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By: Salgy, Michael Salgado
Mar 07 2008 12:01am
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I've started to pay attention to a few more formats.  You know, Block Constructed is fun, and it's easy for me to play because of card restrictions, but eventually I plan on jumping into Standard.  After reading some of Jam's recap articles, I decided I wanted to talk to some of these players that were doing well in the Standard events.  Eddyatog has been doing quite well with his version of Red Green Big Mana.  Big Mana has been having a lot of success in real life and in paper, so I thought it would be neat to talk to him after he top eighted back to back PEs this past week! 

's get to know eddyatog a bit more! 

Player Dossier

Full Name: Eddy De La Rosa
Age: 23
Hometown : Santo Domingo, Dom. Republic
Occupation : Industrial Engineer
Clan: Warfare based on deception
Other Hobbies:  Party!

Player Rating:

Constructed: 1745
Limited: 1661

Previous accomplishments:

Couple of PE wins and top8s in MTGO
Been to various Pro tours and worlds, never top 32d any of them. 
Favorite Magic Format: right now is Standard

Favorite Card: In Standard it is between Tarmogoyf and Sulfurous Blast.

Favorite Magic Set: Onslaught and Invasion

I for one can say Senor De La Rosa has a fun hobby.  I recently got to see his deck in action (I wish the top eights for these events were still up.)  and was quiet impressed on how well it plays out.  Just when you think you have him in a corner in a split second he is turning the momentum in his favor.  Lets see his version of R/G/b Big Mana.

Impressive decklists I for one wouldn't mind testing it out.  With quick mana accelerations and so many beefy creatures this deck is an established force in the metagame, and should garner more and more support in MTGO when PEs start again.  Now let's get to the juicy interview:

(MS= Milkshake75 EA= Eddyatog)

MS: Why did you decide to play Big Mana?

EA: It's very consistant, has good mulligan draws.

MS: What are it's good matchups in events?

EA: Elves, Goblins, White Weenie, Blue White,  and any other non established metagame choices. 
MS: What are it's poor matchups in events?

EA: Faeries!  The new combo deck (The Reviliark combo) is not exactly a fun match up, but the matchup is a bit better after the board! 

MS: Do you have any general matchup advice for someone who would want to play this deck?  

EA: Just dont think that when you have two cards and your opponent  has five you've lost.  The deck recovers quite easily.

MS: Do you have any sideboard advice?  

EA: Think outside the box, and just basic advice.  I mean you're clearly not going to bring in Extirpate against White Weenie. 

MS: Any advice for magic online players?

EA: Practice makes perfect!

MS: Do you have any cool Magic stories that you would like to tell?  

EA: Yea, at Worlds this year, two of my teammates were not allowed to play the first draft on the second day because they were late, we started the day at 3rd place as a country, and then dropped wasnt worth it without the points of two players. 

MS: What do you think about Morningtide?
EA: Haven't tested with it or dont even know all the cards in it yet.

MS: What cards can you see in Tide making an impact?
EA: Chameleon Colossus. NICE!

MS: And what cards from Morningtide would go in to your deck?
EA: The above mentioned.

You heard it from Eddyatog practice makes perfect, so keep practicing for your next upcoming event and see how hard work pays off.  Again I would like to thank Eddyatog for the interview and the time to sit and chat with us.  Tune in next week for another Community Profile.



oops by eddyatog at Mon, 03/10/2008 - 14:20
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sorry about the almost double post.

how i can afford MTGO by eddyatog at Mon, 03/10/2008 - 14:19
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well my friend, i guessed i've been lucky in my life, when i was younger my parents always gave me enough money, and i'm lucky enough to know how to manage my $$. after i started working i guess i've always been paid enough to consistently play at least a 2 or 3 drafts a week, and  constructed 8 mans pay back for themselves, you win 1 or 2 matches and its basically payed itself. and if you win a PE, can play for a longggg time withought having to actually empty you CC.

now its easier for me coz i moved to the USA, and now i earn in US dollars, and when u earn in dollars, mtgo is not that expensive. but basically to afford playing MTGO consistently all you have to do is win.

how i can afford MTGO by Eddyatog (Unregistered) (not verified) at Mon, 03/10/2008 - 14:12
Eddyatog (Unregistered)'s picture

Well, i've always been able to afford MTGO(actually by sacrificing lots of drinking). I've also almost always had a very good job, so you basically have to administer your money well, and WIN, if you win 3 packs in an 8 man you just doubled what you payed for playing it...quite easy. also not long ago i moved to the USA in Connecticut, i got a way better job now which pays fairly well, so magic is more affordable now.

Thanks for reading guys! good luck!

by MirrorMage at Fri, 03/07/2008 - 04:48
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I'm always interested in Latin American Magic Online players. It might be a personal quesiton, but I've wondered how they afford to play Magic Online? So maybe Eddy can answer if the reason most are quite good is that there's an added financial pressure to be so? 

Mirro Mage Question by Tiellet (Unregistered) (not verified) at Fri, 03/07/2008 - 09:18
Tiellet (Unregistered)'s picture

I am brazilian, so i fit on your question, well is getting cheaper and cheaper to play MTGO Lately, dollar is falling in almost every other country due to the credit crisis, when i started 1U$= 2,8 R$, now is 1U$=1,68R$. So i keep spending almost the same but getting a lot more packs. But i don´t understand about the financial pressure that you are talking, can you try to clear this out for me?

by MirrorMage at Fri, 03/07/2008 - 09:41
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Well, in England the miniumum wage is 5 pounds an hour (16 reais). But in Brasil, the wage is relatively much lower. So for me, if I lose in a draft, I'm not losing too much, so there's not too much pressure to do well, whereas there might be greater pressure if my minimum wage was around 2-3 pounds an hour or less.

Modo and economy by Miguel (Unregistered) (not verified) at Fri, 03/07/2008 - 10:31
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Hi, I enjoy the article. I'm from Peru, the minimum salary in here is about S/.550 ($190). I made from job about $1000 monthly. I quit modo from a while, on December i bought 250 tixs with $200, now I got a UGTron extended, Goblins Tribal, 8 Lorwyn starters and 550 tixs- and have "cash out" about $250.

I think is about the perfect buy-in with our economy the entry fees for PEs (6 tixs = S/.20, if i win, 88 tixs = S/.290)... so I play, if I lose, that doesn't really hurt me, I lose the 20% of a day of job, if I win I made 3 days of job playing.

On the other hand, I can't understand how some people can afford playing Magic Online, if I made $15/hour, and the event takes 6-8 hours... I'd just work :/

minimum wage. by Tiellet (Unregistered) (not verified) at Fri, 03/07/2008 - 13:10
Tiellet (Unregistered)'s picture

Well, people who works for minimum wage don´t even know that MTGO exists, at least in Brazil, well i am counting only adults. I don´t work on MODO like Miguel, but I draft a lot, well as long I do have a 2 hour open. I don´t think that i get more pressure because i am short on money, as far as i imagine everyone has a budget and deal with it as good as they can.

SIDE NOTE: Minimum wage here is going to be R$412 ~~ 129 pounds month, if you count 200 hours of work 0,66 pounds

But the life cost here is lower, with a draft set price you can buy 2 bigmac trio, or 20 cans of beer.

There is fun in the game. by wannareset1990 at Tue, 07/11/2017 - 07:18
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