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By: Salgy, Michael Salgado
Feb 07 2008 1:01am
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Lorwyn Block; Jan 31, 2008.  This sets the stage for the last Block Constructed tournament of the month.  Thirty six players registered for the event, and of course superstars like Rinanza, Siewca_Wiatru, JolNrbs, and BERNIS were in attendence.  

I joined the tournament with a U/B/w control deck that I threw together the night before.  I  play tested a little and came to the conclusion that I would need more cards to complete the deck, you make it as competitive as possible.  However, it is my opinion that to truly get a feel for this or any other deck I needed to join the PE, this would give me a proper testing area.

Here is the decklist.

U/B/w control
60 card deck  by Salgy

4x Cloudgoat Ranger
4x Marsh Flitter
4x Mulldrifter
4x Shriekmaw

4x Nameless Inversion
3x Profane Command
4x Broken Ambitions
4x Makeshift Mannequin
4x Ponder

9x Swamp
8x Island
4x Vivid Marsh
4x Vivid Creek
Side Board:15
4x Eyeblight's Ending
2x Final Revels
3x Mournwhelk
2x Oblivion Ring
4x Peppersmoke
Cloudgoat Ranger

I decided to play interesting deck build because of several reasons.  It has a lot of token generating cards, which could overwhelm the heavily targeted removal suites of the control decks.  I know not many decks are playing Austure Command, and Final Revels is a sideboard card.  I also have plenty of removal here as well, so I can remain competitive against the aggresive Goblin and Elf decks of the format.  The final reason is the card drawing.  Mulldrifter has proven time and time again to be sick in this format.   No one is really playing this kind of deck so I thought I would try something new.  Besides it is a nice diversion from the common U/B control builds.  Now let's get to the PE results!

Round 1: Hertzy1 (B/G control)

Game 1:  We started off by setting up our mana. He started the game off by using two Thoughtseizes both bot of which got rid of a Broken Ambitions.  I drew into a Cloudgoat Ranger and played him to gain board dominance, but he was met with a Nameless Inversion.  Hedid not draw into anything and ended his turn. My next turn I used a Profane Command targeting him for five and returned my Cloudgoat Ranger from the graveyard into play.  He played Liliana Vess to try to make up for my overwhelming board position, and of course, activated her tutor ability.  Without blockers, I  killed her on my following turn.  He played the freshly drawn Doran, the Siege Tower and dropped him, trying to holdoff my creatures.  I drew into another Cloudgoat Ranger and he quickly conceded after.

Liliana Vess
Game 2:  He started the game off with a Thoughtseize which discarded my Mulldrifter.  After we set up our lands more he tried to play a Marsh Flitter but I countered it with a Broken Ambitions. I played a Shriekmaw but he Nameless Inversioned it and dropped a Liliana Vess. I played a Marsh Flitter and ended my turn.  He played a Garruk Wildspeaker and created a beast token. I drew into a Ponder and saw two lands and a Profane Command I rearranged the cards to draw the Profane Command and I used the Profane Command killing his token and returning my Cloudgoat Ranger (I had discarded the Goat Goat to Lilina.) to play. He Profane Command my Cloudgoat Ranger and returned his  Marsh Flitter and added the eighth loyalty counter to Liliana Vess. I attacked knocking off two counters.  He played more creatures to stall enough to fire Liliana Vess ability bringing back all creatures in all graveyards into his control.  The match was quickly over.

Game 3
He started off by using Thoughtseize targeting my Mulldrifter and gained board control by playing a Doran, the Siege Tower.  I didn't draw into anything for 2 turns to stop Doran, the Siege Tower, and barely put a stop by using Broken Ambitions on his Marsh Flitter.  On my next turn I top decked a Eyeblight's Ending targeting his Doran, the Siege Tower.  He played a Shriekmaw gaining board dominance once again with nothing in my hand I was worried, I top decked a Oblivion Ring and removed his Shriekmaw from the game.  He drew into Garruk Wildspeaker and used his ability to play a beast token.  I drew into a Makeshift Mannequin targeting my Mulldrifter and drew into a Nameless Inversion and a Shriekmaw.  I used Nameless Inversion on his beast token.  He drew into a Marsh Flitter but I countered it with a Broken Ambitions I had been saving, he used Garruk's ability again to create another beast token.  I drew into a Profane Command and targeted him and returned my Shriekmaw from the graveyard into play.  The match was quickly over after.

P.E. Results: 1-0
Game Results: 2-1

Round 2:  Rastaf  (B/G/W/U control)

Game 1We started off by playing lands to set up our strategy.  I started off by playing defence first by using Broken Ambitions countering his Doran, the Siege Tower.  Not drawing into anymore counters he played a Garruk Wildspeaker.   The next two turns are repeatitive as he used Garruk's ability and I played Shriekmaw to kill them off.  He finally played a Doran, the Siege Tower and a Masked Admirers.  I played Marsh Flitter to try and hold him off, at the end of my turn he played a Wydwen, the Biting Gale and quickly took control of the match and won.

Game 2He started off aggresive using Thoughtseize targeting my Mulldrifter leaving me in a place I never want to be in with a Broken Ambitions, and 4 lands in my hand I needed to draw into my card acceleraters fast.  I countered his Fertile Ground.  And drew into another land.   He played another Fertile Ground and played Doran, the Siege Tower.  I drew into a Profane Command and had 5 lands in play and 4 in my hand not enough to kill and bring back my Mulldrifter.  He played Masked Admirers and played Profane Command the match was over before it began.

P.E. Results: 1-1
Game Results: 2-3

Round 3: Fabio_Sheepkiller (U/B control)

Game 1:  We started the match off like all control decks by setting up our lands.  I started it off by playing a Marsh Flitter.  He played a Sower of Temptation and he targeted my Marsh Flitter.  I used Shriekmaw's evoke ability to kill his Sower of Temptation gaining control of my Marsh Flitter.  On his next turn he played another Sower of Temptation targeting my Marsh Flitter again.  I played Nameless Inversion targeting his Sower of Temptation.  He played Makeshift Mannequin targeting his Mulldrifter, but I quickly responded with a Makeshift Mannequin of my own targeting my Shriekmaw killing his Mulldrifter.  He drew into a Profane Command targeting my Marsh Flitter to bring Sower of Temptation back into play and targeted my Shriekmaw killing him.  I played a Cloudgoat Ranger and evoked a Shriekmaw to kill Sower of Temptation.  He played a Shriekmaw targeting my Cloudgoat Ranger.  He pretty much rode that ugly maw to a W after that!

Game 2I played a Marsh Flitter and at the end of my turn he played Wydwen, the Biting Gale.  I played a Mulldrifter but he played a Sower of Temptation targeting my Mulldrifter.  The  following turns were an  endless back in forth battle; we both were trying to gain board dominance.  He gained the final board dominance over my Marsh Flitter's and goblin tokens with Wydwen, the Biting Gale, Mulldrifter, Shriekmaw and Sower of Temptation.  With nothing left for me to do I met my defeat

P.E. Results: 1-2
Game Results: 2-5

I lost two times in a six round P.E. at this point everyone was saying I had ZERO chances of making top eight.  With top eight out of my reach I used the remaning three matchs to further test my build and see where else it needs improving so I pressed forth.

Round 4: Pavel316 (R/G elementals)

Game 1I started off quick by playing a Marsh Flitter and a Shriekmaw. Then I played two  Cloudgoat Rangers. He finally drew into something and played  Nameless Inversion on one of my Cloudgoat Ranger, allowing me to use Makeshift Mannequin on the freshly killed Cloudgoat Ranger.   Bringing him back from the graveyard, was just too much, as I was able to attack with huge flying Goat Goats until the game was over.

Game 2: He played a Flamekin Bladewhirl and started chopping me down.  He pressed the damage race with a Briarhorn and kept attacking.  I finally drew into something and played a Marsh Flitter and tried killing off both of his men but he used Lash Out on my Marsh Flitter.  I drew into a Makeshift Mannequin and targeted my Marsh Flitter. How.  Lucky!  He played  another Lash Out targeting my Marsh Flitter.  Frowns all around.  I drew and played Cloudgoat Ranger.  He didn't draw into anything and ended his turn.  I top decked another Cloudgoat Ranger and he conceded after drawing no action.

P.E. Results: 2-2
Game Results: 4-5

Round 5:  Siewca_Wiatru (G/B/R control)

Game 1I started off by playing Cloudgoat Ranger.  He played a Garruk Wildspeaker and made a couple of beast tokens.  I killed them off by playing a Nameless Inversion and evoking a Shriekmaw.  The following rounds I played a couple of Marsh Flitters and he played a Wort, Boggart Auntie, and a Masked Admirers.  I drew into a Shriekmaw and played it targeting his Masked Admirers, and played another Marsh Flitter.  The end game was soon coming, as my token generators just gave me too many creatures for him to keep pace with. 

Profane Command

Game 2:  He mulliganed down to four cards.  I played two Marsh Flitters, and was pretty comfortable until he played an Incendiary Command to kill off all my creatures.  I played a Cloudgoat Ranger.  He matched that with Nameless Inversion on my Cloudgoat Ranger and a Tarfire targeting a token.  I played Shriekmaw  by mistake targeting my last token.  He played Chandra Nalaar and removed two counters to kill Shriekmaw. I played a Mulldrifter and kept drawing cards.  He later took control with Wort, Boggart Auntie, Doran, the Siege Tower, and Chandra Nalaar in play, I had Mulldrifter with a mannequin counter and two goblin tokens in play.  He killed my Mulldrifter with Chandra's ability, and at end of his turn I played Makeshift Mannequin targeting my Mulldrifter and drew into a Island and a Broken Ambitions.   I was crushed if I didn't top deck into anything I as that means I would have lost. Of course, on my last possible turn, I top decked a Profane CommandNice.  Draw. 

P.E. Results: 3-2
Game Results: 6-5

After this match I was pretty stoked I just beat the guy who won the last LBC P.E. and I learned I was in the race to make top eight.  I mean I was not a lock to make it if I won, but I figured at least one 4-2 would make it in. 

Round 6: Wojas (U/B control)

Game 1
We started off by playing lands and not really gaining any ground on each other.  He finally gained board dominance by playing a Wydwen, the Biting Gale while I Makeshift Mannequined a Shriekmaw.  He drew into a Mulldrifter and played a Nameless Inversion on my Shriekmaw.  Then he played two back to back Makeshift Mannequins bringing back Mournwhelk and a Mulldrifter. I conceded after I was unable to come back from this massive loss of tempo and card advantage.

Game 2He started off by Thoughtseizeing my Mulldrifter.  Then he countered my evoked Mournwhelk and followed that up with Liliana Vess.  I played Makeshift Mannequin on my Mournwhelk and made him discard two cards. He cast Nameless Inversion  on my Mournwhelk and played Wydwen, the Biting Gale and defended Liliana Vess long enough to bring all creatures from the graveyard under his control.  The match was quickly over soon after that. 

P.E Results: 3-3
Game Results: 6-7

The top eight of the event  were Fabio_Sheepkiller, BuffaloSoldier, Chuyiyo5, JoINrbs, MT.Chobo, Downfall, Cco and KingOfTampaLLC.

Quarter Final Matchupscco (G/B control) vs buffalosoldier (R/B aggro)
chuyiyo5 (U/B control) vs downfall (G/B control)
mt.chobo (U/B control) vs jolnrbs (G/U/B control)
fabio_sheepkiller (U/B control) vs kingoftampallc (G/B control)

Semi Finals Fabio_Sheepkiller vs JolNrbs
Chuyiyo5 vs BuffaloSoldier

FinalsFabio_Sheepkiller vs Chuyiyo5

WinnerFabio_Sheepkiller (U/B Control)


Pretty solid by walkerdog at Sat, 02/09/2008 - 01:39
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I liked the read.  I would maybe like to see more details, but I understand how the blur of the tourney can make things.  And what's with the Pokemon comments?  Weird.

by KOTEHOK at Fri, 02/08/2008 - 10:49
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i saw may decks like this, but i see in this build not present mirror entity. Why?

pokemon by Anonymous (Unregistered) (not verified) at Fri, 02/08/2008 - 08:34
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when  is pokemon online coming out?

by Anonymous (Unregistered) (not verified) at Thu, 02/07/2008 - 13:45
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Good article.  I really prefer the game walkthroughs opposed to the number of X decks in X PE.  Please do more in the future.