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By: gamemaster32, Keya Saleh
Jan 08 2013 11:34am
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Episode 204: MvC Combos

Hosts: Keya, Sebastian, and AJ

Episode Length: 40:51


Gatecrash spoilers continue

Multiplayer controversy in Streamers Championship

January TMNO Promo:


Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite - 9.61 (up)
Iona, Shield of Emeria - 18.81 (down)
Kataki, War's Wage - 17.93 (up)
Linvala, Keeper of Silence - 30.67 (up)
Restoration Angel - 15.60 (down, but sold out)

Cryptic Command - 25.90 (up)
Gifts Ungiven - 7.59 (down)
Glen Elendra Archmage - 16.17 (up)
Vendilion Clique - 35.04 (up)
Damnation - 8.12
Dark Confidant - 25.20 (up)
Liliana of the Veil - 24.79 (up)
Thoughtseize - 23.76 (down)

Blood Moon - 14.42 (way up)
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker - 27.13 (up)
Past in Flames - 8.73
Pyromancer Ascension - 2.09

Chord of Calling - 9.79
Noble Hierarch - 19.76 (down)
Prismatic Omen - 9.52
Scapeshift - 13.80 (WAY down)
Tarmogoyf - 75.20

Fulminator Mage - 13.91
Geist of Saint Traft - 29.94
Knight of the Reliquary - 4.73
Maelstrom Pulse - 7.44
Olivia Voldaren - 13.22

Arcbound Ravager - 22.70
Batterskull - 17.86
Chalice of the Void - 9.98
Emrakul, the Aeons Torn - 11.21
Karn Liberated - 25.06
Mox Opal - 22.78
Oblivion Stone - 9.44 (way down)
Vedalken Shackles - 18.19
Wurmcoil Engine - 7.11

Arid Mesa - 7.80
Breeding Pool - 15.91 (down)
Cascade Bluffs - 16.16 (WAY up)
Celestial Colonnade - 4.00
Creeping Tar Pit - 2.50
Eye of Ugin - 9.79
Fire-Lit Thicket - 8.04
Glimmervoid - 7.79
Godless Shrine - 12.90 (down)
Grove of the Burnwillows - 14.19
Horizon Canopy - 13.46 (almost doubled in price)
Marsh Flats - 7.23
Misty Rainforest - 13.40
Raging Ravine - 3.25
Scalding Tarn - 14.84
Stomping Ground - 18.90
Sulfur Falls - 3.17
Twilight Mire - 17.10

Question of the Week:

Have you ever played ‘two-headed’ MTGO? Do you think it is a problem?

Whatcha been playin’:

Keya: dipping my toes into standard to prepare for SCG event.
AJ: Led the standings in the first weekend Tribal of the year, clean sweep of the bonus prizes. Minotaur deck spitting out turn 3 Minotaur Aggressors, donating Illusions of Grandeur with Zedruu, and bouncing Etherium-Horn Sorcerors in and out of play. Didgeridoo got a whole lot better the past year or so.
Seb: Standard Standard Standard! See everyone at GP Atlantic City!



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Two headed giant in mtgo is a by Paul Leicht at Wed, 01/09/2013 - 22:17
Paul Leicht's picture

Two headed giant in mtgo is a little broken but still fun assuming you don't run into decks that capitalize on its lack of regulation for things like Poison counters and or life manipulation tricks.

RE: the Streamers. During an event like this it is very obvious what is going on so it isn't an attempt to be sneaky. I think without having seen any of the streams that this sounds very casual and unsanctioned.

The definition of sanctioned is a little vague online because there is no usual need for the term. Whether you gain or lose ratings points seems to be irrelevant since no one can tell beside you, and that is being phased out. Playing for prizes doesn't cut it either since WOTC has given prize support to unsanctioned player run events. I think the one thing we can agree on is that Wizards run events usually have sanctioning but not in the case of the cup. So the real question is: does it matter?

Those who stream and share information (in general) or partake in shared information are definitely playing the game in a different manner than it was intended to be played initially. Is it cheating? I think that really depends. Is the streamer playing above their normal level because of the information/advice shared? Is that the crucial reason they are winning? Do they profit from it at all? Does it hinder their play ability?

If we can answer those questions we might be closer to answering the one about what to do about streamers who share information and receive advice.