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By: JXClaytor, Joshua Claytor
Sep 27 2007 10:13am
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Hi, I'm really glad that you clicked this link.  By doing so, you have shown some interest in joining one of the hottest Magic: the Gathering related websites on the web!  Of course, you may be thinking some thoughts, like why should I write?  Will I get paid?  Is there some sort of contest going on here? 

PureMtgo.com is a community driven website.  As you can see in the archeives we have covered a large variety of subjects.  We have stuff for hardcore tournament players, and we have stuff for the hardcore casual players.  You could think of us as a one stop spot for all things MTGO! 

We have a very unique user interface for writing articles as well, consider yourself to be an editor as write.  You can add your own images, your own tables, and your own hyperlinks in a very easy manner in our wordpad.  In fact before you sign up here, I suggest that you check out this great article written by Joshua Smith, who goes into a very detailed look at our writting program here.

Now that you have made yourself a little bit more familiar with the program, you have decided that you want to write for us.  I think that is a fantastic choice!  You should write about what you know, I mean, if you are an expert in Rainbow Stairwell formats, it does not really make much sense to have you writing about the hottest Classic deck right?  Likewise, if you consider yourself to be a serious player, does it make much sense to write about Pauper Prismatic?  No, of course not!  Stick to your strengths!  Of course you can not just write anything and expect it to get published, so here are some guidelines for what we expect here at PureMtgo!

So you want to be published? 

1.  We only accept exclusive content.  If you have sent it an article to another site that has been published, please to do not submit it for consideration here.  We want the best you could offer, not a rerun from another site! 

2.  We also only ask for content that is related to Magic: the Gathering Online.  We are after all, a community based website that uses this program a lot.  While it is great to hear about your placement in the latest Pro Tour Qualifier, we really want to hear about the placement in that recent 4x you wrecked in! 

3.  Articles that clock in at less than five hundred words are not normally going to get published.  Short articles do not typically get your ideas across, and leave a lot of hanging threads, some loose ends if you would.  I recommend keeping your article length in between 1200 and 1700 words.  That is typically three to five pages long, and the word count really allows you to flesh out your ideas. 

4.  Keep your game related slang to a minimum.  We all started off as "Noobs" and some of us out here in the cyber world consider that to be an insulting word.  Also, some people recognize Giant Solifuge as Cap'n Tickles, but some of us do not, when you reference a Magic card, just stick with the name.  It will save you a lot of time in the comments section!  Another thing in regards to card names, we have really simple system to link the cards, all you have to do is surround the card name in parenthesis, and it will automatically link!  How cool is that?

So that is not so bad correct?  In fact you've already written and submitted your first article to the site, now what happens? 

Well one of two things will happen, the first and most obvious path that your article takes is I will edit it further (do more spell checking, grammer checking, and formating of tables.)  If it's good, it's going to get published, and you're going to get paid. 

However, if the article seems to be lacking something, maybe it's too short, or maybe you have gotten two and too confused with to, at that point, I am going to leave you a message with some feedback, so you can fix the article and resubmit it.  Do not be afraid if I reject your article.  Some of our current writers have had some articles rejected, and often times they come back, rework it a bit, and make that piece shine! 

You may be asking yourself now, what is going to get me rejected? 

What steps can you take in order to keep from being rejected? 

1.  Say something interesting.  We all know why the most recent Pro Tour winning deck is one to watch out for, but why?  Is it because of some card choices, or maybe there are some suggestions that you would like to see implemented.  If you're doing a tournament report make sure you grab some screen shots to show your deck in action, or maybe add a video replay of a few games of your hot new tech in action!  Stand out from the crowd and you have a better chance of making better money! 

2.  Playtest your deck.  I'm not going to publish something that says "Man, my deck is great!  It has ninty percent match ups across the metagame!"  Well, I might publish that, and I will if you can write why your deck has a great match against the top five decks in the meta game.  If there are bad matchups, be sure you can show why that match up is bad for your deck.  Rogue deck lists are great, but they are not going to be published based on that alone.  Give us some reasons the cards you are playing with are in your sixty, and why some cards are not in the main.  Be detailed! 

If your find your article hit with a Disapproved Reason, do not fret!  That is just a way for an editor to reach out to you and explain why exactly the article has not been published yet.  These messages are going to be sent in a friendly manner, so do not be afraid that one of us is going to come up to you and slam what you have to say, it's very important that you use your voice to your best manner!  The long and short of it is, if you send in somethng that everyone else has covered in a manner like everyone else, it most likely will not get published.  If you try to pass off anything unproven because of a lack of research or playtesting, it will also get rejected.  You have to sell your articles to the editing team!   

So this has been a small overview of the writing guidelines for puremtgo.com.  What are you waiting for?  Write for us, and get paid! 


by Dreager_Ex at Tue, 10/02/2007 - 07:15
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Thanks for the link, I think it would have been safe to tell them they can use slang card names if they are willing to linkl it the "hard way" but its up to you in the end

by JXClaytor at Thu, 09/27/2007 - 15:12
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I would love to see some more constructed content, but I do not want to limit it to the PE's and such, I want to hear about PDC, Rainbow Stairwell, and other fun formats!

If you're going to do it... by runeliger at Thu, 09/27/2007 - 22:25
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Depending on the content of the article, it's a rather bad idea to write for the money. From experience I can tell you the expected amount of money you receive if spread out over the time you spent writing it, you probably would make more money working at Burger King.

 Write for pleasure, for a message. The tixs become an extra bonus...

by JXClaytor at Fri, 09/28/2007 - 00:28
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I've been writing since 1999, if I did it for the cash, I would be homeless, but at least I would have a computer.  Most people end up writing for a better reason than getting paid though, the ones that just the payment end up working themselves out.

by JXClaytor at Thu, 09/27/2007 - 15:13
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I figured I would leave that up to Heath, as the editor I can not really promise someone a payout, and than have the owner pay something different.  :)

JXC is Psychic by DarthWingnut at Thu, 09/27/2007 - 11:51
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Man, I was just going to ask you, Heath or Jan about this before you put up this article.  Get out of my head. *L* Seriously though, excellent guidelines, you might want to put in what a writer can expect for a payout if one of his submissions is published though.

payout by mtgotraders at Thu, 09/27/2007 - 12:00
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Most writers get 10-15 but authors that are very well known can get up to 50-75 if they have a lot of experience and a very good reputation.

by Anonymous (Unregistered) (not verified) at Thu, 09/27/2007 - 12:44
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we only 'accept'

Nice article by MechtaK (Unregistered) (not verified) at Thu, 09/27/2007 - 14:34
MechtaK (Unregistered)'s picture

Good article, but watch out for the grammatical errors.  I would like to write some stuff, and probably will at some point, when I have something to contribute.  This article is pretty clear and to the point.  Thanks!

What are you looking for? by khirareq at Thu, 09/27/2007 - 14:48
khirareq's picture

In an article?  I know you have semi-regular series on leagues, drafts, Sealed PEs, and pauper.  You've also had card reviews out the wazoo.  I know that you have little content on constructed.  So constructed articles are most welcome, then?  Anything else you are looking for?

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