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By: hamtastic, Erik Friborg
Feb 01 2008 12:59am
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 Table of contents:

MTGO Discussion Items
Editorial Section
Server Log In Availability
MTGO Price Movers and Shakers
Public Hide List
Outstanding Issues
Bug Complaints


MTGO Announcements:
Rules at a glance:
Replay Functionality Replay Functionality Change Certain replays are back up and running.
No spamming in certain channels Buying/Selling adverts in Casual/Auction Don't spam in the auction room or casual room
No Multiplayer in V3 V3 Announcements V3 is slated to go live without Multiplayer support
No Leagues in V3 V3 Announcements V3 is slated to go live without Leagues at all.
No Weekend Replays Replays off on the weekends No replays on the weekends.
Disabled Replays:
01-25-08 through 02-01-08:
An update on this item.  Replays have been turned off over the weekends to help reduce server stress at that time.  The blackout begins Friday night each weekend.

11-02-07 through 01-18-08:

In a further effort to reduce system stress, replays have been removed from the client's default features.  Discussion about the change is below.
They've been turned on with a lot more regularity this week, which is nice.  However the default is still 'off' after reboots or crashes.

Play and Replay were in a boat...

Single Client Restrictions Status:

12-28-07 through 02-01-08:
Our current status is: SCR Lifted.  
Forever it seems.  Look for this section to go away soon if that's the case.

11-02-07 through 12-21-07:
Our current status is: SCR Active.

Our current status is: SCR Lifted.

Our current status is: SCR Active.

The single client restriction is per user, not per machine.  Meaning that only one login per person is allowed.  Bots and people breaking this rule have had their accounts banned for 24 hours recently.  Again, leaving this here for reminder slash warning.

How to handle those breaking the rules


MTGO Discussion Items: 

Wizards Affiliated Posters?:
01-25-08 through 02-01-08:

The big item this week was concern about Wizard's Affiliated posters and their effect on the discussion on the boards.  Some are of the opinion that they exist and are trying to shape and guide the community.  Some think they exist but make no difference, and others think the previous two are paranoid.  Whichever way you look at it, there have certainly been a lot of entertaining posts in the thread. 

Wizards Affiliated Posters?

Elder Dragon Highlander, Open to all!:
through 02-01-08:

EDH (Elder Dragon Higlander) is now open to the masses.  Be sure to include a commander if you're going to join a game otherwise it's going to be boring!

EDH For Some, Miniature flags for all!

V3 Deck Editor... OMG Fixed?:
01-18-08 through 02-01-08:

Those who frequent the WotC boards know that I have a couple of passions.  Bugs, and the lunacy of the current deck editor.  A quick synopsis of my issue with the deck editor: in our current version of MTGO, if you have older versions of Standard cards they don't show up when you filter by 'Standard' in the deck editor.  Say, for instance that you have 4x 9th Edition Wrath of God's, they are completely legal in Standard but don't show up when you tell the deck editor to show you 'Standard Cards'.   Good news!  This is now fixed in V3's Deck Editor.  There are still a few things needing to be squashed with this fix, but now, all older cards show up as legal if they have one version legal in the filtered setting.  For example, the Mirage Charcoal Diamond shows as Extended legal since it was printed in 7th Edition.  Kudos, MTGO team!

Multiplayer not Supported in V3a:
01-11-08 through 
The announcement of V3 launching without Multiplayer support and without leagues has created a bit of a stir amongst the Multiplayer community.  Please note that V3 has multiplayer functionality already, but it's not completed and it doesn't have any other option besides the very inefficient mana wheel design.

No V3 Without Multiplayer!

Green Playmat Tweak for V3:
01-04-08 through 
The Green felt playmat is strangely missing from V3, so some industrious users have figured out how to replace it.  Detailed instructions are here.

V3 Progress:

02-01-08:And we're back in business!  The counter started back up at 18 on Tuesday and has been ticking away.  We also just received the most recent blog post here that details what we can expect during this time frame.  This is a very important read for anyone interested in V3.

Still paused.  Yep.


Still paused as of 01-16-08.  A new version of the client (version .175) was released.  Some major file reduction has brought it down from over a gig to under 700 megs.  Good stuff.

The countdown timer was paused for a couple of days this week while they are working on a Database issue that appears to have cropped up.  jamuraa has created a thread for tracking of the status and the announcements regarding this countdown timer, located here.

Version  3.0.751.0 was released this week.  At the time of this writing the system was still in maintenance so I was unable to see what, if anything, changed on the client side for this update.  The countdown timer is at 23.  Twenty.  Three. Days.  Eep!

Even BIGGER news this week!  According to a recent blog entry, V3 is scheduled to be released Monday, January 28th.  You can watch the countdown here, and talk about the announcement here.  I'm working on an article that will explain in detail how to make V3 do the things that you're used to doing in V2.5.  Things like getting to the marketplace, joining events, and client configurations.

BIG news in the past few weeks!!! The new duel screen has been unveiled to the masses and the feedback regarding it has bee quite good.  There are still issues with the textures and dock, but the use of space of the scene itself is much much better.  Jamuraa's site linked below has the evidence.

Version 167 was released this week.  And it appears that we got some new art from Fifth Dawn this time.

Version 164 was released this week with more fixes to the PE's.  It still seem that a lot of people are dropping from the events.  No one's really sure what can be done to stop this behavior.

MTGO V3 Beta version .158 was released this week, and for the first time in a long time we are allowed to log in and play.  jamuraa updated his amazing comparison site already for quick compare and contrast availability.

Jamuraa's Site

Release Notes


Editorial Section:

Building a Collection out of Nothing!: aka BaCooN!
I received really good feedback from this series last week, so I'm definitely going to keep on this path for a while.  I have some ideas for tracking the collection that's built over time to give it more of an on going feeling, but I'm still working on the best way to display the ongoing purchases and the card pool that we've built.  Look for more information next week!
To once again summarize what the goals of this series are:
  • Build up a casual staple collection
  • Spend less than $15.00 per week
  • Carry over collection week to week, and reuse cards when possible. 

This month's card: Solemn Simulacrum

Last week's Deck:

4x Highway Robber
4x Gravedigger
4x Faceless Butcher
4x Dimir House Guard
4x Blind Hunter
2x Keening Banshee
2x Nekrataal
1x Solemn Simulacrum
1x Hell's Caretaker


4x Faith's Fetters
2x Skull Catapult
2x Orzhov Signet
3x Barter in Blood


16x Swamp
2x Diamond Valley
4x Orzhov Basilica
1x Plains

You can't have a Deck Building section without game logs, that's MTG writing 101 stuff.  Therefore and yay verily, here are my triumphs and tribulations from last week's version:

Game 1: Mono Blue Mill

I liked his deck, as it was a unique (to me) way of milling.  Essentially his 'combo' was Arcane Laboratory + Forced Fruition.  In other words, you draw a grip of cards but can only play one a turn.  Brutal.  Mix in Arcane Denial's and it's pretty much painful for a lot of decks.  I was unable to get my non-casting recurring win condition through the counters and lost to decking from the Forced Fruition.  Quite the combo, especially if one is unaware of its goal.

Game 2: Mono Blue Merfolk Aggro

He swarms me with Lord of Atlantis buffed merfolk before I can stabilize with any type of defense.  This isn't the first time that I've had this experience with merfolk decks lately.  I'm hoping we get a new Engineered Plague type card in one of the next sets.  I really think that these guys have some teeth in the casual room. I wish there was more to say.  I know that I misplayed some of my removal, but really, this one had me in trouble from the get-go.  I know my deck is weak against weenie rushes.  It's just one of the pieces that I have to accept if I'm going to keep the theme of "4cc Comes into Play creatures" going.

Games 3 and 4: Mono Black Aggro Graveyard

This deck was actually very similar to mine, in that it was built on recurring cards out of the graveyard via Strands of Night instead of Hell's Caretaker.  Unfortunately for him he wasn't running much 'non-black' creature removal.  Even cards like Spinning Darkness are dead draws when he gets them.  We did a rematch and I was able to take both games.  The amount of removal I'm packing that can hit opposing black creatures gave me a lot of an edge in this matchup.  I start comboing out with my Hell's Caretaker + Gravedigger + Highway Robber combo, fueled by Solemn McRobot.  I generally don't count the same deck back to back but this deck seemed to be a really fun matchup.

Game 5: B/G Poison/Phage

This was the first time I've ever had to play against Phage... and like Stacy from Wayne's World, she's one scary chica.  I'll break the deck down one time real fast: Sabertooth Cobra/Phage the Untouchable + Whispersilk Cloak to win despite the actual damage done.  Well, the game goes on with me Fettering his permenants, Barter in Blooding a bit (I'm quite the informed consumer it seems, as I spent way less blood than he did).  And I think all is well until turn seven when Phage is put on the stack, fortunately for me, he's one mana shy to equip the cloak that turn.  I look at my hand of: Nekrataal, Highway Robber, Swamp and six mana and a Diamond Valley in play as the spell resolves.  I start calculating my 'outs'.  I have 2x Fetters left in the deck, 3x Faceless Butcher's and 2x Barter in Blood's. and about 47 cards in the deck.  Figuring that those are my only outs I start typing the 'gg, I finally lost to a phage :)' as I F4 through the rest of his turn.  Instead of topdecking any of those I topdeck Dimir House Guard.  Heh, that'll do... I forgot about him.  I transmute him into a Butcher and target Phage.  He concedes when he realizes that I'll sac the Butcher after I steal the Phage and kill him.  Eat your Heart of the Cards out.

That was quite the seesaw ride with the deck.  It started off pretty pathetic actually, but then it hit its stride and started performing quite a bit more like I anticipated.  To add money to the deck, I'd suggest Damnations instead of the Barter's, and better lands.  Probably the duals instead of the pains since the early turns aren't nearly as important as keeping from taking repeated damage from the many hard color activations.  Lastly, the Blind Hunter's weren't as helpfull as I would have hoped.  I'd replace them with better cards like more Solemns, or perhaps a few
Korlash, Heir to Blackblade's if you've got those.

So now to move on to this weeks version of BaCooN!  Knowing that I only have two copies in the deck I wanted to increase my drawing of the robot but not utilize the exact same tutor base as last week, mostly because at this juncture I really want to get a different feeling deck.  The Week 1 deck is fun and I may come back to it later.  Looking at possible upgrade paths from last week I see that Solemn is now a Golem thanks to the Lorwyn Creature type update.  I wanted a different deck from last week's combo/control deck so I start looking at other Golems to see what type of shenanigans I can pull with him, and see that Brass Herald is also a Golem... the mind whirls.  

Adding one Solemn and four Brass Heralds I have my basis for Golem.dek.  What else do I want to do with this creature type?  I have the following cycles to choose from:

Mirrodin's Activation Golems (Cobalt Golem, Hematite Golem, Pewter Golem, Titanium Golem, and Malachite Golem) and

Darksteel's Affinity Golems (Spire Golem, Oxidda Golem,
Dross Golem, Razor Golem and Tangle Golem)

As this is a budget article I want to keep the mana stretching to a minimum if possible.  It's usually easier to keep mono, or mostly mono versions of decks under budget since you can focus the costs of the cards on the cards instead of mana fixing.  I'll concede that there are a lot of good mana fixing artifacts, and I'll use them as needed (like last week).  However, there really is no replacement for real pains/duals in a deck.  Looking at the two cards I have mind right now, I want to be accelerating into, well... something.  So looking at the colors and the goal, I decide that Green holds some good cards that I'm interested in.   Based on going Green Golem with the deck I now have the following:

2x Solemn Simulacrum
4x Brass Herald
4x Tangle Golem
4x Malachite Golem

As I need to accelerate to these higher mana cards I look to one of the best cards from the Kamigawa Block: Sakura-Tribe Elder.  He goes into the staple list straight away.  Green decks love this guy for lots of reasons.  Also an 'on flavor' accelerator is Guardian Idol.  He's a niche card of sorts as he's quite good in the right decks, like, oh... decks that give Golems +1/+1, for instance.  

+4 Sakura-Tribe Elder
+4 Guardian Idol (But Mind Stone's would work well here too).

Now that I have a base I need to start filling holes in strategies.  What will I have problems with?  Creature stalls, most likely.  The only evasion I have thus far is trample on the Malachite Golem.  Not very awesome.  Flipping through the Golems I see Cobalt Golem's flying, and some first strike on the white golems... but then I spot it: Mirror Golem.  He can get protection from a good chunk of my opponents deck most likely, if I play it right anyway.  If I see creatures get a creature for him, if fear removal I protect him from instants.  Lucky thing I have all this acceleration though, as these creatures are getting expensive, mana wise.  

+4 Mirror Golem

It's here that I decide that with the acceleration I have access to, twenty two lands will be enough to start my testing.  This leaves me with three more four of spots in the deck, or twelve individual spots if I should choose to split them up.  I like the idea of accelerating my mana, and there just so happens to be a pet card of mine that I like to use in mono green decks: Vernal Bloom.  The clincher?  Every card in the deck (except Tangle Golem) has an even casting cost, which means that with one out, I don't have to worry about mana burning pretty much ever.  It's crucial to look for these things when you pick cards like this.  Often times a card that's good in theory will just not mesh with the rest of the deck.  However, with this I can power out a couple of my golem's per turn after it resolves.  I like the idea of that, so I add four of them.  I want some card drawing, and Green just so happens to have gotten a ridiculous draw spell in Harmonize (another staple, for those playing along at home).  I add two of them since they're a bit pricey, and look towards fleshing out the golems and add in two Beast of Burden to bring the creature count up to an even twenty Golems, just in case I ever want to bring this into a Tribal game, I can now.  This leaves me with four more spots in the deck and me with a giant hole: no creature removal.  I now have to make a choice: splash for removal and weaken/remove the Vernal Blooms, or not run removal?  Being ever the trend setter, I choose neither and add four Utopia Vow's.  Oh yeah, you heard me.  Utopia, freakin', Vow.  
Tune in next week to see which game earned the quote: "now im dead,  vow killed me"

BaCooN - Week Two:

2x Solemn Simulacrum
4x Brass Herald
4x Tangle Golem
4x Malachite Golem

4x Mirror Golem
4x Sakura-Tribe Elder
2x Beast of Burden
2x Harmonize
4x Guardian Idol
4x Vernal Bloom
4x Utopia Vow
Amount out of pocket this week (after carrying over the Solemn from Week 1): $11.91

Server Log In Availability:

Pretty much self explanatory by now.  High lines are good, low lines are bad.  I lost a day's worth of data last week when my DSL router imploded.  Rather than 'fuzz' the numbers from a thread I left it blank to keep the data as cut and dry as possible.

Card Price Fluctuations:
Standard Sets:
Pretty much nothing to report here.  So instead of showing another week of basically no movement I've put together a few more charts below.  Just picture four straight lines, and you'll have what the last few weeks of Standard set prices.

First up we have the Ham Jones Card Average chart which shows very meager gains from last week.  The average per card in the system gained less than a point to close the week at $3,959.46. I imagine that the stagnation is due largely from the impending V3 release, and buyers/sellers not wanting to invest or sell off much before we know what happens.
Next up, the price per card.  All cards divided by total price (excluding boosters/tourney packs/etc).  The average has gone up, which is definitely nice to see.  
So lets take a gander at what makes up that overall average:
 So, as would be expected from the weekly watching of card prices.  The good rares keep increasing and everything else keeps dropping, which is what we've noticed over the past few months in this column.

Also this week, I thought it would be keen to look back a year and see what the value of the rares per set were then, compared to now:

Not surprisingly, the values of most sets have dropped.  Looking at them 1:1 makes it seem as if the value overall has fallen, and in a way it has. 
And if you look at the biggest droppers from then until now, you'll see the following three: Invasion, Planeshift, and Apocolypse.  Again, nothing shocking or perception shattering, but I like to have it displayed in an easy to view format to show just what has happened.  What this 1:1 view fails to take into account however are the sets that were added to the system between those points in time.  Sets like: 10th Edition, Elves vs Goblins, Future Sight,  Lorwyn, Master's Edition, Planar Chaos, and Weatherlight.  Taking the sum of both then and now of all sets shows that the total value of all the averages hasn't decrease much, but the total of the average value of those sets has indeed fallen.  That jumble of a sentence means that yes each set has dropped value from then until now, but the value has been spread into the recently released sets.

A big change this week in my Force of Will charting.  I've noticed that the prices from MTGOTraders aren't as dynamic as some of the demand driven bots (which makes sense I guess, since 'Traders is done by hand whereas other bots are done as demand and supply change.  As such I've started using http://supernovabots.com as the price guide for this project.  It seems that they're a bit ahead of the curve when it comes to the volatile market surrounding Force of Will.  Since I'm switching price location of Force, I figured I should do the same for Pernicious Deed as well, so the following price chart shows the prices of both cards right now from supernova.  Also to be considered is that the price from MTGOTraders is before the paypal discount.  If you pay via paypal you get 12% off the purchase, which is sometimes easier than trying to get tickets at a discount and then track down the lowest price... but I digress!  Here's the chart!:

 And no SotP would be complete without a movers and shakers chart or two:
Card name: Amount Changed Percentage Changed Final Price
Tarmogoyf $1.00 3.03% $34.00
Patron Wizard $0.75 11.11% $7.50
Life from the Loam $0.50 33.33% $2.00
Intruder Alarm $0.50 25.00% $2.50
Chalice of the Void $0.50 25.00% $2.50
Insidious Dreams $0.50 14.29% $4.00
Extirpate $0.50 10.00% $5.50
Pact of Negation $0.50 9.09% $6.00
Wooded Foothills $0.50 5.56% $9.50
Clone $0.30 42.86% $1.00
Arc-Slogger $0.30 75.00% $0.70
Decimate $0.25 14.29% $2.00
Traumatize $0.25 12.50% $2.25
Mycosynth Lattice $0.25 7.14% $3.75
Chrome Mox $0.25 1.59% $16.00
Card name: Amount Changed Percentage Changed Final Price
Phyrexian Scuta -$0.25 -14.29% $1.50
Samite Elder -$0.25 -14.29% $1.50
Allied Strategies -$0.25 -16.67% $1.25
Fatal Frenzy -$0.20 -13.33% $1.30
Underworld Dreams -$0.15 -11.54% $1.15
Shauku, Endbringer -$0.15 -11.54% $1.15
Funeral Charm -$0.15 -18.75% $0.65
Incinerate -$0.15 -23.08% $0.50
Goblin Trenches -$0.15 -13.04% $1.00
Devouring Strossus -$0.15 -13.04% $1.00
Windborn Muse -$0.15 -13.04% $1.00
Spinerock Knoll -$0.15 -13.04% $1.00
Arcanis the Omnipotent -$0.15 -13.04% $1.00
Grand Coliseum -$0.15 -13.04% $1.00
True Believer -$0.10 -12.50% $0.70
Outstanding Issues:


PayPal payments not going through for some users:
10-12-07 through 02-01-08:
Overseas Paypal issues have been experiencing many issues trying to order product from the Magic Online store via PayPal.  There has not been any known updates for quite some time.  Update:  Worth has mentioned that it's not an issues from WotC's side, meaning that it's PayPal that's causing the problem.  Since WotC has no control over what PayPal does they're stuck until PayPal gets it fixed.

PayPal issues


Bug complaints:
Graveyard Choice Cards Crashing the game:
Play any card that targets cards in a graveyard from the game. Note that it must be optional to target them, like with Shred Memory or Decompose. Then don't choose any targets, and just hit OK. Until you concede all you can do for the rest of the game is hit the OK button with the card on the stack.  (Quoted from authenticsimpsonian).  According to a developer, this should be fixed when V3 goes live.  Newest thread located here.

Chains of Mephistopheles + Anvil of Bogardan/Forced Card Draw:
01-25-08 through 02-01-08:

Chains is causing entire hands to be emptied due to its own effect when forced to draw from another source.  This bug impacted the last Classic tourney and is probably going to happen again if it isn't fixed soon.  (Editor's Note:  Chains has been banned on the server while the programmers work on a fix.)

Eyes of the Wisent tokens:
12-28-07 to  02-01-08:

The tokens from this card say that they have 'Flying', but they actually do not have flying.  This is only a textual bug, but has already caused lost games through the confusion.

Collective Restraint Ghostly Prison  Crashing games:
12-21-07 through 02-01-08 :

Game crashing bugs with Collective Restraint and Ghostly Prison.  Score!

Shielding Plax + Targeting:
11-30-07 through 02-01-08 :

Shielding Plax is not granting untargetability correctly.

Colfenor's Plans + extra draw:
11-30-07 through 02-01-08 :

Colfenor's Plans is not handling extra draw actions properly.  Link

Lignify + Layers:
11-23-07 through 02-01-08:

Lignify + Spirit Loop does not appear to follow the correct rules for timestamps and loss of abilities. More information can be found here. 

Sutured Ghoul + Tarmogoyf
10-19-07: through 02-01-08 :

Sutured Ghoul + Tarmogoyf doesn't pump the Ghoul correctly. And before anyone starts to yell about the Ghoul not caring about the Goyf's dynamic power, look up the Future Sight rules update information.  Or better yet, you can read about this question here and here.

This interaction is still broken.  And based on the latest Pro Tour results, this will be a popular deck in Extended and likely Classic.  This is not the first time that an MTG rules update has lagged far behind on MTGO and thereby invalidated a deck type.  Phyrexian Dreadnought, Flash and suspend cards like Lotus Bloom have had similar issues in the past year. 


The V3 surge appears to be starting.  More and more threads about V3 concerns, problems, hopes, fears, expectations and plans are popping up each day.  V3 is stil the biggest issue on the (very near) horizon, and rightfully so.  I can think of no event in recent history that has the potential for so much help or hinderance of our beloved game as this release of this software. 




Prices and updates by rayjinn at Sat, 02/02/2008 - 13:01
rayjinn's picture

Great article and it allows us to take a peek behind the curtains.

I totally agree here with hamtastic. No matter what currency used it's always going to be supply and demand. If you have enough market information to go around you can make a buck or two but the amount of work it takes isn't worth it.


If i want something and can get it within 5 minutes, then this is worth more to me than spending 60 minutes looking for cards to save me $2.

Apart from that, heath has never ask for donations, obligated fees or none of that and i love the thought that with my purchase i help to improve the quality of the website and the articles, if only for a minimal effect.


Keep up the good work guys 


by urzishra (Unregistered) (not verified) at Fri, 02/01/2008 - 14:47
urzishra (Unregistered)'s picture

I would just like to throw out there that the prices on mtgotraders are very excellent. In fact, the price to availability to convience is worth a lot more to me then say a few tix here and there.. and with all the discounts already i don't really notice the difference and the convience means more..

 all that being said.. FOW kind of leveled off the last few weeks.. its been between 45-50 now.. it'll be interesting to see its price after V3 launches

by hamtastic at Fri, 02/01/2008 - 11:49
hamtastic's picture

Yes, some trimming down will be coming.  I'm not sure what/how/etc yet but I expect that this article is too big as it is.  Looking at how much I write for each one and how much text is needed to go over each one it's probably well past time to figure out a better way to manage the information...

Time to ponder, I guess.

mtgotraders's picture

Sometimes we have to artificially keep some of our prices high which is the case with Deed/FOW.  We know that they will go back up and if we drop them we lose money so we have to wait out the period while they are cheaper on the boards and some bots.  Once they go back up we have a good stock of them and we don't get nailed by hoarders.  I know this isn't the idea situation for buyers but hopefully it explains how it works from my end and the lack of supply is the main reason why we can't move our prices as much as we would like on some cards.  So I don't blame you for using another price source but to be even more accurate maybe you should use the message boards as they are usually the most fluid with prices.  As for 99% of my other cards we do move them with the flow of supply/demand and we do not keep any cards artificially high other than deed/fow/chant that I can think of atm.  Our prices are based upon sales from over 20 bots, my website and 2 other websites so the data that we have available to determine prices is much greater than any other dealer not in my circle could provide.  I hope my little rant makes sense and let me know if you have more questions about pricing.  I have nothing to hide and i'll tell you my profit margin on cards or anything else you want to know.

by iceage4life at Fri, 02/01/2008 - 11:10
iceage4life's picture

Well BaCooN looks good again this week.  If last week's deck has a weenie problem could replace the Barters with Innocent Blood.

Like the price quides though I must say that section is getting a little unweildy in terms of size/number of charts.  Think triming it a bit might be a good thing. 

by hamtastic at Fri, 02/01/2008 - 11:46
hamtastic's picture

I hope I didn't upset you Heath with grabbing a card price from another bot chain.  I've actually noticed that both dealers and the message board lag behind a few of the 'auto-update' bots in prices.  It's not meant to be a knock against you (or any other dealer), just that for this exact purpose a bot that auto updates it's prices is giong to provide the best data for the tracking.

For pretty much all cards I think that most bots/dealers have the same, or very competitive prices.  It's a rare occasion where one place has a large margin of difference.  As I stated in the article, the price of yours with the paypal discount is about the same as what nova is charging in tix, so they come out about the same after all that.  However, as I hadn't started the series following the paypal priced version but the tix version so I either had to redo everything (and I don't like modifiying already reported numbers) or use the version that was admittedly higher than it should be.  And your reasons for justification make perfect sense.  Again, I'm not knocking you or any other dealer, but I'm trying to make the article as accurate as possible for the readers.