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Aug 09 2012 8:43am
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The Regular Co-Hosts are all members of Magic Online Clan "Magic Eternal"

Zach (The_Hoff) or (abstrakt66)

Andy (Eternal_Hammer)

Josh (Cronin)

The State of Classic !

Invitational Style Tournament More details in the podcast - the new invitational gathers momentum




 MTGO Username: enderfall 

What's your name and where do you live?

Scott Bradley - Somerville, NJ

How did you become interested in classic in the first place?

 I'm an old(er) guy. I started playing in 1995 and fondly remember playing with these powerful cards when I was younger. The powerful spells appeal to me more than the modern powerful creatures do. I also enjoy a good counterspell, which WotC doesn't seem to embrace anymore in the wake of all the moaning over Mana Leak.

If you could play any classic deck what would it be?

 I enjoy playing Jace decks, though Storm is my "Spike" deck of choice.

What is your favorite MTGO accomplishment whether it relates to tournament play, deck innovation or community involvement?

 I've not had much notable tournament success that would compare with my accomplishments writing and promoting the Classic format through my article series on MTGO Academy, Unlocking the Vault.








Classic Challenges!

4-0 a Classic Daily Event with 4x
Memory Jar
Winner - ?
Prize - Foil
Snapcaster Mage
Host - Cat Weasel


Want to host a Challenge, just post in the comments or contact Andy, Josh or Zach and we can get it in there!



Feedback - What do you like about YSO, what would you like added or changed? Please give us any suggestions for classic relevant topics to cover. Any special guests you would like to see - Let us know! You can contact us in the comments below or via Twitter @Magic_Eternal or email us as "YSOPODCAST at Gmail dot com"

The weekly Classic schedule-
Monday - 10:30pm Est
Tuesday - 7:30am Est
Wednesday - 6:30pm Est
Thursday - 10:30pm Est
Friday - 7:30am Est
Saturday - 12:30pm Est
Sunday - 6:30pm Est
Proud Members of Clan Magic Eternal See you in 7. YSO is sponsored by and hosted by


I'm famous! by enderfall at Thu, 08/09/2012 - 10:14
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Hey guys, great podcast this week. Thanks for considering me for your initial "Community Spotlight". I agree with your short list of people to spotlight next, but I'll add Montolio, Calavera, FishyFellow. I know we're missing some great people, but it just goes to show that this new segment should have some legs.

So far the turnout for the League has been great and the donations are ROLLING in.