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By: Salgy, Michael Salgado
Jan 18 2008 10:01pm
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Hello everyone, I have been following the Lorwyn Block metagame and came up with an exciting RB Goblin build. I took my deck and joined a Lorwyn Block P.E. 2x, it had a impressive turn out of 27 players.  Many of the players had a 1700 plus rating, and they brought their big decks with them.  I would like to thank my Captain Arnnaria for his support and for being there.


My first match was against Talloola25.  The first game was a dissappointment as Magic Online crashed. I won the first game easily.  Then in game two, before I could respond, he envoked and played manniquins targeting mulldrifter, and dropped Jace and  Liliana and it was over before it even started.  I started game three by playing a swamp/Knucklebone Witch he responded with a Swamp/Thoughtseize nabbing my Squeaking Pie Sneak.  I drew a Mountain and played a Thorn of Amethyst then attacked with my witch.  He drew and played a Swamp, the thorn prevented any shenanigans like Nameless Inversion, so he passed. I then drew into a Mad Auntie and I played Swamp/Auntie to further punish Talloola.  He didn't draw a land so he was in a hard place with my Witch and Auntie staring him down, and with my Thorn out, he passed again. I drew into a fourth land and played Wort, Boggart Auntie which ended the game pretty quickly. I feel for Talloola25 as he lost the first match to the crash.  I would of liked to see that game play out to get a better glimpse into his playing style and the deck he was using.  Being the player that he is, he brushed it off and knew he had to win three out of the next four games to make Top 8.  I respect Talloola25 for his playing style, and his attitude even in the face of getting short handed.  Mr. Talloola25 I tip my hat to you. 

Game Record 2-1
Match Record 1-0

In my second match, I was paired up against the strong player Nitsugua, he piloted a deck utilizing planewalkers and counters.  All of my earlier creatures were met with counters.  He played out two Scion of Oona, and a Mistbind Clique, when I had four swamps zero mountains and a handful of red cards.  His faeries made quick work of me and a Profane Command to the dome finished me off.  In game Two, I landed an early Knucklebone Witch and a Squeaking Pie Sneak and got my beat on.  He Sower of Temptationed my Mad Auntie.  The next turn a Profane Command of my own targeting Nitsugua and his Sower of Temptation sealed the deal.  In the final game he had mana issues and only played two swamps.  My early Mudbutton Torchrunner and two Facevaulters began my beating, and a second Mudbutton Torchrunner joined the party in time to see victory. 

Game Record 4-2.
Match Record 2-0

The third match up was a good one against Mercc. I started off by playing a Knucklebone Witch and a Mad Auntie.  He played a Thoughtseize grabbing my Profane Command and, threw down Nath of the Gilt-Leaf.  A double Nameless Inversion took care of that.  Later in the game a Profane Command brought ole Nath back into play, but I top decked a Fodder Launch FTW.  In game two I mulliganed  to five cards.  He Thoughtseized my Squeaking Pie Sneak and dropped a Nath and a Garruk.  Without land or cards it was easy pickings.  The third game again gave me my favorite card, Knucklebone Witch, he again Thoughtseized my Squeaking Pie Sneak.  On turn two I dropped a Thorn of Amethyst and kept beating him.  A Wort brought my Sneak back and along with a Mad Auntie, I rode into the winners circle. 

Game Record 6-3.
Match Record 3-0

B/R Gobos!

4x Adder-Staff Boggart
2x Boggart Mob
3x Facevaulter
4x Knucklebone Witch
4x Mad Auntie
2x Marsh Flitter
3x Mudbutton Torchrunner
4x Squeaking Pie Sneak
2x Wort, Boggart Auntie

2x Fodder Launch
2x Nameless Inversion
3x Profane Command

15x Swamp
6x Mountain
2x Vivid Crag
1x Vivid Marsh

Sideboard: 15
Final Revels
2x Fodder Launch
2x Nameless Inversion
4x Thorn of Amethyst
3x Tarfire


Knucklebone Witch

My one mana drops are Knucklebone Witch and Facevaulter.  Both really good cards, the Witch receives a +1/+1 for each dead goblin and Facevaulter to combo it up with Mudbutton Torchrunner.  The two mana drops are Adder-Staff Boggart, and Squeaking Pie Sneak, with the Adder-Staff's ability to clash and receive a +1/+1 making it a 3/2 beater.  Sneak is a key against non black decks because of the fear combined with Mad Auntie he can be very dangerous.  Next we have Mad Auntie to support your goblin troops, while Mudbutton Torchrunner a 1/1 creature that can do 3 damage to a player or creature.  The big creatures are Boggart Mob and Wort, Boggart Auntie.  Boggart being a huge 5/5 while making tokens is a must have.  Wort is a nasty 3/3 with fear, Sneak/Wort against a non black deck can be very very dangerous.

I chose three spell types for the deck Fodder Launch, Profane Command, and Nameless Inversion.  Fodder and Nameless are used to kill off any creatures that are showing a big threat, with Launch if you sac the Mudbutton you can do a whopping 8 damage to a creature or a player.  Profane Command is a great card to return a extra goblin into play while doing damage to your opponent, or kill off a creature while returning one of yours to gain board dominance.

Some of the metagame match ups will be U/B control.  U/B control is a faerie deck in which they use a lot of counters from Broken Ambitions, Faerie Trickery, to Cryptic Commands.  Also with a lot of removal from Nameless Inversion, Eyeblight's Ending, and Profane Command.  This matchup is kinda difficult this is where you have to choose your cards carefully and try to predict what they will play next.  Try to fake them on countering what you don't really need at the moment and play something after they tap out.  To really insure the moment in your favor sideboard Thorn of Amethyst I perfer siding in atleast 2-3 and siding out two Fodder Launch and a Profane Command.

G/B/U Walkers is what I call it is THE most played deck in lorwyn block.  Using cards like Nath and Liliana to make quick elf tokens.  And using Chandra with Jace to get card and board control.  With a splash of Doran to add to the trouble this deck has a lot of cards to control the game real fast.  This deck doesn't have a lot of counters but do with the removal cards I usally side in three Tarfire and three Thorn of Amethyst and side out two Fodder Launch, two Boggart Mob, a Facevaulter, and a Marsh Flitter.  The advantage is that their Shriekmaw is unable to target your main creatures and you can kill it quick leaving your creatures with fear a open field to do some damage.


I went into this PE, with a rating of 1564, I was more concerned with the decks being played and the gamestyle of the other players than my own rating.  Nevertheless I went in with glee and played the best PE I ever played placing in the semi finals and leaving with a rating of 1636.  Next I will join other PEs and post decklists of the main decks in Lorwyn block and try to set up a interview with Migacz a veteran in the Lorwyn block.


wow didn't notice by Salgy at Wed, 01/23/2008 - 11:39
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I added the decklist to the article couple of days after the PE where I was already trying to improve the deck more.  The card that is missing is Facevaulter.

by paks at Tue, 01/22/2008 - 15:25
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the main deck is missing one card. May be a [card]Marsh Flitter[/card]?

sorry for late responces by Salgy at Sun, 01/20/2008 - 15:33
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Well iceage4life i didn't run Auntie's Hoval due to budget i forgot to add that part and at the time i borrowed 3 profane's from Arnnaria.  Right now im running 2 Auntie's Hoval and 3 Profane's of my own :) thanx for the questions i appreciate it since this is my first article and im in process of writing another one.

Runeliger - it was 5 rounds during the PE. so 3-1-1 or better gets in automatic and sorry i forgot to add who i drew to, to be honest i didn't think it was important but due to your awesome feedback now i know it is and i will add that in my future posts also ill probably add in a more in depth play by play in each game thanx for feed back Runeliger :).

by iceage4life at Sat, 01/19/2008 - 01:15
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Was Auntie's Hovel not run for budget reasons or did you forget to add it?


Talking about the top eight would also be a good thing to add next time. 

by runeliger at Fri, 01/18/2008 - 23:44
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I'm confused... how many rounds was this event, and how did you finish?

by runeliger at Fri, 01/18/2008 - 23:45
runeliger's picture

er scratch that, I get it 3-0-2... If you could, please say who you drew with too :P   

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