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By: djdark01, Daniel Jay
Jan 19 2008 7:47am
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"The Humble, Meek, Merciful, Just, Pious and Devout Souls, are strong not because they share a common enemy but because they share a common soul"

a White Weenie poem, by TheTestament

Hello, my name is Daniel Jay, I live in Michigan and I go by djdark01 on MTGO.  I’ve played Magic: the Gathering intermittently since Ice Age and the very first card I can remember opening was Autumn Willow. From what I remember, instead of purchasing our typical stack of comics my friends and I decided to give some new card game a whirl.  Back then, I really didn’t know how to play but I still had a blast with the game and have had no regrets since. When I eventually took the time to actually try to understand the game rather than just look at the pretty pictures I discovered that the strategy, combos and possibilities we’re very fulfilling. Things went great for awhile, but other people in my play groups lost interest, gained it back and lost it again.  At that time, I decided to give MTGO a go and I've played Magic exclusively online since Scourge.  MTGO has been one of the best games I've played so far, although I do also play City of Heroes too in my non-existent spare time :).  If you’re reading this and would like to chat with me about anything please feel free to drop a line my way.  Magic works best as a community and really is one of the aspects of the game I enjoy most.

Have you made it this far?  Great! Let’s get onto the focus of why I’m typing this article up, White Weenie.

What would you consider to be the quintessential example of White Weenie?

I know what my version looks like, but what does yours?

White Weenie has always been a favorite deck archetype of mine.  I’m not as familiar with the history of all of the different tournament caliber decks that have made appearances before at various events though.  And with that being said, I don’t plan to write about it either since I know other more capable writers than I have already.  If you google White Weenie you should come across a few other interesting articles.

Deck Building

White Weenie decks should consist of well over twenty creatures. I try to typically shoot for around twenty-four to twenty-six; others may prefer twenty-eight. Spells to support your strategy will fill the remaining open slots, followed by a mana base of twenty to twenty-two lands.

Speaking of lands, let’s go over our choices there first.  Plains are a shoe in.  Other than the obvious, what non-basics are out there to appease our needs?

Windswept Heath
Flooded Strand
Flagstones of Trokair
Horizon Canopy
These four are some of my favorites.  Each of these lands are useful for Card Advantage depending on what your overall stratagy is.  Horizon Canopy and Windswept Heath can help when splashing for Tarmogoyf or other Green cards too.  Flagstone helps thin decks and also will help against any Land Destruction out there.  Heath is also a great deck thinning tool; Flooded Strand is good for that and for splashes of Blue too.

One card that deserves mention here is Strip mine, it is not online yet...  I hope that one day it is though, expect it to be Restricted if that day ever comes.  I think at one time it was used in conjunction with Armageddon and/or Tithe.  I like it just for its disruptive merits alone. Quicksand is a distant, not nearly as good, cousin.  Wasteland will be online soon in Tempest, expect to see a lot of interest in this card.  I know I'll be buying a playset when it comes out.

One other item to keep in mind is that lands that come into play tapped are not a good thing to have an excess amount of.  You'll see that in my deck I have three, but I hope to not play those as mana sources either.  I've included them for their secondary ability which can be activated without requiring the card to be in play.

You’ll want to have around eight to twelve spells that cost one mana to play. Depending on what type of format you’re in, these spots could be the trickiest to fill.  I've chosen Tithe as the example for this slot since it's another favorite of mine.  I don't own any since their about 30 tickets for a playset.  They would be great with land disruption / aggro approach though.


Two-drop White Weenie spots are the most critical to fill.  Luckily, we have a lot to choose from.  This is where your meat and potatoes should be, cards like Serra Avenger or Knight of Meadowgrain are the most ideal examples you may want to use.  There are removal cards like Temporal Isolation and Pacifism that can be considered, Temporal Isolation and most other spells are typically better than the later though.  Pacifism was very good in its original release back in the day and deserved mention here if you want to go for an oldie but goodie build.


A card like Oblivion Ring compliments this slot well. If you splash for Black, Vindicate or Mortify would too. Why? Because you'll most likely want to have as many creatures as you can out on the mat before turn three is a twinkle in your opponent’s eye. You want to win by turn four, or six at the latest. I would suggest only four to eight in this slot, depending on the format and card choices available.

Oblivion Ring

I’m going to be honest :). I don’t like playing with anything that cost more than three in my White Weenie decks. However, there are some exceptions that I can think of: Calciderm, Ajani Goldmane, Dawn Elemental, and Armageddon to name a few.  Try to not sell yourself short on resources: make sure you have the most optimal chance of playing your spells. You don’t want to have an opening hand with one plain, three O-rings, Swords and two Armageddon. I think most would mulligan that hand but if your only running twenty lands what are the chances of having a decent return? When I do play four drops, I only run two or three with twenty-two lands in tow.












































Anything more than four mana is iffy.  If you can make it work more power to you.  There are cards like Exalted Angel that fall into this catagory, but have other means to get into play faster -- Morph and Astral Slide.

Exalted Angel
Astral Slide


White Weenie Staples


Cheap casting cost, expensive to buy though.  Is it the greatest single creature removal spell ever?  I think so.  I went ahead and bought four of the W/U Coldsnap theme decks for my playset.  I would have preferred just buying them as singles but it doesn't really make a lot of sense to do so now.  You do of course get a few other neat cards if you go that route like 12x Brainstorm and 4x Disenchant, plus other goodies.  I think there is a chance we may see a reprint down the road in perhaps MED3 or if it happens MED4.  I'd like to see the original artwork eventually so I’m rooting for a reprint.  If you buy them now, they should still hold some value since I don't think a lot of people are cracking full theme decks plus the community will continue to grow. Then again, profit from selling the Kjeldoran Cunning precon online might be WotC Friday’s pizza jar funds. If you don't want to use this in your deck there are alternatives: Condemn, Gelid Shackles and Sunlance


I have this here mostly for nostalgia.  I have fond memories of playing this, and it’s not that shabby now either.  +1/+1 to all white creatures could hurt in mirror games though.  I have a feeling this and/or Bad Moon will be in 11th Edition for some reason too. Here are some alternatives, which for the most part are also cheap: Divine Sacrament, Glorious Anthem and Wizened Cenn.

Isamaru, Hound of Konda
 I was on hiatus when WotC let the dogs out, must have been dancing to the Baha men at the time!  Seriously though, I was very pleased to see this and it was one of the first cards I purchased from the newer sets.  I only see this card going up in price and never going down. Goldmeadow Stalwart is a kinda close second.
Savannah Lions
 I gave Savannah her own slot here since she deserves it. If Wizards gave their creature’s life-time achievement awards she would have one sitting in her tummy from play time.  I consider Spectral Lynx to be her long passed supped up brother or sister fighting the good fight against Goyf.
 Great equipment spell.  If you can’t afford it, well...  You can make do without it, but I would suggest in purchasing a few before Extended Rotation for future decks if you plan on playing in that format.  It’s fun to have either way and is less than 8 tickets each I think.  I’m no expert on this stuff though, learning myself right now too.  I could see it as rising further in status since it’s going to stay after IPA, OTJ, OLS and 7th leave.  Jitte typically wins games once it hits the board too.  I've never played with it myself, but I think Skullclamp could work in this spot also.
White Knight
I don't have White Knight in the deck I've laid out below.  I wish that I could, but there really are that many more Knights out there more versatile than he is.  He started a trend though for future generation of Knights and others like them that deserves mentioning -- Order of Leitbur followed suit in Fallen Empires after a few years, which is now available in MED1.  I took a quick glance at my Deck Editor and come up with close to thirty other cards similar to White Knight.  Here are a few of those similar cards I like in addition to what I will have in my deck: Soltari Priest, Hand of Honor and Silver Knight.
































































My Deck


Creatures - 26

4xSavannah Lions
4xIcatian Javelineer
4xSamurai of the Pale Curtain
4xTrue Believer
4xKnight of Meadowgrain
3xSerra Avenger
3xIsamaru, Hound of Konda

Lands - 21

4xWindswept Heath
4xFlagstones of Trokair          
3xSecluded Steppe

Other spells - 13

4xSwords to Plowshares
3xUmezawa's Jitte

Sideboard - 15

4xMana Tithe
4xPithing Needle
4xJötun Grunt
3xRule of Law



  • Samurai of the Pale Curtain and True Believer are here to help offset or eliminate control.  They may not last long in play, but for the few turns they're out there they should be able to throw a few wrenches around.
  • Why Icatian Javelineers?  I asked myself the same question a few times.  To be honest, I wanted to main deck Mana Tithe which I may still do from time to time to bypass control as much as possible.  I decided that there are quite a few pain in the rear bum 1/1 crits out there waiting for a javelin to pay them a visit in the chest.  A little bit of the nostalgia factor here too.  I did leave Mana Tithe in my Sideboard though, just the thought of it can act sometimes as a Timewalk if played correctly and will continue to resonate afterwards as long as you have some cards in your hand and a land open, your opponent will very likely be hesitant going forward.  Very interesting discussion material here…
  • The sideboard isn't anything to rave about.  I mostly used cards I had available in my collection and tried to round it out.
  •  I'm only using three copies each of Serra Avenger and Isamaru, Hound of Konda based on their drawbacks.

    Overall, I have a lot of fun with this deck.  It works well and I don't have a lot of complaints.  What I'm interested in seeing is what other people think their quintessential White Weenie deck would look like.  Would you splash Green for Gaddock Teeg?  Would you be more concerned with making your deck the absolute best it could be or solely based on something you played years ago?  If you’re a new player or someone that wants to learn a little bit about what makes a tournament deck work, White Weenie is a very good place to start.  In Standard, Kithkin are Tier 1.5 -- what if you’re able to make them into a force that Doran will have to reckon with?  And if you can do that, please let me know!  I'm sorry if I left out anyone's favorite card from the mix, there really is too many to sit down and write about.  If I had the time and patience I would have broken this into three segments for everyone.  Hopefully, if you were not already acquainted with White Weenie this article gave you a nice primer to work with.

    Before I ride off into the sunset, I wanted to reveal my honorable mentions; Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero.  I never had the pleasure of playing with this card myself, but I can tell by its history and abilities it's one to look forward to on MTGO.  Card advantage at its best!  I also think it's one of the best card names WotC has ever come up with...   Cursed Scroll is another one of my favorites too.



    Thanks for reading!




    by djdark01 at Sun, 01/20/2008 - 12:26
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    I've been trying to fix the formatting.  I don't want to go into details but it's been very frustrating.  Should hopefully be fixed soon. 

     Thanks for the comments, I like that people actually read the article!!

     Anonymous: I see what your saying, and I agree with it too.  The deck lst I have is more so for casual since it factors in not only tourny worthy cards but also other fun stuff like flagstones.

     largegrandon: That sounds neat, I'll have to try that out!

    Formating by iceage4life at Sun, 01/20/2008 - 14:26
    iceage4life's picture

    Best advice I have for the formating is to do your whole article in a one cell table.  I do 800 pixels across so that people can read it on small monitors (suckers).  This solves many issues for me and makes the editor much more what you see is what you get.

    by Anonymous (Unregistered) (not verified) at Sat, 01/19/2008 - 18:57
    Anonymous (Unregistered)'s picture

    I don't like steppe at all. And More fetch lands would do the same thing as flagstones, albeit at 1 life, but they wouldnt come into play tapped.

    Not bad! by largebrandon at Sat, 01/19/2008 - 12:26
    largebrandon's picture

    This isn't a bad article at all - the formating is a wee off, though. 

     I've attempted a classic WW deck in the past.  Mine was a highly disruption deck. . .well, as far as white goes.  It played Chrome Mox for a first turn Suppression field.  It also played Isamaru, Sav Lions, Believers, Samurais, Hokori, and my favourite white card, The White Shoal.  It was fun!

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