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By: dragonegg5, Scott Schauf
Aug 28 2007 4:03pm
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Hello, and welcome to Four to the Facehole! I've started up a brand new MODO account and I'm going to use this blog to track my progress. Hopefully, this will help me reflect upon my games as a player, and help you all to learn a bit about the inner-workings of MODO. The account name, if you hadn't already guessed, is Four to the Facehole (Feel free to message me!).

Alright, down to business. I put the promo coupon towards a TPF Sealed set, and payed for the rest out of pocket. Then I signed up for the TPF Sealed Premiere event on Sunday, August 26th (Event ID: 1025780). Here is the sealed deck that I had to build with.  

White Cards

Dawn Charm
Temporal Isolation
Restore Balance
Honorable Passage
Gift of Granite
Errant Doomsayers
Foriysian Interceptor
Jedit's Dragoons
Stormfront Riders
Benalish Cavalry
Serra Avenger
Sinew Sliver
Knight of Sursi
Watcher Sliver
Lymph Sliver

Blue Cards

Reality Acid
Merfolk Thaumaturgist
Screeching Sliver
Synchronous Sliver
Veiling Oddity
Viscerid Deepwalker
Stormcloud Djinn
Spiketail Drakeling
Mistform Ultimus
Leaden Fists
Whip-Spine Drake
Coral Trickster
Crookclaw Transmuter

Black Cards

Psychotic Episode
Shrouded Lore
Augur of Skulls
Brain Gorgers
Corpulent Corpse
Cyclopean Giant
Deadly Grub
Drudge Reavers
Faceless Devourer
Grave Scrabbler
Mana Skimmer
Trespasser il-Vec
Evil Eye of Urborg

Red Cards

Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician
Basalt Gargoyle
Homing Sliver
Flamecore Elemental
Empty the Warrens
Bogardan Hellkite
Riddle of Lightning
Ironclaw Buzzardiers

Green Cards

Magus of the Vineyard
Wrap in Vigor
Cyclical Evolution
Thrill of the Hunt
Strength in Numbers
Essence Warden
Spinneret Sliver
Citanul Woodreaders
Nantuko Shaman
Giant Dustwasp
Sporoloth Ancient
Phantom Wurm


The Rack
Brass Gnat
Sword of the Meek
Chronatog Totem


Dementia Sliver
Frenetic Sliver


Dreadship Reef
Fungal Reaches
Urza's Factory

Here is the deck that I built.  

Sealed Deck Madness!

White Cards 

1 Dawn Charm
1 Temporal Isolation
1 Benalish Cavalry
1 Serra Avenger
1 Sinew Sliver
1 Fortify
1 Knight of Sursi
1 Watcher Sliver
1 Lymph Sliver

Green Cards

1 Thrill of the Hunt
1 Essence Warden
1 Strength in Numbers
1 Spinneret Sliver
1 Citanul Woodreaders
1 Nantuko Shaman
1 Timbermare
1 Giant Dustwasp
1 Sporoloth Ancient
1 Phantom Wurm

Blue Cards

1 Coral Trickster
1 Crookclaw Transmuter
1 Whip-Spine Drake


1 Sword of the Meek
1 Chronatog Totem


6 Forest
7 Plains
1 Urza's Factory
2 Island

I like the way this deck looked. Aggressive early drops, lots of combat tricks and a nice little sliver package. There was 39 people signed up, so I have six rounds to play before the cut.

Bogardan Hellkite

Sometimes you have to leave your bombs in the board if your color is not deep enough


Round one starts and I'm off!

Round 1 vs. Carwig

My opener is decent, with lands and dudes. I keep, and we start. My two drop gets hit by Sunlance, and I follow it with a face-down Whip-Spine Drake.  I turn it face up after he commits his Aven Riftwatcher to block. My dude is Rift Bolted, and I'm out of gas. I top deck a Coral Trickster, but it’s no match for his Clockwork Hydra. No matter, he Riddles my guy, and after I draw a few more lands, I concede and we move on to game two.

Game two sees me curve out with a guy on turns two, three, and suspended Nantuko Shaman on turn four. This was met with little resistance, and I cruised onto an easy victory.

Game three is another beautiful example of how a curve works. Turn 1 suspend Knight, turn two Spinneret Sliver, turn three Totem, and turn four Serra Avenger. He got me a few times with Whetwheel before my offense was too much for him.
2-1, 1-0

Round 2 vs. AkodoTim

My hand is a bit sketchy in our first game, but I keep. My first play is a turn four Crookclaw on his end step. I miss my five because I played the wrong land last turn, and have to settle for a Dustwasp on turn six. I build my board a bit more with a Whip-Spine Drake. My opponent, during all this, mostly just activated Dreamscape Artist a bunch and played some shadow guys (including Stronghold Overseer). However, the turn he tapped out for the Overseer, my fliers came in and got pumped (Fortify, Strength, and Thrill) for the win.

I open game two with a suspended Knight, and follow that with a Cavalry on turn two. He plays Linessa, then my Knight comes in and I bash him down to fourteen. I add a sliver to my board and pass. He plays Durkwood Tracker and is done. I attack with everyone and get him with Thrill. He is left with Tracker, which I tap down with Trickster and attack him to four. After adding a Sporoloth Ancient to my board, I ship the turn. He plays a Corpulent Corpse, and in my next attack step I use Thrill of the Hunt (flashbacked, natch!) and Dawn Charm to wrath him and lose none of my men. This is too much for him to come back from, and he concedes.

2-0, 2-0

Round 3 vs. Goomba Mike

I mulligan twice to start this game, a trend unfortunately that will stick with me for the rest of my matches in this tournament.  Regardless of my mulligans, I have Essence Warden and Spinneret Sliver on turn two, but I stop drawing action after that and eventually succumb to his Trespasser il-Vec, Rathi Trapper, and Savage Thallid.

Game two I keep an unimpressive five land hand with Spinneret Sliver and Citanul Woodreader. My opponent gets stuck on two lands for the majority of this game, however, so I am able to take it away pretty effortlessly.

Game three I keep a sketchy hand with no white mana and I lose promptly after not drawing a  fourth land or first white source until turn eight. By this point, he had an army while I had a grip full of four drops and white cards. I struggled for a few turns, but this game was way over already.

1-2, 2-1

Round 4 vs. blasmeister

I keep a fine two land opener, and start playing out guys. By turn five, I still haven't seen green mana, but I'm alright. I have Whip-Spine Drake in play and Fortify, Temporal Isolation, and Crookclaw in hand. He plays an Ana Battlemage with blue kicker, and I discard some chaff and green spells that I could not cast. He locks up the board with Penumbra Spider, and eventually puts me away with and army of dudes. I never saw the green mana needed for the four green spells in my hand.

Game two is another threat-light hand, but I have three guys I can play in addition to Thrill. You should know the story by now. My fourth land came on turn ten, and by this time my opponent had set up Tolarian Sentinel and Ana Battlemage with a board I could not ever profitably attack into. He eventually killed me with the black kicker off Ana Battlemage. 

0-2, 2-2

At this point, there was a TINY outside chance a 4-2 would make it in. I was pretty sure my breakers were not going to be able to get me in, but I figured I might as well play on and see what happens.

Round 5 vs. Falreigimer

I curve out with Cavalry, Sinew Sliver, Knight of Sursi, but none of this is good enough to beat his Vampiric Linked Mire Boa and Thallid Shell-Dweller. I concede when he is at a healthy twenty eight life.

Game two and I have a nice curve with Dustwasp, Cavalry and then Sporoloth Ancient. He has Shell-Dweller to slow me down, and got me with Kor Dirge. He kept his 0/5 alive while killing my Dustwasp. He played Sengir Nosferatu, and I was out of gas and the tournament.

I think my deck was misbuilt slightly. I felt like the white cards I didn't play (Stormfront Riders, Jedit's Dragoons) did not fit in my aggressive-natured deck, so I left them out. However, this left me with a blue splash to climb up to 24 playables, which wreaked havoc on my manabase. Including those cards, however, I would definitely have played seventeen land.

So, the first event for this account is over, and I am down a bit of money. I will be drafting for the next few days, as I don't have a constructed deck yet. Premiere events don't fit in great with my work schedule, so it'll be queues for the most part now. The next episode will likely be my first experience with DraftCap, so we'll see how that goes.

Thanks for reading!

- Scott Schauf
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by dragonegg5 at Thu, 08/30/2007 - 08:49
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I mean, I really wanted to. It just seems sooooo greedy.

Yeah by JXClaytor at Wed, 08/29/2007 - 19:40
JXClaytor's picture

Yeah, I think I would have tried to run the bomb off of the reach as well.

by iceage4life (Unregistered) (not verified) at Wed, 08/29/2007 - 14:15
iceage4life (Unregistered)'s picture

Agree with the others, Dragoons is solid in sealed and Riders is awesome.

Good Job Man by Gameben23 at Tue, 08/28/2007 - 17:17
Gameben23's picture

Stormfront Riders and Dragoons probably would have been the better choice. They may not have been as aggressive as you would like, but it would have made it to where you wouldn't have had to play islands for some random cards. Crookclaw and trikster are mediocre alot of times due to how easy it is to deal 1 damage to a target these days. Drake you could have kept in. Other than that...if you were only going to play 16 land then you cut factory. You really want that in decks with 17-18 land. Other than that you made all the correct decisions from what I can see card wise. Of course I can be greedy sometimes, I probably would have put in fungal reaches and hellkite. Anyway, good job on the article man.

by Scott Schauf (Unregistered) (not verified) at Tue, 08/28/2007 - 21:47
Scott Schauf (Unregistered)'s picture

Yeah, the correct build is definitely +Dragoons, +Stormfront Riders, +2 Land (Plains/Forest), -1 Island, -Crookclaw, -1 Trickster, -1 Totem.

 You have nooooooooo idea how much I wanted to run the Hellkite off of reaches. Like, literally no clue.

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