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By: Salgy, Michael Salgado
Feb 14 2008 12:58am
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Today we talk to Rinazina a name that always comes up when you talk about Lorwyn.  This man is always in the top 8 and very rarely does he not make the top 8.  with his aggressive style of play he manages to beat down numerous decks including U/B Control, U/B/G control, WW weanie, and R/B gobos.

Player Dossier:

Name: Crotta Massimo
Age: 29
Hometown: Altopascio, Italy

Occupation: Market Representative to a well known automobile company
Member of Clan: Crossi
Favorite Format: Any Block Format
Favorite Magic Expansion: Urza's Cycle
Favorite Card: Tinker and Vebulid

Previous Magic Accomplishments:
Top 16 in GP-Milano, Top32 GP-Genova,
14 Top 8s in variouos PTQ, Winner of a PTQ- Extended

MTGO Accomplishments:
Has won three Lorwyn Block Constructed one Extended PE, two Standard PE, and one Sealed PE. 

MTGO Composite: 1693
MTGO Constructed: 1723
MTGO Limited: 1663

Here is the decklist for his Famous U/B Faeries

(MS = Milkshake75, R = Rinazina)

Milkshake75: Why did you choose Blue Black Faeries?

Rinazina: I choose Blue Black Faeries because it's the best aggro-control deck in the format.  All the other decks I have built just lost to Blue Black Mannequin, and I hate loosing to Mannequin
MS: What are it's toughest match ups?

R:  The mirror match and UB Mannequin played by Sti!
Makeshift Mannequin

Rinazina hates losing to this card! 

MS: What is your strategy against Goblins and Kithikin?

R: I feel pretty comfortable against Goblins and Kithkins.  It is a matter of putting on the table as much damage as you can in the first turns.  You end the game with one of the commands that we have in the main and end up later in the game with one of the commands that we have.  (The blue one to tap him out or the black one to finish him off.)

Some goblin builds run Marsh Flitter which is pretty nasty to me, but it always depends on the build and on the skill of the opponent.
MS: Who was your toughest opponent?

R: Sti! I have played him many times, it was always though, he's a really hard opponent to play against!
MS: Do you have any advice for the people out there trying to build a decent decklist?

R:  Good decklists should not auto-lose to the defining decks of the the format.  If you have an idea, you at least have to test it versus the most played decks to see if it has a chance!
MS: What are your thoughts on Sealed and what steps did you take to become good in that format?

R: I don't play many Sealed decks, I prefer to play Constructed because I think I'm much more of a constructed player. 
MS: How long you been playing MTGO?

R: Five or six years. 
MS: Would you like to add anything else?

R: Mtgo > irl magic! 

Good Luck to all! 

Again I would like to thank Rinazina for letting me interview him.  I hope to finally go up against him and see his deck play out first hand.  And look foward in reading articles of PTQs he has joined.  Thanks for reading and before I go here is a deck list from rinzazina's past tournament performances! 

Here is his decklist for the PTQ-Valencia 2007 in which he took 5th


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