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By: JXClaytor, Joshua Claytor
Dec 12 2007 11:33pm
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Replays finally look like they are going to be back on for a while.  I'm pretty pleased with that.  You see the next Pro Tour Qualifier format happens to be Extended, and to get any edge that I think I can get in the wide open format, I have turned to recaping the events the Extended events that happen on our beloved program, MTGO! 

Watching replays can be a huge learning expirence.  Maybe you do not know how a deck list Ideal works, well chances are you can camp out in the tournament lobby watching replays of everyone to see the deck in action.  Maybe you need a fantastic Dredge list?  Well the replays show the graveyards so the only thing stopping you from having the list is a utensil to record it with.  Watching players play Magic can also open your eyes in regards to certain ways to play a deck.  For instance, let's say Ideal is playing Zoo.  I would typically grab a Solitary Confinement as soon as possible, but is that the best play?  Maybe the board has not fully developed, or the Zoo player got a rare slow draw.  Would Dovescape be a better enchantment for you then?  When is the right time to go for Form of the Dragon?  Watching replays to me at least, is like playing online poker.  You get a lot of hands in a short period of time, which allows you to learn more in a shorter period of time. 

I guess the main bullet point of that is when replays are on, you should be using them. 

I am pretty sure I have said this already but this article series will be covering Extended* for a period of one week at a time.  Each week you will see me back here with the top eight decks in each premier event*.  Hopefully, I'll be able to have interviews with some players after they have finished they matches to get thoughts on matchups, and of course I'll be scouring the web and the program for the hottest decklists.  Let's go on to the recap! 

MTGO Extended Recap (12/7/07 to 12/10/07)I want to add that I am recapping five events, which leads us to forty decks for this week, future articles will cover a time period, from the Tuesday of the previous week to the Monday of the next.  That's going to be a ton of data! 

Winner - Runner-up - Semifinals - Quarterfinals

Colors Deck Name Placings Percentage
Chase Rare Control 20%
Zoo 17.5%
PT Junk 10%
Dredge 7.5%
Goblins 7.5%
Flow Rock 5%
Ideal 5%
Blue Green Aggro 2.5%
Aggro Loam 2.5%
Standard Elves 2.5%
  Affinity 2.5%
Blue White Tron 2.5%
Blue Green Tron 2.5%
Gifts Rock 2.5%
  Krark Clan Combo 2.5%
Tooth and Desire 2.5%
Red Deck Wins 2.5%
  Dropped/Timed Out 2.5%

Let's take a moment to learn a little more about the  decks that had more than one top eight now! 


Splits by zahori (Unregistered) (not verified) at Thu, 12/13/2007 - 11:07
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You may want to differentiate splits in finals from outright wins.

Is Teeg a non-factor?  I'd think it would be a powerful hoser of the big combo decks (and dredge).

by JXClaytor at Thu, 12/13/2007 - 20:37
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Yes I should, that will be done starting with the next set of recaps, coming out next week. 

Strategy can be of great by lenyrose2013 at Thu, 10/06/2016 - 07:15
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Strategy can be of great help. Most especially on how the game works. - Marla Ahlgrimm