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By: Salgy, Michael Salgado
Jan 25 2008 3:55pm
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(Editor's Note:  With the ongoing Morningtide previews going on here, I was a little too pressed for time to bring my own Community Profile to this weekend's update.  What follows is an interview that Salgy conducted with this past year's United Kingdom Nationals runner up and multiple Pro Tour player, Stuart Wright.  Enjoy the chat, and join me next week for the regularly scheduled Community Profile.)

Sti is a force to be reckoned with in the Lorwyn Block Constructed format.  He dominates the format with his impressive deck and great play style.  He really does remind me of Iceman (No, not the comic book hero.) but the pilot from the movie Top Gun.  He plays like he is dead in space, and than suddenly turns it on, and takes the game over with his quick plays.  To know more of Sti, and his play style, we have to know the player himself. 


Player Dossier

Name:  Stuart Wright

Age:  24

Location:  Surrey, England

Occupation:  Professional Magic Player. 

Clan:  Small Talk Big Play

Previous Accomplishments:  Top Eight European Championship (2003)  Three Pro Tour top sixteen finishes.  Runner Up Great Britian Nationals (2007) and top eight England Nationals. 

Favorite Magic Format:  Any block format, perfers to have more than one set.

Favorite Magic Set:  Invasion 

Favorite Magic Card:  Started off as Dream Fighter, than Recoil now Gifts Ungiven

MTGO Composite Rating:  1845

MTGO Constructed Rating:  1848

MTGO Limited Rating:  1843

Dream Fighter

It seems like everytime I log on to MTGO I see Sti in the top middle of the top eight of something.  Of course, he has really accomplished a lot in the newest single set block format.  He is playing Blue Black Control in the events online now, and has had some otherworldly results.  Let's take a look at his decklist now! 

4x Mulldrifter
3x Shriekmaw
3x Wydwen, the Biting Gale

4x Broken Ambitions
4x Ponder
3x Nameless Inversion
3x Cryptic Command
4x Thoughtseize
3x Makeshift Mannequin

3x Jace Beleren
2x Liliana Vess

12x Island
8x Swamp 
4x Secluded Glen

3x Final Revels 
2x Liliana Vess 
4x Peppersmoke
1x Shriekmaw
2x Sower of Temptation
3x Mournwhelk
Wydwen, the Biting Gale

Now it is time we get to the good part.  The interview! 

MilkShake75 (Milkshake75 is Salgy's MTGO ID)  : Why did you chose the Blue Black control deck in Lorwyn?

Sti: It just has the most powerful cards in the pool. The card pool is pretty small so it isn't really possible to build something to beat Blue Black, so I just build a UB deck tuned for the mirror.  I tend to swap the Mournwhelks and Liliana Vess between SB and main depending if I expect people to play Oblivion Ring.  Any aggressive deck such as  Goblins, Kithkin or Faeries all have lots of x/1 creatures.  That's when Peppersmoke comes in.

The sideboard has a few too many cards for each matchup but options in block are a bit limited. 

MilkShake75: What are some of your hardest match ups in block?

Sti: It mostly depends on how good the other player is. The mirror is pretty easy if they are
clueless but much harder if they know what to do. Blue Black Faeries when built right can be pretty tough too.

MilkShake75: Who is your toughest opponent in block?

Sti: I have played vs rinazina quite a few times who was playing Blue Black Faeries.  Normally it is pretty simple but his play and his deck list made the match up a lot tougher on me.

MilkShake75: how long you been playing MTGO?

Sti: Quite a while!  I started when OD had just come out but I didn't play that much to start with.

MilkShake75: You didnt play much?  Was it because of the set?
Sti: Not really.  I play a lot now but back then I  might have done a draft a week at most.  I would rather play constructed and starting out that is a lot harder to do

MilkShake75: judging by your ratings i think you have a strong knowledge on deck building and drafting.  Any advice? 

Sti: It is mostly just practice and playing in lots of high level events.

MilkShake75: Most people advise others to play in a lot of leagues to boost your building skills, what do you say about such advice?

Sti: I don't think i've ever played in a league. I just  find myself drafting a lot with better players and maybe asking them what they think about the format certainly helps.

MilkShake75:  Do you play paper magic still or devote your full time to MTGO?

Sti: I mostly use modo to practice for real life events.

MilkShake75: How is the clan Small Talk Big Play?

Sti: It's good.  The clan is pretty active and there are plenty of good players to discuss things with.

MilkShake75: What other formats do you participate in on MTGO?

Sti: I play most of them I have played in everything other than classic and momir at some point I think.

MilkShake75: What is your favorite standard deck?

Sti: I'm playing Green Black control currently but I am interested in some sort of new deck with retrilvark when Morningtide comes on here

MilkShake75: How will your deck evolve when Morningtide comes out?

Sti: Not sure yet.  It often depends what decks other people like to play. 

MilkShake75: Anything else you would like to add in this to the interview?

Sti: Nothing springs to mind.

Now that we got a chance meet and to get to know Sti I look foward to getting paired up with him in the next PE so I can test my skill versus a master of block.  Keep your eyes open for the next Pro Tour and see where Sti places.  Again I would like to thank Stuart for taking the time to sit and chat with me I appreciate it. 


by iceage4life at Fri, 01/25/2008 - 20:06
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Liked this profile, linking paper players and their online accounts is cool.

Also that decklist makes me want to play some Lorwyn Block :)