yavimaya Wurm Grim Monolith  
Blessing Brine Hag Ancient Craving Beasts of Bogardan Aspect of Wolf Lion's Eye Diamond  
Kjeldoran Knight Flood Frankenstein's Monster Cunning Giant Hot Springs Ring of Immortals  
Kjeldoran Phalanx Hurkyl's Recall Infernal Medusa Disintegrate Lurker Black Lotus  
Mercenaries Island Fish Jasconius Mercenary Knight Goblin Balloon Brigade Thundering Wurm Mox Emerald  
Swords to Plowshares Mind Harness Serpent Assasin Goblin Marshal Typhoon Mox Jet  
Sworn Defender Talas Warrior Shimian Night Stalker Pillaging Horde Wall of Brambles Mox Pearl  
Warrior Angel Wall of Water Spoils of War Scorching Winds Whiptail Wurm Mox Ruby  
Alabaster Dragon Force of Will Dakmor Sorceress Chaos Lord Birds of Paradise Mox Sapphire  
Archangel Gilded Drake Doomsday Goblin Lackey Natural Order    
Mother of Runes Great Whale King's Assassin Pyrokenesis Norwood Priestess    
Serra Avatar Intuition Recurring Nightmare Shivan Hellkite Sylvan Yeti    
Wrath of God Morphling Sorceress Queen Sneak Attack Verdant Force    
  Ancestral Recall          
  Time Walk          


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I was working on an exam as well as editing, little scatterbrained

Good by howlett23 at Thu, 05/19/2011 - 14:36
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I agree with ideas about promo's, except I would love to see some of those ridiculously expensive cards as prizes for winners or even top 8's. I don't want to get into the whole money limits classic argument again, because both sides of the argument have merit and it all depends on what side of the fence you are on, but that would promote and cause more events to fire, which would be good for everyone. WHAT YOU GOT AGAINST THRULLS LINTO? lol, just kidding. Dead on with the eval on the remaining cards, I don't know how WotC is going but we need to start getting P9 online soon.

Dudes: Great job as always. by GainsBanding at Fri, 05/20/2011 - 06:24
GainsBanding's picture


Great job as always. It was great hearing Danger speak on some topics. He brought somewhat inside information to the show.
I'm surprised no one said anything about original art, black border Merchant Scroll for Danger's fictional ME5. Or is it because you guys are into foils, you don't care about the border?
Eternal playable but not chase rares as promos is a great idea!
Danger's right about white cards being bad - there are zero white creatures left with power higher than 3.
I still don't see them doing the "eternal core set" thing though. Although the nice thing about your idea is that just the super expensive cards get brought down to reasonable levels. What I mean is if they did something crazy like nixtix TSE all the time, Wasteland would become affordable, but also all of the couple tix cards would become worthless. This could be good or bad depending on your point of view.
I think you should have done a take 2 for the first 30 seconds there.. get the man's name right!

My Hands are Up by under_the_hammer at Fri, 05/20/2011 - 08:12
under_the_hammer's picture

Quite right Gainsbanding I take the full hit on the name. I have no idea why but for 5yrs+ I always called him Mike Linto being mindtricked by the DangerLinto Client name. Once you use something for so long you eventually stop questioning whether it was right or not. Anyway, we found it mildly amusing to mock the hammer so kept in the unedited version. Zach does a lot of post recording editing, but where possible we keep the content as natural and as intact as possible. Some obvious editing is required when I on mic curse about GoblinLackeyisBlue as such profanity must be removed from a general-population audience.

Now I want to hear the by GainsBanding at Fri, 05/20/2011 - 14:10
GainsBanding's picture

Now I want to hear the outtakes and bloopers!

hey guys another great by A_New_Hope at Fri, 05/20/2011 - 19:17
A_New_Hope's picture

hey guys another great podcast, really enjoyed all the discussion, one thing though, one fo the voices is super low volume and others a ot higher, can you try to equlize things in the future? I find myself adjusting my volume throughout the cast not to wake up my wife and kids while I listen and not hurt my ears reardless. (my setup is my comp = my entertainment center and i sit pretty far for headphones)

Cruel Bargain, please! That by MMogg at Sat, 05/21/2011 - 21:03
MMogg's picture

Cruel Bargain, please! That was a cruel oversight of ME4.

Great cast and great job Mike! Too many guests remain too silent but you took the initiative so many times.

yep cruel bargain, Nature's by Calavera at Sun, 05/22/2011 - 21:15
Calavera's picture

yep cruel bargain, Nature's ruin and Virtue's ruin are missing :)