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By: 88spartans88, Kurt Johanknecht
Dec 15 2007 10:24am
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This draft happened on Sunday, December 9.  I joined the 4-3-2-2 Lorwyn queue and the draft fired within five minutes.   Draft information is courtesy of DraftCap which is available from www.blargware.com.  I'd highly recommend this program for anyone serious about improving his or her drafting.  Going back to review picks and identifying what you could have done better is the best way to improve.

During the first pick, I quickly took a look at the ratings of the players at the table, specifically focusing on those directly on my right and left.   In this case, MTGO was not lagging and I got all 7 ratings with time to make my pick.   In case you are wondering, my MTGO limited rating is 1697 after this draft. 

Drafter's feeding me:

Rating 1572 (directly to my right)

Rating 1603 (two seats to my right)

Rating 1435 (three seats to my right)

Rating 1600 (my first round opponent)

Drafter's I am feeding:

Rating 1709 (directly to my left and won the first round match)

Rating 1725 (two seats to my left and my second round opponent)

Rating 1598 (three seats to my left and my third round opponent)

The reason I do this is very simple.  I choose to trust that anyone with a 1700+ rating will signal and read signals with some degree of proficiency.   Anything lower and I don't make any assumption. 

On to the picks and my comments.


Pack 1:


Deeptread Merrow, Lash Out, Kithkin Daggerdare, Herbal Poultice, Avian Changeling, Warren Pilferers, Lowland Oaf, Aquitect's Will, Kinsbaile Skirmisher, Spring Cleaning, Blind-Spot Giant, Crib Swap, Vivid Crag, Incremental Growth, Immaculate Magistrate

Pick: Immaculate Magistrate

The best cards in this pack are Immaculate Magistrate, Lash Out, Crib Swap, Incremental Growth, Warren Pilferers, and Avian ChangelingLash Out is certainly splashable and the best pick to leave your options open.  However taking Immaculate Magistrate will send a strong signal that White and Red will be open.  Knowing that the next two drafters on my left are 1700+, I trust that they will take the signal and that I can cut green off provided it isn't cut on me.

Pack 2:  (DraftCap missed a few cards in this pack)

Fertile Ground, Moonglove Winnower, Whirlpool Whelm, Leaf Gilder, Adder-Staff Boggart, Wispmare, Tideshaper Mystic, Elvish Handservant, Broken Ambitions, Cenn's Heir, Drowner of Secrets

Pick: Leaf Gilder

A great second pack.  I get a very useful elf.  The only green I am passing is Fertile Ground and I send a Merfolk signal as well with the Drowner of Secrets.

Pack 3:

Dreamspoiler Witches, Battlewand Oak, Oaken Brawler, Hurly-Burly, Peppersmoke, Lys Alana Huntmaster, Warren-Scourge Elf, Blades of Velis Vel, Cenn's Heir, Ringskipper, Inner-Flame Igniter, Benthicore, Hoarder's Greed

Pick: Lys Alana Huntmaster

Another great elf in Lys Alana Huntmaster while I pass strong black and blue.  Dreamspoiler Witches was tempting but I believe that both Faeries and Elves are open so I stick with my first two picks.

Pack 4:

Dreamspoiler Witches, Runed Stalactite, Nath's Elite, Neck Snap, Smokebraider, Rootgrapple, Triclopean Sight, Nightshade Stinger, Faultgrinder, Faerie Trickery, Ego Erasure, Ashling's Prerogative

Pick: Nath's Elite

Someone is going to have an awesome Faerie deck with the second Dreamspoiler Witches.  And the white drafter downstream gets a Neck Snap.

Pack 5:

Eyeblight's Ending, Mudbutton Torchrunner, Springleaf Drum, Oakgnarl Warrior, Glimmerdust Nap, Warren Pilferers, Shields of Velis Vel, Mournwhelk, Needle Drop

Pick: Eyeblight's Ending

This pack signals to me that black is wide open with three very good black cards.  I quickly nab the Eyeblight's Ending for removal.

Pack 6:

Quill-Slinger Boggart, Bog-Strider Ash, Aethersnipe, Herbal Poultice, Exiled Boggart, Heal the Scars, Skeletal Changeling, Shields of Velis Vel, Treefolk Harbinger, Rebellion of the Flamekin

Pick: Treefolk Harbinger

AEthersnipe should not be here after five drafters.   But Lorwyn draft is about synergy and just in case the elves don't flow correctly, treefolk is a good backup plan in Gree Black.   And a turn one Treefolk Harbinger will get me a Forest and make sure that I am not mana screwed.

Pack 7:

Oakgnarl Warrior, Glimmerdust Nap, Soulbright Flamekin, Elvish Branchbender, Aquitect's Will, Mournwhelk, Zephyr Net, Treefolk Harbinger, Rebellion of the Flamekin

Pick: Elvish Branchbender

Pack 8:

Battlewand Oak, Hurly-Burly, Runed Stalactite, Nightshade Stinger, Blades of Velis Vel, Elvish Handservant, Dawnfluke, Ego Erasure

Pick: Battlewand Oak

Pack 9:

Kithkin Daggerdare, Herbal Poultice, Warren Pilferers, Lowland Oaf, Aquitect's Will, Spring Cleaning, Vivid Crag

Pick: Warren Pilferers

I am very surprised that both the Kithkin Daggerdare and Warren Pilferers tabled.   A good elf deck will swarm and the ability to recover my best elf is preferred over the creature that messes with combat math.

Pack 10:

Fertile Ground, Whirlpool Whelm, Tideshaper Mystic, Broken Ambitions, Cenn's Heir, Woodland Guidance

Pick: Fertile Ground

Very nice.  I didn't expect this to table either.

Pack 11:

Hurly-Burly, Peppersmoke, Blades of Velis Vel, Cenn's Heir, Inner-Flame Igniter

Pick: Inner-Flame Igniter

This was a mistake.  I should have hate drafted the Hurly-Burly instead.

Pack 12:

Smokebraider, Triclopean Sight, Faultgrinder, Ego Erasure

Pick: Smokebraider

It seems pretty obvious that nobody is drafting Elementals.

Pack 13:

Springleaf Drum, Shields of Velis Vel, Glarewielder

Pick: Glarewielder

Pack 14:

Quill-Slinger Boggart, Exiled Boggart

Pick: Quill-Slinger Boggart

Pack 15:

Soulbright Flamekin

Pick: Soulbright Flamekin

Pack 16:

Nath's Elite, Neck Snap, Smokebraider, Gilt-Leaf Ambush, Moonglove Winnower, Kinsbaile Balloonist, Broken Ambitions, Nath's Buffoon, Faultgrinder, Rootgrapple, Ethereal Whiskergill, Harpoon Sniper, Nectar Faerie, Boggart Mob, Triclopean Sight

Pick: Gilt-Leaf Ambush

I already have a Nath's Elite so for the sake of my curve and developing a swarm I'll take the Gilt-Leaf Ambush.

Pack 17:

Cloudcrown Oak, Oblivion Ring, Wanderer's Twig, Hornet Harasser, Axegrinder Giant, Woodland Changeling, Kithkin Greatheart, Kinsbaile Skirmisher, Lace with Moonglove, Scarred Vinebreeder, Springjack Knight, Ego Erasure, Goldmeadow Stalwart, Jagged-Scar Archers

Pick: Jagged-Scar Archers

This is an interesting pack to analyze.  There are two cards here that are very high powered - Oblivion Ring and Jagged-Scar Archers.  I'll take the Jagged-Scar Archers rather than mess with a splash.  But look at all the good white.  It is pretty clear that the player immediately to my left is not in white.

Pack 18:

Consuming Bonfire, Wispmare, Thieving Sprite, Gilt-Leaf Ambush, Hillcomber Giant, Black Poplar Shaman, Shimmering Grotto, Elvish Eulogist, Giant's Ire, Lairwatch Giant, Marsh Flitter, Fodder Launch, Glen Elendra Pranksters

Pick: Fodder Launch

Fodder Launch is a bomb.  I already let a Boggart Mob go by and I am not going to pass this as well.  This is especially true when another Gilt-Leaf Ambush is my best pick.

Pack 19:

Hurly-Burly, Peppersmoke, Lys Alana Huntmaster, Consuming Bonfire, Wispmare, Hunt Down, Giant's Ire, Dawnfluke, Spellstutter Sprite, Black Poplar Shaman, Guardian of Cloverdell, Thousand-Year Elixir

Pick: Lys Alana Huntmaster

This is what I need to see.  I successfully signaled elves.  And now I am being rewarded.

Pack 20:

Soulbright Flamekin, Kithkin Daggerdare, Surge of Thoughtweft, Mudbutton Torchrunner, Heal the Scars, Inkfathom Divers, Boggart Birth Rite, Ingot Chewer, Soaring Hope, Kithkin Mourncaller, Hearthcage Giant

Pick: Kithkin Mourncaller

Green card drawing?  For those who haven't played with this card it is awesome.  And yes - dead attacking tokens do trigger the ability.  And don't worry about decking because it is a "may" ability.  Your choice.

Pack 21:

Gilt-Leaf Ambush, Inner-Flame Acolyte, Peppersmoke, Warren-Scourge Elf, Lairwatch Giant, Spiderwig Boggart, Boggart Forager, Guardian of Cloverdell

Pick: Gilt-Leaf Ambush

Pack 22:

Fistful of Force, Quill-Slinger Boggart, Surge of Thoughtweft, Wellgabber Apothecary, Gilt-Leaf Seer, Boggart Birth Rite, Zephyr Net, Kithkin Mourncaller, Incandescent Soulstoke

Pick: Incandescent Soulstoke

Rare draft or take Fistful of Force?  I should be winning with a swarm and would much prefer the +2/+0 of Final Revels.  But I'll take the risk here that the deck will have plenty of playable cards.

Pack 23:

Surge of Thoughtweft, Scarred Vinebreeder, Gilt-Leaf Seer, Protective Bubble, Ingot Chewer, Battle Mastery, Lys Alana Scarblade, Ego Erasure

Pick: Lys Alana Scarblade

In this draft, for the first time, I got to see this card really shine. 

Pack 24:

Moonglove Winnower, Nath's Buffoon, Faultgrinder, Rootgrapple, Ethereal Whiskergill, Nectar Faerie, Triclopean Sight

Pick: Moonglove Winnower

Pack 25:

Axegrinder Giant, Kinsbaile Skirmisher, Lace with Moonglove, Scarred Vinebreeder, Springjack Knight, Ego Erasure

Pick: Scarred Vinebreeder

Pack 26:

Wispmare, Hillcomber Giant, Elvish Eulogist, Giant's Ire, Glen Elendra Pranksters

Pick: Elvish Eulogist

Pack 27:

Hurly-Burly, Hunt Down, Dawnfluke, Thousand-Year Elixir

Pick: Thousand-Year Elixir

I didn't just rare-draft this.  I really thought long and hard about using Thousand-Year Elixir in the deck with the number of activated abilities.  And the untap ability can be awesome with Magistrate or Jagged-Scar.  I did board it in during the finals.

Pack 28:

Heal the Scars, Ingot Chewer, Soaring Hope

Pick: Ingot Chewer

Pack 29:

Warren-Scourge Elf, Boggart Forager

Pick: Warren-Scourge Elf

Pack 30:

Zephyr Net

Pick: Zephyr Net

Pack 31:


Cloudcrown Oak, Tarfire, Wanderer's Twig, Silvergill Douser, Avian Changeling, Bog-Strider Ash, Protective Bubble, Ingot Chewer, Amoeboid Changeling, Spring Cleaning, Exiled Boggart, Lammastide Weave, Flamekin Harbinger, Cloudgoat Ranger, Cloudthresher

Pick: Cloudthresher

This will help against all those Dreamspoiler Witches I passed.

Pack 32:

Stonybrook Angler, Thieving Sprite, Gilt-Leaf Ambush, Hillcomber Giant, Streambed Aquitects, Stinkdrinker Daredevil, Nameless Inversion, Elvish Eulogist, Wings of Velis Vel, Caterwauling Boggart, Goldmeadow Dodger, Faerie Harbinger, Harpoon Sniper, Faerie Tauntings

Pick: Nameless Inversion

Pack 33:

Streambed Aquitects, Stinkdrinker Daredevil, Nameless Inversion, Battlewand Oak, Hurly-Burly, Plover Knights, Paperfin Rascal, Spiderwig Boggart, Flamekin Brawler, Tideshaper Mystic, Tar Pitcher, Benthicore, Faerie Tauntings

Pick: Nameless Inversion

Pack 34:

Boggart Sprite-Chaser, Oaken Brawler, Smokebraider, Nameless Inversion, Ringskipper, Hunt Down, Triclopean Sight, Nath's Buffoon, Caterwauling Boggart, Makeshift Mannequin, Jagged-Scar Archers, Captivating Glance

Pick: Jagged-Scar Archers

Wow.  Three straight Nameless Inversion.  I've never seen that in draft before.   The drafter on my left is going to get a fifth pick Inversion.  That just shouldn't happen.

Pack 35:

Adder-Staff Boggart, Rootgrapple, Goldmeadow Dodger, Wings of Velis Vel, Flamekin Brawler, Facevaulter, Pollen Lullaby, Marsh Flitter, Boggart Shenanigans, Boggart Mob, Swamp

Pick: Boggart Mob

Rootgrapple would be a fine sideboard card.  But I passed one Boggart Mob already so I hate draft the goblin token maker.

Pack 36:

Wanderer's Twig, Silvergill Douser, Avian Changeling, Bog-Strider Ash, Springleaf Drum, Inkfathom Divers, Needle Drop, Soaring Hope, Vivid Meadow, Goatnapper

Pick: Bog-Strider Ash

Fits in well with my Treefolk sub-theme and also prevents any of my opponents from having swampwalk.

Pack 37:

Woodland Changeling, Springleaf Drum, Kithkin Healer, Footbottom Feast, Axegrinder Giant, Lignify, Silvergill Douser, Shimmering Grotto, Lace with Moonglove

Pick: Woodland Changeling

I'd also really like that Lignify or Footbottom Feast.  But in this case the 2/2 elf for 2 is better.

Pack 38:

Footbottom Feast, Lowland Oaf, Kithkin Healer, Bog Hoodlums, Protective Bubble, Skeletal Changeling, Lammastide Weave, Flamekin Harbinger

Pick: Footbottom Feast

And I get one in the next pack.  Yes!

Pack 39:

Bog-Strider Ash, Protective Bubble, Ingot Chewer, Amoeboid Changeling, Spring Cleaning, Exiled Boggart, Lammastide Weave

Pick: Bog-Strider Ash

Pack 40:

Gilt-Leaf Ambush, Streambed Aquitects, Elvish Eulogist, Caterwauling Boggart, Goldmeadow Dodger, Faerie Tauntings

Pick: Gilt-Leaf Ambush

Pack 41:

Hurly-Burly, Spiderwig Boggart, Flamekin Brawler, Tideshaper Mystic, Tar Pitcher

Pick: Tar Pitcher

This was a difficult hate-pick decision.  Hurly-Burly can wipe out my token swarm, but Tar Pitcher can take care of my better elves.

Pack 42:

Boggart Sprite-Chaser, Smokebraider, Hunt Down, Caterwauling Boggart

Pick: Caterwauling Boggart

Pack 43:

Adder-Staff Boggart, Goldmeadow Dodger, Facevaulter

Pick: Adder-Staff Boggart

Pack 44:

Springleaf Drum, Needle Drop

Pick: Needle Drop

Pack 45:

Lace with Moonglove

Pick: Lace with Moonglove

Final Decklist:

10 Forest
7 Swamp
1 Treefolk Harbinger
1 Fertile Ground
1 Leaf Gilder
2 Nameless Inversion
1 Scarred Vinebreeder
1 Woodland Changeling
1 Battlewand Oak
1 Elvish Branchbender
1 Eyeblight's Ending
2 Gilt-Leaf Ambush
2 Jagged-Scar Archers
1 Kithkin Mourncaller
1 Lys Alana Scarblade
1 Immaculate Magistrate
2 Lys Alana Huntmaster
1 Nath's Elite
1 Warren Pilferers
1 Cloudthresher
1 Footbottom Feast


1 Adder-Staff Boggart
2 Bog-Strider Ash
1 Boggart Mob
1 Caterwauling Boggart
1 Elvish Eulogist
1 Fodder Launch
1 Gilt-Leaf Ambush
1 Glarewielder
1 Incandescent Soulstoke
1 Ingot Chewer
1 Inner-Flame Igniter
1 Lace with Moonglove
1 Moonglove Winnower
1 Needle Drop
1 Quill-Slinger Boggart
1 Smokebraider
1 Soulbright Flamekin
1 Tar Pitcher
1 Thousand-Year Elixir
1 Warren-Scourge Elf
1 Zephyr Net

Draft recording done by Blargware's MTGO DraftCap. Support Blargware!

Round 1 Summary

vs Red White Giants (Brion, Incendiary Command, Ajani)

I played a very friendly opponent who was just coming back to the game after a year off.  This draft was the first for this person since the early days of triple Time Spiral draft.   My opponent played Brion Stoutarm in both games and was able to wipe a good part of my board in game one with Incendiary Command.  However I was never really under any pressure and won the match 2-0.

Round 2 Summary

vs Green Black white Treefolk (I assume for Doran but didn't see it)

My opponent kept slow hands in both games and was mana screwed in one of the games.  I curved out very nicely in both and swarmed to a 2-0 win.

Round 3 Summary

vs Blue Black Faeries (Mistbind, Oona's Prowler, Profane Command, counters)

I lost game one pretty convincingly when my turn two Leaf Gilder met Broken Ambitions and my turn four Huntmaster met Faerie Trickery.  A Mistbind Clique a few turns later during my upkeep followed by Profane Command finished the slaughter.

Game two I was on the play and much safer from the counterspells.  I curved out including the Jagged-Scar which shut down my opponent's flyers and the match was evened at 1-1.

We both mulliganed to six in game three.  I kept a hand with twp Forests, Eyeblight's Ending, and three other elves.  I never drew a swamp, but eeked out the victory holding Cloudthresher.  The only way my opponent could win was to topdeck his second swamp to give him the mana to play Profane Command.  My swampwalking Bog-Strider Ash finished the game off. 


Is Thousand-Year Elixir good enough for this deck that it should have been main?

Would you have switched to Faeries with the third pick Dreamspoiler Witches?

Would you have taken AEthersnipe over Treefolk Harbinger with the sixth pick?

Thanks for reading my first draft write-up.  I look forward to comments on both the draft and suggestions for improving the article.


by LeagueGeek at Mon, 12/17/2007 - 21:14
LeagueGeek's picture

Good writeup!  I would've taken the third Inversion. ;)

by vjcsmoke (Unregistered) (not verified) at Sun, 12/16/2007 - 17:16
vjcsmoke (Unregistered)'s picture

I think that sticking with black/green was a wise move.  Especially when you got all that black creature removal.  Your elves swarmed with creature removal support.  Not much to complain about that draft.

by Anonymous (Unregistered) (not verified) at Mon, 12/17/2007 - 13:21
Anonymous (Unregistered)'s picture

Congrats on the win....here is where I would have differed:

P1P4  dreamspoiler witches over Elite.  Elite usually goes much later, and dreamspoiler is fine in G/B(esp with ambush Fist etc to trigger)

 P1P6  I would have taken AEthersnipe as a splash.  i think even Bogstrider is a better pick here if you want to stay in color.

 P1P9 Peppersmoke is fine removal even w/o the card draw.

 P2P5 (18) Marshflitter is a great card that i think I woudl take over hating the Launch.

 P2P7 (22) Fist is the pick

P3P4 (34) I would still take the Inversion, can never have too many

P3P5 (35) Again I would take marsh Flitter

As to your questions:

I would have taken the dreamspoiler witches P3, but I think that they fit fine in G/B and since blue was not flowing i would not have switched to fairies

I also would have taken the snipe, just for the splash.  What did you think of the Harbinger, does not seem very good in the deck, but I guess being able to search for removal is some good.

 For the build i would Take out the Harbinger and teh Scarred Vinebreeder for 2 Bogstrider Ash or 1 Bogstrider and 1 Moneglove Winnower.


 ___helper_monkey on MTGO

by Klutz (Unregistered) (not verified) at Mon, 12/17/2007 - 13:41
Klutz (Unregistered)'s picture

11: Peppersmoke over Inner-Flame Igniter and Hurly-Burly.  Good removal for you is better than hating removal from others, even it it's good against you.

18: Gilt-Leaf Ambush over Fodder Launch.
25: Neither should make your deck, but Lace with Moonglove over Vinebreeder.
26: Wispmare over Eulogist.  Wispmare is useful to have for the sideboard.

34: Agreed this is close and I'm not sure myself but I had Inversion #3 over Jagged-Scar #2.
35: Marsh Flitter over Boggart Mob.  Flitter could make the deck; Mob won't.
37: I had Lignify > Woodland Changeling > Footbottom Feast here.  Lignify deals with things no other removal can, is searchable by your Treefolk Harbinger, and I think it's what your deck needed most here.  Woodland Changeling is extremely good and you did need more cheap Elves as well, so that's a very close pick.

-1 Vinebreeder
+1 Ambush

This deck puts a surprisingly high number of Elves into its graveyard as spells (Ambush, Inversion, Ending) plus any discards to Scarblade, making Vinebreeder actually a viable considerable for your maindeck.  That plus curve reasons I assume is why it made your deck.  I still can't see playing it while leaving an Ambush in the side though, and with a 10/7 land split Vinebreeder won't be reliable enough as a 2-drop to fulfill a curve role.

The questions:
Elixir: No.  There's 5 reasonable targets for it, but the Archers won't always have flyers to murder, you won't usually want to discard 2 Elves in the same turn to Scarblade, which leaves one Branchbender and one Magistrate as good targets, and while abusing them would be fun you have better maindeckable cards.

Pick 3: Nope; I think Magistrate and Gilder was a fine Elf start worth following up on, and Huntmaster in that pack was the perfect Elf to do that with.

Pick 6: This was close, but I agreed with your pick.  Aethersnipe is great and will usually make your B/G Elf or Treefolk deck as a splash.  However Treefolk Harbinger is in-color, helps with land as you noted, and can usually tutor for removal.  You could have had up to 4 removal targets for it and wound up with two anyway.  It also added a bit of flexibility in case Elves dried up and Treefolk were more abundant or in case you simply wind up with a Thorntooth Witch you wanted to abuse.


Tar Pitcher by Anonymous (not verified) at Tue, 08/25/2009 - 03:01
Anonymous's picture

Literally nobody drafted goblins. 11th pick tar pitcher? I almost struggle to believe Draftcap.

Ahhhhhh, thread necromancy! by MadSalad at Tue, 08/25/2009 - 08:03
MadSalad's picture

Ahhhhhh, thread necromancy!

It is usually case to case by lenyrose2013 at Thu, 10/06/2016 - 06:59
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It is usually case to case basis. That is why people are open to it. - Bath Planet