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By: Salgy, Michael Salgado
Feb 22 2008 11:51am
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With all the past MTGO interviews, we got to sit down with awesome players who do amazing online and in paper.  This special interview, is with a player who has not gone to paper tournaments and is unknown in the GP, or National world but has become a force to be reckoned with in MTGO.  I got to sit down and chat with Proguy45 winner of a recent LBC PE using a non U/B mannequin/faerie deck.  Proguy45 is new to the LBC game and he is already putting up some amazing results.

Player Drossier

MTGO screen name: Proguy45
Full Name: Nick Woodman
Age: 23
Hometown : Providence,RI
Occupation : Student
Other Hobbies: Poker

Composite: 1696
Constructed: 1713
Limited: 1679

Favorite Magic Format: Standard
Favorite Card: Hammer of Bogardan
Favorite Magic Set: Urza Saga
Hammer of Bogardan

I recently ran into Proguy45 in a recent LBC PE and will admit the match up was extemely tough.  With his deck build and aggresive play he had me running for the hills.  here is his decklist.

(MS=Milkshake75 PG= Proguy45)

MS. Why did you play it?
PG. It wins.

MS. What are it's good matchups in events?
PG. Any type of control is good.  Decks like Blue Black Mannequin, and the Green Black decks.  Most aggro matchups are good as well, and that includes  Faerie Blue Black, Kithkin, Green Black Elves, and Goblins.

MS. What are it's poor matchups in events?
PG: The mirror match is not exactly fun, and of course the shuffler gets me. 

MS. Do you have any general matchup advice for someone who would want to play this deck? 

PG. Turn three Doran is a beast, one of the hardest things to deal with game one versus any type of deck.  The deck is fairly simple to play, you want to get more card advantage then your opponent while putting out some beefy threats.

MS. Do you have any sideboard advice? 
PG. I think Hoofprints is one of the most under used cards in the format right now. it just plain dominates
Blue Black control after Sideboarding. Cloudthresher and Final Revels also just smash faerie decks which seem to be quite popular as well.

MS. Any advice for magic online players?
PG. STOP PLAYING BLUE BLACK CONTROL!  It just seems like it was just overplayed the last couple months. I went into this format with the mentality that if you wanted to play and win you needed to beat that deck 85-90% of the time. I think its just flat out not the best in the format and because of lack of diversity its easy to roll through constructed events right now.

MS. What do you think about Morningtide?
PG. Im pretty excited about it. im ready for a change in the format and to see a little more diversity in the

MS. What cards can you see in Tide making an impact?
PG. The lands are probably going to have the biggest impact in the set.

MS. And what cards from Morningtide would go in to your deck?
PG. This deck is getting trashed when morningtide comes out and im startin from scratch. Cant have the best deck until you've played with em all.

Again I would like to thank Nick for taking the time to sit with me for the interview look foward to our next rematch in the next PE :).  Well folks tune in next time for another Community Profile.