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By: Psychatrog, Eric Levine
Dec 16 2007 11:59pm
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Worlds has made a big splash online, as it always does. I’m seeing many more green black decks in the Tournament Practice room, and that’s no surprise- five out of the top eight decks at Worlds were Green Black. The other three were two Dragonstorm decks and a Makeshift Mannequin deck, and there’s no shortage of those running around either.

Today I want to focus on the deck that won Worlds this year: 2007 Magic World Champion Uri Peleg’s green black Rock that included a white splash for everyone’s new favorite three mana legend, Doran, the Siege Tower. Now, this is actually a fairly big surprise. Most of the Doran decks I saw running around before Worlds were monstrosities that tried to run Vivid Meadow and its ilk and attempted to get Treefolk Harbinger to find Doran. Mostly they belonged in Lorwyn Block Constructed, and not Standard. 

Doran Beats Face


The interesting thing about those decks [which did not work] was that they were built around Doran. Doran wasn’t just a win condition, he was the only way the decks COULD win. Peleg has cleverly shoehorned Doran into a green/black deck where Doran isn’t necessary. Sure, he often wins the game singlehandedly when he hits the table, but the deck doesn’t need to draw Doran to win.  

The big question for us is whether or not this deck will hold up online. It was great for the top eight metagame, crushing the Green Black Elves decks it came across and having the sheer explosiveness [Turn two Doran, anyone?] to beat Patrick Chapin’s Dragonstorm deck. But how will it do against some other competitors? Will Faerie decks needle it to death? Will a Blink or Mannequin deck simply have too much card advantage? I had many of the cards for this deck online already, so I decided to find out for myself. The following are the matches I played in the Tournament Practice room with the exact list that Uri Peleg used at Worlds.  Here's that list so you can take a look at it:


Uri Peleg's Doran Rock

Interesting choices of note are:

  • The singleton Liliana Vess and Hypnotic Specter.  Both are good assets against control as well as against Dragonstorm, and both fit well in the curve.
  • Two-ofs each of Nameless Inversion and Eyeblight's Ending- the removal is diversified to work well against many different kinds of decks.
  • A very diverse sideboard.  This was a big factor in Uri Peleg's run to the finals, in my opinion.
Match 1 vs. Green Black Elves
Liliana Is ScaryGame 1:

My opponent and I both get off to a slow start, at least until I drop a fourth turn Doran, the Siege Tower with a Llanowar Elves and two Birds of Paradise on the table. My opponent draws, lays a snow swamp to add to his two Gilt-Leaf Palaces and Treetop Village, and concedes.

Game 2:

Two Birds and a few land give me a turn three Liliana Vess. My opponent, having revealed a Civic Wayfinder for a Gilt-Leaf Palace, proceeds to Nameless Inversion my Birds… and concede. Apparently turn three Liliana is scary. 

Matches: 1-0 Games: 2-0

Match 2 vs. Red Black Goblins
Game 1:

An early Knucklebone Witch from my opponent is answered with a turn two Ohran Viper. However, that happens to be my only non-Elf/Bird creature. A Thoughtseize reveals double Siege-Gang Commander- Facing down a 3/3 Witch, two Mogg Fanatics, four Goblin tokens off two Mogg War Marshals, and a Mudbutton Torchrunner, I draw some more land and scoop.

Game 2:

Two land and a Birds in my opener is fine, right? Wrong. Birds gets killed by a Fanatic and I don’t draw any more land. Doran, Hypnotic Specter, Garruk Wildspeaker, and others sit in my hand and cry.

Matches: 1-1 Games 2-2

Match 3 vs. Red Black Goblins
Game 1:

An early Mogg War Marshal and Stingscourger are no match for Turn three Doran. Bam!

Game 2:

Turn one Knucklebone Witch and Turn three Mad Auntie sounds scary… almost. Auntie gets Inverted, and Tarmogoyf hits the board to clean up. My opponent “loses the connection.” Heh. 

Matches: 2-1 Games: 4-2

Match 4 vs. Dragonstorm 
Game 1:

Oooh, Dragonstorm! Eek, a Turn one Spinerock Knoll. Ooh, turn three Doran! The Zero-Power Brigade (Doran, two Birds) beats for a while. I drop a 0/1 Goyf, seeing that a suspended Rift Bolt likely spells death for the Doran I have in play… but don’t worry, I have one in my hand. Doran gets killed by Rift Bolt and Grapeshot. I only have one turn before Lotus Bloom comes online. That probably means I’ll die… so I drop a second Doran and beat in with a 2/3 Goyf and a Treetop Village, dealing lethal damage. GG.

Game 2:

Bloom gets suspended turn one. Birds get Incinerated. Things progress, I get an Ohran Viper and a Garruk Wildspeaker down. Dragonstorm for two wipes most of my board. I fight back with an Eyeblight’s Ending and a Riftsweeper to knock a Lotus Bloom out. However, a Rift Bolt to the head and a swing with the remaining Bogardan Hellkite sets off Spinerock Knoll, which spits out Empty the Warrens and seals the deal.

Game 3:

I buy myself time with two Thoughtseizes, hitting Bloom and Hellkite and seeing only land, another Bloom, and an Incinerate. At three life a piece off Caves of Koilos, those Thoughtseizes don’t come cheap. Tarmogoyf and Llanowar Elves come down and start running the table for four damage a turn, notwithstanding the fact that I’m stuck at only two land with Caves and Treetop VillageUrborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth comes down, as does another Tarmogoyf, and I eat two Rift Bolts to the head. Sitting unhappily at eight, I continue beating in with my Goyfs. With a depleted hand, however, my opponent cannot go off or even burn me out. I drop a second Urborg to put land in my yard and beat in for the win.

Matches: 3-1 Games: 6-3
Match 5 vs. Some Other Guy Playing Dragonstorm
Game 1:

Turn 3 Doran wouldn’t have stood up to what I thought was going to be Bloom-Rite-Rite-Dragonstorm

But it turned out to be Bloom-Rite-Rite-Hellkite-Rift Bolt??

The Hellkite gets eaten by a ShriekmawShriekmaw gets Shocked. Goyf comes down and goes into the red zone with a Treetop Village to close the deal.

Game 2: 

This game was epic. Incredibly freaking epic. Do not try this at home. Do not keep this hand. Ever. I am the world’s biggest lucksack.

I took a hand of:

Gemstone Mine, Thoughtseize, Birds of Paradise, Shriekmaw, Tarmogoyf, Llanowar Elves, and Stupor

Turn 1: Gemstone Mine, Birds.
Birds get Shocked. Crap.
Turn 2: Llanowar Elves.

Elves live! Bloom gets suspended.

Turn 3: I draw… Riftsweeper! Say goodbye to Gemstone Mine. Bloom eats it.
He drops a Mountain.
Turn 4: I beat in with Riftsweeper and Elves.   Put him at seventeen.
He drops another Mountain.
Turn 5: Riftsweeper beats, putting him at fifteen. Elves summon Birds, Birds get fried.
More Mountain action.

Turn 6: I need a mana source, I need a mana source, I need… Ooh, Caves of Koilos! Thoughtseizing, I see: Rite of Flame, Hellkite, Dragonstorm, and Pyromancer’s Swath. Well, I can deal with Hellkite via Shriekmaw… but Dragonstorm would kill me, most likely. I take that and beat in with Sweeper and Elves. Put him at twelve. 

Not much happens on his side of the table besides Mountain once again.

Turn 7: Goyf comes down. Seeing Land/Creature/Sorcery in the yard, he enjoys being a 3/4. More Riftsweeper beats. Put him at ten. 
Nothing happens for him.

Turn 8: I attack in. Put him at four. I drop a Treetop Village.

He Rite of Flames into a Hellkite, flaming my Goyf and Elf. 

Turn 9: Evoke Shriekmaw, beat for twp with Riftsweeper. Now he is at two and just needs to draw a burn spell. He’s only got one card left in hand- that Pyromancer’s Swath from earlier.

He draws… and plays a Spinerock Knoll. Game over. 
I… am a lucksack.

Matches: 4-1 Games: 8-3

So it turns out this World Champion deck is pretty good, huh? I only lost to Red Black Goblins, and he got nuts draws while I got a little bit mana-screwed. (Not to say he didn’t play well. He absolutely did.) Next week I’ll take this sucker through some Constructed queues, and then maybe even a Standard PE!


by Pyrosin at Mon, 12/17/2007 - 13:20
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I've been having fun with my version of this deck.  I play Stupor in the main.  But the big difference, I use Treefolk Harbinger to get Doran.  The Harbinger is probably too slow for a real deck, but I love when I have a 0/3 and an 0/5 dealing all that damage.

There is a need to rock it by lenyrose2013 at Thu, 10/06/2016 - 06:59
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There is a need to rock it well. Most especially that it is a game for all. - Bath Planet