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Dec 01 2011 5:56am
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Welcome to another edition of Yawgmoth's Soap Opera (YSO) the Classic Related Podcast bought to you the community. You can find us each week on with updates on Thursday. In addition to the podcast we produce brief show notes to accompany the cast (see below) and welcome listener feedback and views via the comments, email, twitter or in-client PM's.

The Regular Co-Hosts are all members of Magic Online Clan "Magic Eternal"
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Andy Phillips - (Hammer_Eternal) or (Eternal_Hammer)
Zach Whitten - (The_Hoff) or (abstrakt66) 






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Nice Podcast by gamemaster32 at Thu, 12/01/2011 - 17:11
gamemaster32's picture

You know it's funny Andy, after looking over your list, I thought I was a dog in the matchup too. Shops will just stick it to ya sometimes, I suppose.

Nice coverage, guys.


Dog Matchup II by under_the_hammer at Fri, 12/02/2011 - 03:00
under_the_hammer's picture

See you in the Final for the rematch :D

Great PC by TheBizzar at Fri, 12/02/2011 - 00:47
TheBizzar's picture

Nice flow to the conversation guys.
Oath is a nice meta call.
I feel the best SnapDelver version, to not be a dog in an Oath match-up, is the 8 creature version. As sweet a beat stick as Tarmogofy is, it is a chink in the armor vrs Oath(obviously better in other match-ups~). The beefed up counter package in xkorpio's deck list seems strong. However, I do like a Trygons and I like 10 creatures. Maybe there is room for Trygons in xkorpio's deck. =)

Hmm, I think the last 2 mana by MMogg at Fri, 12/02/2011 - 08:54
MMogg's picture

Hmm, I think the last 2 mana producing lands were the common Ravnica bounce lands for each guild and before them there was Temple of the False God, so no, it wasn't as far back as Exodus that they were willing to try 2 mana lands. =p

while your correct, you can by whiffy at Fri, 12/02/2011 - 10:10
whiffy's picture

while your correct, you can not play those lands on t1 and tap them for mana.