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By: Paul Leicht, Paul Emerson Leicht
Sep 27 2019 12:00pm

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Episode 545

Hosts: Paul and AJ

Episode Length: 58m 42s


  • MTGA officially has launched, on September 26th, leaving beta and adding Eldraine. 
  • State of Arena - Maybe earn complete Standard sets. Also renewal might get you some new cards/bonuses. Friends with chat option coming as well as being able to play on your Macs and other MacOS devices. 
  • Nobility granted to some but not all royalty and aristocracy
  • Stuff

Random Gatherer Card o’ the Week: 

Holy Strength


Whatcha been playin’:

AJ: Newsflash: Nephilim still bad.


Paul: Trying to get over my sinus cold. Had to remove all my decks from “Standard” as they are no longer legal on mtgo.

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