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By: thepauperone, Tharion Wind
Mar 05 2008 12:40am
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PDC Fan of Commons Cards

PDC.  Paupers Deck Challenge.  A format I invented in 2004 with the help of friends from my clan Mana Burn.  All commons gaming in MTGO.  It was a game format born out of the need for me to play MTGO but not spend a lot of money at the time.  I love Magic and especially MTGO but sometimes a person's budget is tight.  I had returned to MTGO in 2004 with about 4500 cards total.  New stuff was out and about.  Zahori and some others had just started a Player Run Event I helped name TOME (thursday online Magic Event).  We got the ball rolling with stuff and I decided to launch Paupers Deck Challenge. 

I originally wanted to call it Peasant but someone showed me the article on Peasant Magic.  Well I then figured a pauper was worse off than a Peasant (since we had zero uncommons and they had 5 :) ) and thus PDC was alive and launched.  That first season was amazing and fun.  I'd host the games on Saturday evenings when I had a few hours free from both work and caregiving for my elderly mother.  She had been diagnosed with Alzhemiers after my father died right before 9/11.  It was rough but my family survived.  In short I had time to have fun in MTGO but I couldnt spend the money I had before her Alzhemiers diagnosis. 

So to do my events I had to iron out a few things.  I manually ran a spreadsheet that first season since I didn't have DCI reporter nor did I like it (it was very user unfriendly to me).  Besides it was kind of cool to set things up manually and spend time on it (got my mind off my late father and ill mother).  People came together in /join pdc.  Amazing stuff and we grew to over 30 people on some weeks.  Programmerman got IntoTheAether to interview me before our first PDC Worlds (equivalent to a Superbowl/playoff championship).  Awesome stuff and PDC grew from there.

This all occured in 2004 and then we launched season 2 for PDC.  It grew, PDC clans were formed and some folks started launching websites.  I even formed Commonsofthewind (COTW) a nonbot commons 1v1 project to help /join bbs, /join pdc and new folks to MTGO.  Wonderful stuff and good work came out of this.  Even WOTC joined in and created a subforum on MTGO General called Player Run Events.  A lot of events are listed there for PDC and other PRE such as Classic Quarter (Classic Constructed gaming) and other unique/fun formats to play.

So I've been in and out of PDC and MTGO in 2005, 2006 and 2007.  During these years PDC has grown.  Paupermagic and Pdcmagic have grown into full websites 100% 24x7 about PDC and PDC gaming in MTGO.  I've seen growth from just 1 pdc event a week to 8+ now as it stands in 3/2008.  I was nearly laid off in 2007 and sold my collection to Heath (in my opinion the most reliable mtgo trader around).  Well ironically weeks after selling my collection - my company transferred me to a different team instead of completing the layoff.  I came back to MTGO a week or so after New Years 2008.  Since then the PDC And BBS community have been wonderful.  The founder of Pauper was a Pauper in MTGO.  And the PDC community came together and helped me out.  This is the true definition of friendship and community.  When friends are there when you are down.

PDC is strong now - the metagames are strong and there are 8 events or more each week.  From PDC standard to Futex (Future Extended MDF forward) to MTGO Classic.  There are also PDC leagues, PDC Singleton (PPS) and block format PDC events.  Each of these events are Free to Join and all have donated PRIZES to win!

Some PDC formats:

PDC Standard (100% commons in standard legal format)

PDC Classic (100% commons in classic legal format)

PDC Futex (modified extended that allows MDF and newer format commons)

PDC Block (A format where a block is picked and only cards legal in that block (commons) are used)

PPS (Prismatic Pauper Singleton)

There are more formats and events going on.  Check for the up to date listings or at the MTGO Player Run Event forum.

In the last few years we've seen a strong growth in creature focus for Magic sets and this is great for PDC.  WW had been waining since MDF came out and Rav block was great for multicolour - but since then WW and other creature deck techs have grown back into popularity.

With Morningtide coming out in the next few days - I am excited for the new commons and for the PDC community.  I do hope everyone gets a chance to play in at least one PDC Event this month!  So what does PDC mean to me?  It means community.  It means friendship.  It means folks from around the world to come together to play a great game, Magic.  Online, 24x7 in the MTGO system together.  Pauper folks are very friendly, helpful and have good decks to compete against.

When I came back I decided to play my slivers deck and my friends in /join pdc helped tune it up:



Give PDC a try.  Its a part of the closeknit community of MTGO veterans and new players alike.  Great way to start out in MTGO and I hope to see you there!


by 53N531 at Wed, 03/05/2008 - 13:04
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Just for clarity:

The DCI has altered the way that the Extended format will rotate in the future. Invasion, Planeshift, Apocalypse (IPA), Odyssee, Torment, and Judgement (OTJ) will rotate out in October leaving Onslaught Block to join the current roster of Future Extended legal sets.

Originally, The DCI had intended to rotate IPA - OLS and have a rotation every few years rotating 3 blocks at a time but now they have opted for simplicity and a matching of the current Standard rotation schedule. 

by 53N531 at Wed, 03/05/2008 - 13:05
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Woops, guess I should note that this change in the way Extended rotates has now resulted in Onslaught, Legions, and Scourge becoming legal in the Future Extended format.

by cardjunque at Wed, 03/05/2008 - 22:58
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Thanks to WoCoNation we now have a draft format also.

 PDC is the best, competitive but friendly community.

It is hard to have fears. by wannareset1990 at Tue, 07/11/2017 - 08:06
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It is hard to have fears. Most especially in the game. - Steven C Wyer

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