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By: dragonegg5, Scott Schauf
Oct 03 2007 3:05pm
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Hello, and welcome to the inaugural Rounds of Eight column. The goal I have here is to provide a synopsis of each constructed Premiere Event Top 8, along with play-by-play and results. Maybe even a deck list here and there, who knows?

I'll be starting with Extended. This season looks to be very exciting, and I'm sure Valencia will be full of crazy tech and neat decks. Every card that is legal for that Pro Tour is already online, so we have a mini-snapshot of what the metagame may look like. Since the culmination of the Master's Edition release events, there have been two Extended Premiere Events. We'll start with the first one, which took place on Sunday, September 23.

(Editor's Note:  Notice how the author has spoken about Master's Edition here.  Master's Edition has no effect on the Extended metagame, however it is mentioned as the reason why there have not been many events, because of the Release events!)

The Top 8 consisted of Ch0b1, Dr. Greens, parrotmanZ, Fangord, alexilegend, lsv, Manuel B and Dologram. The matchups in the quarterfinals look like this:

Ch0b1 Enduring Ideal vs. Dr. Greens (TEPS)
Fangord (Boros/G) vs. parrotmanZ (Trinket Goyf)
alexilegend (Red Green Black Loam) vs. Dologram (Red Deck Wins/G)
lsv (Gifts Rock) vs. Manuel B (Trinket Goyf)



Would Tarmogoyf reign supreme?

Ch0b1 vs. Dr. Greens

In the first game, both players started off with an Invasion sac land. Cedric Phillips recently said that these lands were among the most powerful cards for Valencia. Both players also had a Lotus Bloom, signifying TEPS (or the Enduring Ideal/Draco Explosion variant). Dr. Greens had a Chromatic Star and a second land in the form of a Gemstone Mine. Ch0b1 then played Forbidden Orchard and Chrome Mox, imprinting an Erratic Explosion, which confirms his weapon of choice. He casts a Burning Wish to grab a Duress, and sees a hand with Rite of Flame, Cabal Ritual, Infernal Tutor and Chrome Mox*. He nabs the tutor and ships the turn.

Dr. Greens untaps, bashes with his spirit token, and merely plays another chromatic artifact, this time a sphere, and another land. Ch0b1 gets the turn back, and resolves his Lotus Bloom. With all of this excess mana, he is able to cast a second Burning Wish and resolve an Enduring Ideal, which will likely be the game. He grabs a Dovescape, which eliminates any chance his TEPS opponent has of going off and passes.

Dr. Greens gets zero dove tokens instead of a Lotus, attacks with his two tokens (Ch0b1 is down to a whopping 17), and packs it in.

Off to the sideboards.

In game two, Dr. Greens starts off with Duress off a Chrome Mox, and takes a Lotus Bloom. Ch0b1 has a couple lands, but not much else. Dr. Greens is playing lands and spheres and on his fourth turn, he casts Infernal Tutor for a second Seething Song. Ch0b1 still has no action. The good doctor untaps makes the following plays:

Sacrifice Tinder Farm, Tap Chrome Mox (RBW, 0 Spells)Seething Song (RRRRR, 1 Spell)Seething Song (RRRRRRR, 2 Spells)
Chromatic Star and Sphere (RRRRRBU, 2 Spells)Duress, taking Condescend (RRRRRU, 3 Spells)Burning Wish, getting Channel the Suns (RRRU, 4 Spells)
Gemstone Mine, cast Channel the Suns (WUUBRG, 5 Spells)Mind's Desire (6 Spells)

Mind's Desire reveals Chromatic Star, Lotus Bloom, Tinder Farm, Tendrils of Agony, Seething Song, and Burning Wish, which is more than enough to finish his opponent off. Upon seeing these spells, Ch0b1 packs up and hopes for a more productive game three.

Ch0b1 starts this game off with two Lotus Bloom and a Gemstone Mine. Dr. Greens fires back, but only has one Lotus. He has the first action, though, with a Duress nabbing Enduring Ideal. Dr. Greens is stuck on one land, while Ch0b1 has a ton of mana and no gas. A timely Orim's Chant from Ch0b1 prevents Dr. Greens Lotus from entering play, but he has started to draw lands. Dr. Greens casts a second Duress to get another Orim's Chant out of Ch0b1's hand, but Ch0b1 top decks Enduring Ideal. He plops a Dovescape into play, followed by Honden of Seeing Winds and Solitary Confinement for the lock.

Enduring Ideal (This is a stock list.)

2 Fact or Fiction
4 Orim's Chant
4 Seething Song
Burning Wish
3 Enduring Ideal
Serum Visions
2 Dovescape
2 Form of the Dragon
Honden of Seeing Winds
3 Solitary Confinement
4 Lotus Bloom
4 Pentad Prism
2 Sensei's Divining Top

2 Ancient Spring
Flooded Strand
1 Geothermal Crevice
3 Hallowed Fountain
2 Irrigation Ditch
2 Mikokoro, Center of the Sea
1 Mountain
3 Plains
3 Sacred Foundry
3 Steam Vents
2 Wooded Foothills

1 Obliterate
1 Pyroclasm
2 Sacred Ground
1 Enduring Ideal
1 Terashi's Grasp
1 Disenchant
2 Mana Short
2 Boseiju, Who Shelters All
1 Ivory Mask
1 Sulfuric Vortex
2 Trickbind

Fangord (Boros/G) vs. parrotmanZ (Trinket Goyf)

Both players start the first game with a fetch land. ParrotmanZ also has a Tormod's Crypt. He also plays a Dark Confidant. Fangord breaks his fetch land in response, gets a Stomping Ground, and untaps. He resolves a Firebolt on Bob, and then cracks a Windswept Heath for an untapped Sacred Foundry and casts Savannah Lions.

ParrotmanZ simply has a Tree of Tales
 and ships the turn back. A Kird Ape comes into play from Fangord, and an attack from the lions. ParrotmanZ plays Trinket Mage, and finds an Engineered Explosives, which threatens to wreck Fangord's position. The Trinket Mage meets his maker with another Firebolt, and the team comes in, sending the bird boy to 11.

Explosives does indeed reset the boards, but Fangord has another Ape. ParrotmanZ shrugs it off and casts a very large (5/6) Tarmogoyf. Fangord untaps and finally plays a third land, and attempts Goblin Legionnaire. Spell Snare says not today, little goblin.

Spell Snare

Not today little goblin!

A third Firebolt takes parrotmanZ down to 8, and he gets the turn back. The Goyf crashes in and drops Fangord down to 10. ParrotmanZ casts another Goyf and passes. Fangord casts Molten Rain on a Breeding Pool, which resolves dropping parrotmanZ to 6. Both Goyfs crash in, and one is chump blocked with Ape. A Counterbalance makes an appearance before the Tarmogoyfs clean up what is left of Fangord's face.

It is game two, and the beat down deck is up to bat. Sacred Foundry into Lions and suddenly both players are at 18. He follows that up with a Stomping Grounds and Tarmogoyf. Meanwhile, parrotmanZ casts a turn two Trinket Mage thanks to Chrome Mox (imprinting Counterbalance), fetching a Tree of Tales. Fangord casts Lightning Helix to remove the annoying blocker and the 3/4 Goyf and Lions crash in, dropping parrotmanZ to 12.

ParrotmanZ then plays a Loxodon Hierarch, which is a nice twist to the Trinket deck, one I hadn't seen before. Fangord has a precombat Legionnaire, and then crashes with the team. Hierarch jumps in front of the Goyf (still a 3/4), and Fangord elects not to sacrifice the Legionnaire to keep his Goyf around. Instead, he fetches up basic plains and casts Sudden Shock to finish off the elephant. He ships the turn back with two bears and his opponent at 14. ParrotmanZ has a Polluted Delta, but not much else. He passes back, and Fangord sends the team almost immediately. ParrotmanZ had some tricks, though, as he cast Venser, Shaper Savant. He bounced the Lions back, but in response Fangord attempts Temporal Isolation. This is met with a Spell Snare, and Venser trades with the goblin.

ParrotmanZ takes two on the exchange, but his opponent is left with only a Savannah Lions, and a whole 11 points left to deal. Trinket mage comes down and finds a Sensei's Divining Top. After looking at his top 3, he ships the turn and is met with a large cat attempting to do some real damage. Both of Fangord's cats come in, and parrotmanZ blocks Savannah Lions. This basically is a Wrath of God, only at the cost of seven life against his aggressive opponent.

Four life is a scary place to be against mountains. ParrotmanZ merely has a land and passes back. Fangord casts a Molten Rain targeting parrot's only green source, but he has Venser to bounce said land.

Venser crashes and drops Fangord to 15. Thirst for Knowledge is cast at the end of Fangord's turn. Parrot untaps and casts a Hierarch, climbing up to 8. A Grim Lavamancer from Fangord is not enough, as the Elephant picks up an Umezawa's Jitte to seal the game up. Fangord concedes a turn later.

Blue Black Green Counter Top

1  Ancient Den
3  Flooded Strand
1  Godless Shrine
3  Island
4  Polluted Delta
1  Riptide Laboratory
1  Swamp
1  Tree of Tales
1  Vault of Whispers
1  Watery Grave
1  Academy Ruins
1  Breeding Pool
4  Dark Confidant
4  Trinket Mage
4  Tarmogoyf
2  Venser, Shaper Savant

4  Chrome Mox
2  Duress
1  Engineered Explosives
1  Pithing Needle
3  Sensei's Divining Top
2  Thirst for Knowledge
2  Threads of Disloyalty
1  Tormod's Crypt
2  Umezawa's Jitte
2  Vindicate
4  Counterbalance
3  Spell Snare


2  Duress
1  Engineered Explosives
3  Loxodon Hierarch
3  Meddling Mage
3  Smother
1  Threads of Disloyalty
2  Tormod's Crypt

Alexilegend (Red Green Black Loam) vs. Dologram (Red Deck Wins/G)

Dologram begins game one with a Wooded Foothills. Alexilegend answers in kind with a Bloodstained Mire, but he elects to crack his for a basic Swamp and cast Cabal Therapy. He names Tarmogoyf, but does not hit. Dologram grabs a Stomping Ground at the end of turn, then untaps and casts Kird Ape and plays a Barbarian Ring. Alexilegend only has a Wooded Foothills, and ships back. Dologram plays another Barbarian Ring and casts a face down creature. After taking two from the Ape, alexilegend grabs a basic Mountain and Smothers the morph, which is revealed to be a Blistering Firecat. Alexi then untaps and casts Burning Wish for Life from the Loam and plays another fetch land. The turn is shipped, and the ape crashes in. Mogg Fanatic comes down for Dologram, but is trumped when Alexi gets the turn back and casts Seismic Assault.
Barbarian Ring

Dologram has an Incinerate, and uses it to drop Alexi down to 8, but the Assault is looking to control the game. Dologram turns his guys sideways, and Alexi has only 1 land, so he attempts to deal two to the Fanatic. Fanatic deals him one instead, and the Kird Ape two. This drops Alexi down to 5. Post combat, he suspends two Rift Bolts, and that is the game.

Game two sees a Bird from Alexi that is unanswered. Dologram merely has a 1/2 Goyf for his turn two, which is met with Ghastly Demise. Alexi doesn't have a lot of action, though, and gets his Blood Crypt destroyed by Molten Rain. He takes two from his Overgrown Tomb and casts a Dark Confidant. Dologram Incinerates Alexi down to 11 and plays a Pyrostatic Pillar. Bob deals two to Alexi
Devastating Dreams, and gets in for two. A Rift Bolt from Dologram sends Alexi to 6. Alexi has a Krosan Grip for the Pillar, but not before it dealt him two damage. Bob delivers up a Seismic Assault, dropping Alexi to 1. With an untapped Blood Crypt, Threshold, and a Barbarian Ring on the other side, Alexei’s chances of making the top four were over.

Owen Turtenweld's Red Goyf Wins

4  Wooded Foothills
4  Bloodstained Mire
4  Stomping Ground
4  Barbarian Ring
1  Blood Crypt
6  Mountain
4  Kird Ape
4  Mogg Fanatic
4  Grim Lavamancer
4  Tarmogoyf
4  Blistering Firecat

4  Rift Bolt
4  Incinerate
4  Molten Rain
4  Firebolt
1  Pulse of the Forge


4  Sulfuric Vortex
4  Ancient Grudge
4  Pyrostatic Pillar
3  Smother

Lsv (Gifts Rock) vs. Manuel B (Trinket Goyf)

lsv starts with a Hallowed Fountain, while Manuel B has Watery Grave and Duress. Duress takes away Gifts Ungiven, a key card in lsv's deck. He answers with an Overgrown Tomb and a Cabal Therapy, naming Dark Confidant. Manuel B discards two (!!), but he untaps and casts a 4/5 Tarmogoyf. Lsv answers with a Wall of Roots. Goyf attacks, but the Wall does not block. Lsv gets the turn back and adds a green mana to his pool with the wall, then sacrifices it to Cabal Therapy. Manuel responds with Thirst for Knowledge, discarding Engineered Explosives. The Therapy names Counterspell, and Manuel discards one. The floating G mana is used to produce a Ravenous Baloth, and lsv finishes his turn with a Tormod's Crypt.

Goyf crashes in on Manuel's turn and lsv activates his Crypt targeting Manuel. The Goyf stays a 4/5, however, so there are no blocks and lsv drops to 9. Manuel finishes his turn with a Dark Confidant and a Tormod's Crypt. Lsv only has a Watery Grave, and ships the turn. Bob reveals the 4th Dark Confidant of this game, and drops Manuel to 12. Goyf attacks in, and lsv blocks the 4/5 with his 4/4. Before damage, though, he activates his Academy Ruins to put his Crypt on top of his library, dropping the Goyf to a 3/4. Still before damage, Manuel sacrifices his Tormod's Crypt to pump his Goyf back up, only he targeted himself, so he removed his own Crypt and his Goyf died in combat. He plays a Dark Confidant and passes.

Lsv attacks with his beast, dropping Manuel to 8 and ships the turn. The first confidant reveals Thirst for Knowledge, while while the second one reveals a Polluted Delta. Down comes Jitte, and Bob suits up. Both Dark Confidants crash in, and put lsv to 5. The Baloth comes in again, and Manuel removes both Jitte counters to essentially fog. Lsv plays a land and passes. Bobs reveal a Counterbalance and a land. This time, only the suited-up Bob crashes in, and drops lsv to 3. Lsv plays a Pernicious Deed, and passes without attacking. At the end of turn, Manuel picks off one of his own Confidants, and gains two life to climb up to 4. He also casts Venser and bounces Ravenous Baloth.

Bob reveals a land, and the team comes in. They all die to the Deed, so Manuel follows up with Counterbalance, Top, and Tarmogoyf (who is a 6/7). Lsv casts a Gifts Ungiven for Putrefy, Vindicate, Smother, and Engineered Explosives, getting Putrefy and Explosives. He casts Putrefy on the Goyf, which resolves. Manuel gets the turn back, and casts a Thirst for Knowledge and a second Top. Lsv plays Genesis and a Tormod's Crypt. Manuel finds some men in the form of a 6/7 Tarmogoyf and a Trinket Mage which grabs a Seat of the Synod, but has to flip one of his tops to do so. Cabal Therapy from lsv is countered when Manuel flips his other top and Engineered Explosives is countered with good, old-fashioned Counterspell.

Top comes back down and finds not much. Genesis blocks the Goyf, and Trinket Mage drops lsv to 1. Lsv gets nothing back with Genesis in his upkeep, and plays Ravenous Baloth, which resolves. Manuel fires off Duress, but there is nothing to get from lsv. The team comes crashing in again, and again lsv sticks a guy in front of the large lhurgoyf. He arrives at 3 life after the dust settles, and has no team against the 6/7 and 2/2 Manuel has. He puts Explosives back on top of his deck, and again elects to get nothing with Genesis. He casts Explosives for five with a sunburst of two, so as to avoid Spell Snare and Counterbalance. It resolves, and he immediately activates it, killing yet another TarmogoyfTrinket Mage comes across for 2, dropping lsv to one. Lsv gets back Baloth in his upkeep, but can't cast it without cracking a fetch land this turn, which he obviously can't do. He plays a Wall of Roots instead, and passes. Manuel has a Threads of Disloyalty, steals the wall, and crashes over for the last point in a long and demanding game. Now, the fun part, the sideboarded games!

This game was a lot of back-and-forth, as the first was. Manuel played a Tarmogoyf, which gets targeted with a Smother. Manuel had a second, but lsv had Top going. A Hierarch came down, bigger than the 3/4 lhurgoyf at the moment. Genesis came next, but was met with a Counterspell. They trade hits, and Manuel plays his own elephant. 

Lsv casts a main phase Gifts Ungiven, for Vindicate, Smother, Eternal Witness, and Golgari Rot Farm, getting the Rot Farm and the Smother. Goyf is a 4/5 now, so when the team crashes over from Manuel's side, the elephant’s trade and lsv drops to 10. Manuel then plays Trinket Mage for Tormod's Crypt, and crypts lsv.  Smother tries to kill Goyf, but it is met with Counterspell. Lsv then plays Trinket Mage for Explosives, and Birds of Paradise. The Trinket Mages trade and lsv takes four damage. Manuel casts Meloku, but lsv's Deed next turn wraths both boards. Manuel has another Goyf, but the Explosives take care of that, and lsv plays two more Birds. Manuel casts Thirst for Knowledge and a Dark Confidant. Lsv has a Meloku of his own, but Manuel reveals asecond off of Dark Confidant, and plays it to neutralize lsv's air force. Lsv makes three tokens in response, but it may be enough.
Trinket Mage

Eternal Witness from lsv gets Smother back to off the Confidant, and the illusions drop Manuel to 7. Manuel plays a Trinket Mage to get a Top of his own, and passes after laying said annoying artifact. Lsv attacks with the team to drop Manuel to 4 and casts a Baloth. Manuel plays Venser to bounce one illusion and get in the front of Baloth for a turn, but he really needs to find an answer to the illusion tokens. After a Thirst for Knowledge and a top activation, he doesn't, and concedes.

Both players mulligan to 6, and Manuel starts with a Sensei's Divining Top. Lsv has Birds of Paradise, but no second land. He finds a Wall of Roots on turn 3, but it is countered. Manuel plays a Tarmogoyf, and lsv finally finds a second land. The Goyf is smothered, but Manuel answers back with a Hierarch. Lsv has Vindicate, but he is still stuck on two lands. Manuel appears to be out of threats, and lsv casts an Eternal Witness for his Polluted Delta. Manuel finds Meloku, but lsv has Pernicious Deed. Manuel gets three damage in before the game is reset down to just lands.

Or is it? Lsv is still short the fifth mana source he needs to effectively wrath, so he casts Trinket Mage to get a Vault of Whispers. Manuel makes some men, and comes in for five, dropping lsv down to 8. Lsv predictably activates Deed for 5, and Manuel has no follow up. Lsv has Eternal Witness for Delta again, and a Birds of Paradise. Manuel plays and activates an Explosives for one, then plays a 6/7 Goyf. That Goyf is destroyed with a Deed for two, and Eternal Witness attacks in dropping Manuel to 14. Lsv then plays a Meloku of his own. Venser comes down to bounce it. Lsv recasts the moon folk wizard, and it resolves.

Another Eternal Witness grabs another mana source, this time in the form of Birds of Paradise. The team comes in and drops Manuel to 10. Manuel only has a Dark Confidant. Lsv’s team crashes in, and drops Manuel to 5. Lsv has a Hierarch, and that all but wraps it up. Manuel activates top what seemed like six hundred times, and finally conceded.

So, we finally have our Semi-Finals. Here is what the matchups look like.

Ch0b1 Enduring Ideal vs. Dologram (Red Deck Wins/G)
parrotmanZ (Trinket Goyf) vs. lsv (Gifts Rock)

Enduring Ideal vs. Dologram (Red Deck Wins/G)

Ch0b1 starts with a Lotus Bloom and Ancient Spring. Dologram plays Mogg Fanatic on turn one, then Kird Ape and Grim Lavamancer turn two, with the Lavamancer meeting a Condescend for one. Dologram's next play, a Molten Rain, also meets a Condescend. Ch0b1 untaps at a healthy 17, Lotus Bloom resolves, and...nothing. He plays a land and ships the turn. On Dologram's end step, he casts Insidious Dreams for 1, discarding Draco. He untaps and casts Enduring Ideal, getting Solitary Confinement. His next upkeep yields a Honden of Seeing Winds for the lock and the game. Form of the Dragon finishes Dologram in a few turns.

Dologram starts game two off with a Lavamancer, while Ch0b1 has Plains and Chrome Mox, imprinting the blue Honden. Dologram plays a Kird Ape, and then a Tarmogoyf. Meanwhile, Ch0b1 is just playing Invasion sac lands and not doing much. He plays Condescend on an end step Pulse of the Forge, but Blistering Firecat comes down and finishes the game.

Ch0b1 will be starting this game, but he mulligans down to 5. He opens alright, however, with a Plains and Sensei's Divining Top. Dologram has a Lavamancer again. Ch0b1 finds a second land, a Tinder Farm, and passes back to Dologram, who casts a Tarmogoyf. Ch0b1 finds another land, and has a little time as Dologram's clock is a bit slow right now. Ch0b1 casts Solitary Confinement to buy a turn, and activates the top on Dologram's end step. He declines to pay the upkeep for Confinement, plays a Chrome Mox imprinting Insidious Dreams, and plays Enduring Ideal. He assembles his lock and finishes up with Form of the Dragon again. Ch0b1 has secured himself a spot in the finals, but who will his opponent be?

ParrotmanZ (Trinket Goyf) vs. lsv (Gifts Rock)

lsv's Turn 1 Therapy (naming Sensei's Divining Top) missed, and parrotmanZ had a great opening with a turn one Dark Confidant. Lsv had a Bird and not much else. ParrotmanZ played a second Dark Confidant, and Duress. He also played a Riptide Laboratory, which he used to save a Confidant from a Deed activation. Tarmogoyf came down for parrotmanZ, and was threatening lsv's dwindling life total. Lsv had the wrath, though, this time in the form of Damnation. They battled back and forth for a few more turns, trading creatures for removal spells, but eventually, parrotmanZ established a Jitte that lsv couldn't beat, so lsv scooped to save some time.

Lsv comes out strong in game two, with a turn two Pernicious Deed and a turn three Loxodon Hierarch. He follows that with a Trinket Mage for Engineered Explosives, while parrotmanZ is fiddling around with Counterbalance and not doing much at all, really. Then, he untaps and casts Damnation. So much for the fast start. Lsv lands an Explosives on one, to destroy the Pithing Needle naming Pernicious DeedTrinket Mage for parrotmanZ grabs a Top to go with his Counterbalance, while lsv casts a Gifts Ungiven. Lsv plays Genesis, and parrotmanZ just Duresses away a Vindicate. Hierarch comes down for lsv, and parrotmanZ plays one as well. The elephants trade and lsv plays a Meloku. It gets bounced by Venser, and lsv recasts it on his next turn. ParrotmanZ can't find an answer, so we're on to game 3.

ParrotmanZ starts the final game with Duress, taking Smother, on the first turn. This leaves lsv with a hand of Godless Shrine, Temple Garden, Loxodon Hierarch, Eternal Witness, Overgrown Tomb, and Forest. ParrotmanZ follows up with a Dark Confidant, and starts working the card advantage part of his deck. He plays a Shadowmage Infiltrator next, but that is met with a Vindicate. He still has Bob going though, and lsv doesn't have a ton of action. Another Shadowmage for parrotmanZ, while lsv casts a Hierarch. An Umezawa's Jitte comes down and makes the 1/3 fear a powerful threat, as if it wasn't already.

Lsv gets his Smother back with Eternal Witness, and kills the crap out of Jon Finkel. It appears parrotmanZ is out of gas, and is only at five life. He plays a Tormod's Crypt and equips Jitte to his Trinket Mage. Lsv has a 4/5 Tarmogoyf to go with his 4/4 elephant, but neither can get through the Jitte'd man on the other side. ParrotmanZ attacks to put two more counters on his Jitte, and then casts Damnation. He follows that with a Tarmogoyf, and passes the turn at which point lsv casts Gifts Ungiven. Lsv has a big turn here, playing Academy Ruins, Trinket Mage (getting Engineered Explosives), Explosives for two, and pop it getting a Jitte and a Tarmogoyf.  ParrotmanZ crypts lsv then plays a Trinket Mage and gets another Crypt. Lsv has Meloku, but parrotmanZ had yet Damnation, and another Tarmogoyf to follow up. Lsv tries to get his Meloku back with Eternal Witness, but Tormod's Crypt foils that attempt. ParrotmanZ plays a Loxodon Hierarch, and lsv casts Gifts Ungiven.  Putrefy takes care of the Goyf and Genesis comes down to keep the Hierarch at bay. A second Hierarch comes down for parrotmanZ, and a Dark Confidant. Lsv Vindicates the Confidant, and the board is thoroughly stalled. Both players are spinning tops left and right, and all they manage to do is clog the board up even more. Lsv’s deck has far more shuffle effects than parrot man’s, though, so he is able to find what he needs more often and squeaks out the win.

Lsv and Ch0b1 decide to split the finals.

Whew, so the first Extended tournament since Master's Edition, and not a dredge deck in the Top 8. Gifts Rock makes a surprising finish, considering it essentially plays fair in a world of unfair decks, but lsv showed that it has what it takes to win when built and piloted well.

This event, being the first, leaves our tally as such.

Results for the event. 

Enduring Ideal - 1 Top 8, 1 Wins
Gifts Rock - 1 Top 8, 1 Win
Trinket Goyf - 2 Top 8s, 0 Wins
TEPS - 1 Top 8, 0 Wins
Boros/G - 1 Top 8, 0 Wins
Loam - 1 Top 8, 0 Wins
RDW/G - 1 Top 8, 0 Wins

Enduring Ideal

Well, that’s all for me this time. I'm going to go rest my fingers in an ice bath. Let me know what you guys think of the new column. Until next time!

-Scott Schauf
Four to the Facehole on MODO
Dragonegg5 on AIM

* I love when people list the cards in their opponents hands. Not only is it helpful for you to remember them, but it also grants anyone watching later some insight into the game.


AWESOME by Tyler (Unregistered) (not verified) at Thu, 10/04/2007 - 17:50
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This was an enjoyable and well detailed summary.  I wish Wizards hadcoverage this good at the PTs.

by JXClaytor at Thu, 10/04/2007 - 18:24
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Yes the article was fantastic, some of the best reporting I have seen in a long time.  Very detailed, very informative, and hopefully we can see more of it like this soon.

by dragonegg5 at Thu, 10/04/2007 - 18:43
dragonegg5's picture

I appreciate all the feedback. I'll be doing some more of these for sure. Unfortunately, I have 3 11 hour work days coming up, so it may be a few days, but rest assured they will be done.

Nice! by Isotope (Unregistered) (not verified) at Thu, 10/04/2007 - 10:50
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I love hearing game recaps like this, especially to this level of detail.  It's entertaining and educational at the same time.  It can get a little confusing sometimes, trying to remember who's who.  I wonder if there's a better way to handle that...

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