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Mar 09 2008 1:35pm
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The Meta Report Classic Ed. # 4

Welcome back classic enthusiasts and fans of MTGO eternal format. Sunday’s event launched with 37 players one of our best showings in weeks. This could finally be a sign the format is starting to pick up some steam, although we will have to wait until the next event to see if it was due to being just before the release of a new set. There was a good variety of decks present in the field of play and the largest showings were RDW and Affinity. While RDW really does not surprise me the surge in Affinity was a bit surprising. I am sure it was a good call on a Meta Game that probably went soft on Affinity hate. I honestly do not think it is time to overload your sideboards with anti Affinity cards, however it may be wise to respect the deck with a couple of slots. The deck deserves respect left unchecked it can reek havoc upon unprepared players. 

One of the strangest things to note about this tourney was the lack of Landstill and Thresh decks. Could it be that they are loosing their appeal? This is the second week that Landstill has had low representation in the premier event. I really believe this to be a fluke and you should plan on facing these two power houses. Flash and Dredge have also had fewer decks over the past weeks too, this probably could be attributed to the abundance of graveyard hate. Which leads me to believe it may be time to put some of these graveyard based strategies on the back burner till the field is less geared toward beating them. A lot of the front running decks would appear to be loosing player support for less conventional means of victory.

I would also like to continue my call out to the Extended players your decks continue to make an impact on the Classic Meta, why not dust of your decks and get another PE under your belt a week.  Again it really does not take much to make your decks viable.  Your participation has allowed us to launch with more people.  This really makes the events more enjoyable for all involved.  Remember sooner or later your cards will become staples of Classic once the rotation happens.  Why not take advantage of the fact you have some of the best cards available to Classic right now?

From the results of this event it would appear the field is heading into an era of Aggro based strategies. This past Sunday’s event was 51% Aggro, 30% Control, and 19% Combo strategies. The Top eight was also a good indication of what decks ruled the tourney with 75% of them being Aggro based strategies its rather surprising which deck won. On a side note many of the regular players of Thresh and Landstill where no where to be seen so this all could have just been coincidence. The next tourney very well could be turned around with the addition of Thresh and Landstill into the event. 

This weeks Top eight was really an odd one, there was no Thresh or Landstill fighting for the top spot. This week clearly belonged to the Aggro lovers. With many decks making their first Top 8 appearance in quite some time, this week belonged to the Aggro strategy holding 75% of the top spots. GB elf clamp in particular has made one other appearance taking the top spot away from me some time ago. The only regulars appear to be RDW and RG Aggro, the last being the hottest deck in the past couple of tourneys. The oddest inclusion would have to be MGA riding the back of cheap pump spells and Berserk. Truly an odd week!  Hopefully the next event will show if this was a fluke or not. The lack of Thresh and Landstill clearly had a huge impact on a lot of these decks making the Top eight. It would appear that Combo and Control players had better be ready for this surge of Aggro decks. I do not believe these numbers will fall too significantly.

1 Sensi Sensi
2 GB Elf Clamp
4 Tutorstill
4 RG Aggro
8 GRb Aggro
8 Affinity





The Top Spot


Sensi Sensi

 4 Brainstorm  3 Fire/Ice Polluted Delta
 2 Ponder  4 Brain Freeze Flooded Strand
 1 Vampiric Tutor  4 Helm of Awakening 3 Steam Vents
 4 Chrome Mox  4 Sensei's Divining Top 3 Watery Grave
 3 Counterspell   4 Hallowed Fountain
 3 Enlightened Tutor Island
 4 Trinket Mage
 4 Force of Will

 3 Engineered Explosives  1 Echoing Truth  2 Pyroclasm
 4 Stifle  2 Hurkyl's Recall  3 Tormod's Crypt


Swiss R1 RG Aggro 2/2
Swiss R2 Thresh 0/2
Swiss R3 UR Kontroll 2/2
Swiss R4 RDW 2/2
Swiss R5 MGA 2/2
Swiss R6 Draw na
T8 Semi Affinity 2/2
T8 Quarter RG Aggro 2/3
T8 Finals GB Elf Clamp 2/3





RG Aggro













Elf Clamp

UR Kontroll







The Top Spot belonged to a storm strategy, one that has been played the past few weeks although that list may be less than optimal than the one that won last Sunday’s event. Although this deck may not look like much it can be especially lethal when it gets a good draw. Imagine a turn one
Helm of Awakening, followed up by turn two stormed Brain Freeze. It is possible and will happen to you if you do not have any way to deal with this deck or any storm strategy for that matter. The key to beating this deck is to either not to allow the Helm of Awakening hit the table or shutting down the Sensei's Divining Top by means of Null Rod or some other means. This deck is in no way a dominating deck but was a really nice call with Sunday’s event being over populated by Aggro builds. If you look at the match ups Sensi Sensi faced you will notice the only Control match up it faced ended in a loss. Thus the lack of Landstill and Thresh no doubt played a huge role in its victorious performance. This deck in my opinion is by no means a dominant deck nor would I expect it to take the top spot again. I honestly do not think this deck could take a seasoned veteran of Thresh or Landstill. 

The version above concentrates more on the Combo, while Conrad's version had a plan b using Phyrexian Dreadnought and Stifle. You may also want to add Threads of Disloyalty or Vedalken Shackles to combat the creatures many Aggro decks use. This would probably be your only shot at slowing down the speed that these decks use to their advantage. Adding both of these would be a fine way to impove your mach ups with creature based Aggro decks. 

This week I am working on my Classic Deckopedia which will make it a lot easier to discuss decks with those who are not familiar with the current Classic Meta. I hope to finish it by Saturday instead of The Meta Report due to no events this weekend. All decks will also have up to date match up data with the top decks as they change week to week. So until next week enjoy the release events and keep it classy.


elf clamp by whiffy penguin (Unregistered) (not verified) at Tue, 03/11/2008 - 09:27
whiffy penguin (Unregistered)'s picture

this list is not even colse to what was played in the classic pes

the classic deck had a much smaller emphisis on elves and more on discard .

by Anonymous (Unregistered) (not verified) at Tue, 03/11/2008 - 11:51
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Last I checked Elf clamp ducked out with blasto, but priest is so sweeeeet

by DRAGONDUNG at Tue, 03/11/2008 - 12:55
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Gainsay version runs tarmogoyf, dark confidant, and a few other goodies its not an elf deck the name just fits cause of the wardens and Llanowar.  Also i beleive he ran Vails too but i dont remember its been a while since i faced him.

Ah yes... by hamtastic at Mon, 03/10/2008 - 18:48
hamtastic's picture

... that Jitte.


An active Jitte against a RDW is brutal.  Jitte should get errata to say
Jitte regular text + Text of Leyline of the Void.  That's be awesome.

ELF CLAMP: by Solonopsis (Unregistered) (not verified) at Mon, 03/10/2008 - 21:23
Solonopsis (Unregistered)'s picture
  • 4: Llanowar Elves
  • 4: Fyndhorn Elves
  • 4: Timberwatch Elves
  • 4: Wellwisher
  • 4: Priest of Titania
  • 4: Quirion Ranger
  • 4: Llanowar Sentinels
  • 4: Wirewood Herald
  • 3: Blastoderm
  • 1: Elvish Herder
  • 1: Elvish Lyrist
  • 4: Land Grant
  • 14: Forest
  • 3: Skull Clamp (U)
  • 1: Overrun (U)
  • 1: Lightning Greaves (U)


  • 4: Naturalize
  • 3: Tormod's Crypt
  • 2: Avoid Fate
  • 3: Invigorate
  • 2: Serrated Arrows
  • 1: Blastoderm
by runeliger at Mon, 03/10/2008 - 09:14
runeliger's picture

Don't forget Jitte....


That cost me a top 8 haha     

by DRAGONDUNG at Mon, 03/10/2008 - 09:25
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Yea i almost forgot about the Jitte too... The life gain was terrible for me with Flash.  It is a good deck with many ways to deal with most decks in the format right now.

by DRAGONDUNG at Sun, 03/09/2008 - 22:08
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I will try and get the deck list for the deckopedia as it has taken first in one event and second in another.  It is a good deck when played well and even better deck when you get a couple of favorable match ups.

G/B Elf Clamp by hamtastic at Sun, 03/09/2008 - 21:18
hamtastic's picture

It's pretty sweet actually, it runs a decent amount of early disruption (thoughtsieze, etc), early acceleration (LLanwar Elves, Fyndhorn elves), lifegain, to thwart RDW (Essence Warden), recursion via eternal witness, and card draw via Skullclamp.  I seem to recall Ravenous Baloth in there as well as a beater/lifegainer.

by ArtistX at Sun, 03/09/2008 - 21:01
ArtistX's picture

I'm intrested in seeing this GB Elf Clamp decklist...I don't think I've ever heard of it..