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By: AJ_Impy, AJ Richardson
Nov 01 2011 10:31am
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Updated List of MOPR Cards! Get your Myr Superions!

Another SCG event, another slew of decklists. UW takes the top spots

GP Hiroshima happened, with Juza coming out on top.

FNM promo for December is.....Savage Lands. Woo.


Innistrad Cards over $1:

Angelic Overseer - 2.23
Army of the Damned - 1.71
Bloodline Keeper - 1.09
Champion of the Parish - 3.05
Garruk Relentless - 21.34
Gavony Township - 1.81
Geist of Saint Traft - 10.32
Grimgrin, Corpse-Born - 1.36
Heartless Summoning - 1.42
Hinterland Harbor - 2.33
Isolated Chapel - 2.34
Kessig Wolf Run - 1.95
Liliana of the Veil - 23.50
Mayor of Avabruck - 1.74
Mentor of the Meek - 1
Mikaeus, the Lunarch - 4
Moorland Haunt - 1.03
Olivia Voldaren - 2.08
Past in Flames - 1.85
Reaper from the Abyss - 1
Skaab Ruinator - 4.14
Snapcaster Mage - 13.07
Stromkirk Noble - 2.32
Sulfur Falls - 1.62
Tree of Redemption - 2.22
Woodland Cemetery - 2.54

What’ve you been playing:

AJ: Black spirits at the weekend hallowe’en special event, single loss money finish.
Seb: Innistrad Drafts/Sealed, Pauper Toolbox, Standard Wren Run Red
Keya: All sorts of stuff: Draft 3xISD, Std: Infect, Classic League Season 3 (1-0 atm woohoo!)


Savage by apaulogy at Tue, 11/01/2011 - 14:34
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FNM promos never cease to amaze me. It is as if the "promo committee" sits around and dreams up the most irrelevant promo they can give. Like a running office joke or something.

Good cast this week, gentlemen.

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