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By: AJ_Impy, AJ Richardson
Aug 23 2011 8:43am
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September FNM is Teetering Peaks!  Wizards keeps their streak of nearly rotated promos alive

Announcing DD: Koth v Venser (and an update on DD release policy)

Unfounded Reprint speculation! Question of the week: What do you want to see comeback in Innistrad?


New life for older Modern cards:

Dark Confidant - 26
Vendilion Clique - 13.50
Tarmogoyf - 85
Engineered Explosives - 19
Sword of Light and Shadow - 11
Sword of Fire and Ice - 20
Mutavault - 20.50
Overgrown Tomb - 14.50
Sacred Foundry - 10
Temple Garden - 13.50
Watery Grave - 14.75
Godless Shrine - 18
Stomping Ground - 20
Steam Vents - 19
Blood Crypt - 17
Breeding Pool - 33
Hallowed Fountain - 30

Whatcha been playin’:

Keya: Lots of Modern.

Sebastian: Lots of talk about Modern.


Chainer's Edict would be by Paul Leicht at Wed, 08/24/2011 - 00:08
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Chainer's Edict would be interesting as a come back because it is has a double effect. Even if you never pay the flashback it sits there in your grave as a threat. On the other hand, removal is quite common and perhaps another one would be less than exciting for some.

Ancient Grudge and Ray of Distortion would be interesting from the point of view of sideboard hate cards. But then again not that exciting.

Deep Analysis and Momentary Blink are more exciting cards.

Btw hope AJ is feeling better soon.