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By: jamuraa, Marie Janssen
Mar 05 2008 12:31pm
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The Premier Events room in Magic Online now is a sad sight. There are only about twenty events left, and they're all events that I don't particularly care about. When Morningtide was released yesterday, the Constructed PEs ended, probably because the events would favor by a crazy amount the people who have boatloads of money to spend on the new set's cards. The eight man queues are still running though, so if you would like to sling some, give them a try. You might remember that I posted a short primer on them last week.

Speaking of the newest hotness to grace our digital card sleeves, Morningtide is now available in the Magic Online store. Normally I don't advocate buying packs from the store for constructed purposes, and this set is no different. Usually you can make some small amount of change if you buy the packs at the store and sell them for tix on the selling boards. In the first couple of days of the new set, you can make some good tix this way, and wait for a week or so for the prices to drop and get your constructed playables from the new set at a reasonable price. Currently prices for some of the most playable cards are pretty high because the drafters haven't been unleashed on the cards yet. We have a lot of articles on Morningtide this week on PureMTGO, but I can't resist. This week let's look at some of the cards that you will see on the top side of the screen before long.

Sensation Gorger

When "More" is too much.

Chameleon Colossus

Chameleon Colossus is sure to be put in the updates of some of the Big Mana Decks that we have seen dominate the pre-Morningtide standard around here, and probably will fit into a number of the Elves evolutions as well. This guy is pretty nuts with his "protection from Shriekmaw", but he still will drop to a Skred most times you see it. It seems to be the "jamuraa can't spell this card" of the set, so it's sure to be seen in a ton of decks, likeThoughtsieze is for Lorwyn.  I've had to correct exactly 100% of the references so far.


It's like an Abundance set on non-land for the rest of the game, for one less mana. The crusher is being seen in new standard tournaments as part of a Mono-Red Aggro deck which is placing well. I'm pretty excited because there are a good set of really efficient red baddies around in Standard and they just needed a little push to put them over the top into at least the Tier Two category of decks. I covered Red Deck Wins and this seems to be the logical extension of it.

Countryside Crusher

Earwig Squad

This squad will be the bane of many a deck in the new standard. Having your deck neutered of it's best cards is probably not the best thing to have. This card is currently being played in the natural progression of the red-black Goblins decks that Lorwyn encouraged, and that we've covered before. The only trick is that in order to get the look at the deck, you will need to setup the prowl cost. At least you'll be paying less. We've been seeing goblns sneak up on us lately, gaining in the meta.


These are just the three cards that will go into some of the decks. As Morningtide is the last set of a block, I suspect that they are trying to push the metagame in a direction that they want, and that direction is creatures. It was going that way before Morningtide, but it seems like it's going to be even more prevalent. There are lots of useful creature cards in Morningtide, and the control cards seem kind of "meh" to me.

In the next couple of weeks, I won't have any metagame to report on, because as you can see on the events schedule there are no Constructed events to cover. I've got a plan to keep the Deviations running however, with a few weeks of deck bliss. If you'd like to see anything specifically for the break, leave me a comment and I'll see if I can squeeze it in.

Statistics for Standard PEs: 2/26/2008 to 3/4/2008

This week there were only twelve Premier Events on Magic Online. The weekend wasn't kind to the events that didn't garner many players, clearing them out early, so I was only able to get the top 8 stats on ten of them, so we only have a pitiful 80 top eight spots to pour over and analyze this week. These last events of the Standard Online Lorwyn season were still 2x, with no incentive at all for joining other than the joy of victory, the agony of defeat. Standard Premier Events and got an average turnout of 35 players this week, only one more than last week, but this also doesn't include the two missing events which surely had less than 32 players or they wouldn't have been cleared out of the system. Eight of the ten top tables that I have this week split the top prizes of the PE.

Winner - Split - Second - Semifinals - Quarterfinals

Colors Deck Name Placings Percentage
Big Mana 22% (+8%)
Goblins 10% (nc)
Elves 8% (-6%)
Faeries 7% (+3%)
Pickles Blink 7% (-1%)
Mana Ramp 6% (+5%)
Mannequin 6% (+2%)
Rock 3% (+2%)
Gro-a-goyf 3% (-6%)
Prowess Elves 2% (-2%)
Faerie Stompy 2% (+1%)
Wild Blink 2% (-9%)
Mono-Green Aggro 2% (new)
Knoll Storm 2% (-3%)
Big Void 1% (-3%)
Reanimator 1% (+1%)
Big Pizza 1% (-1%)
  Other 6% (+1%)
  Inactivity 1% (nc)

Just like the metagame which was presented a couple weeks ago, everyone should take this weeks' stats with a grain of salt. We only have 80 top eight spots to look at this week, and that means that every top 8 counts almost twice as much in the percentages as last week. I'm missing 16 spots and we had a lot less PEs in general this week. Even given that, it seems like Big Mana is taking a commanding lead over the rest of the pack, with more than one in five top spots, and one of the two wins along with Goblins. It also has a commanding lead in the splits, making there way more top tables with Big Mana at them than any other archetype. Elves and Goblins are close behind, with Goblins just barely edging out Elves this week. All three of these archetypes are getting Morningtide decks in the Paper meta that I will end up covering eventually.

The Big Gainer this week is Big Mana, with an amazing eight percent jump. I think that the more interesting gainer this week is green-white mana ramp though, with Primal Command searching out Akroma, Angel of Wrath a little more than normal this week. I think this deck is getting a little bit more light shed on it before the new set comes out because (Chamelion Colossus) is the green fattie of the next couple of weeks. The Big Loser this week is Wild Blink, which lost a whopping nine points. This is possibly the biggest drop that I have seen in my tenure looking at the stats, but it is probably a fluke. Some of those top eight spots that we're missing might have been taken by Blink.

The "other" category this week has five decks in it. We've seen a lot of these decks before - there was a mono-white White Weenie deck (yet ANOTHER archetype that gets a Morningtide boost), a green-white-red deck which abused Kavu Predator and Fiery Justice, and a green-white Kithkin deck. We also have a version of the Dark Boom deck, Sonic Boom with black for removal and creature control, and a interesting green-red-blue deck.

Mode of the Week: Big Void

Last week I teased you with this deck, assuming that it would pick up some more steam because it is a viable archetype after the new set comes into play, but this week I just didn't see that much of it. This deck was played to win the StarCityGames $5k tournament a couple weekends ago, and I saw some playtesting of it winning the PEs before then. I'm including it as the Mode this week because it has enough spots in the PEs from past weeks, and I think we might see a bit of it when Morningtide PEs roll around in a month or so.

This deck is pretty obviously a successor to the Big Mana deck which is played in Standard right now. The deck's namesake change is the addition of black for some nice sideboard cards in the form of Extirpate and Void. In the mirror match you can Void for 4 and catch almost all the cards that you care about including the new Chameleon Colossus and Garruk Wildspeaker in the hand of the recipient. Some of the decks that I have seen online run Thoughtseize in order to see the best number to kill. Void gives you an out against so many of the problem creatures that you come up against, and even can wipe the board of tokens if you set it to 0 when it's going off.

The decklist includes updates for Morningtide including (Mutavaults) and a set of Chameleon Colossus of it's own, and I expect this to be one of the first decks to show up in the metagame because of it's easy accessibility from decks that lots of the tournament players on Magic Online already have.

Outlier of the week: Mono-Green Aggro

Mono-Green Aggro
Standard deck suggested by Michael Janssen
4 Yavimaya Dryad
4 Llanowar Elves
4 Boreal Druid
4 Scryb Ranger
4 Spectral Force
4 Troll Ascetic
2 Mire Boa
2 Riftsweeper

Other Spells
3 Garruk Wildspeaker
4 Might of Old Krosa
4 Giant Growth
20 Forest
1 Pendelhaven
Troll Ascetic

This week's outlier is a decktype that I just adore because of it's simplicity. Normally this deck would be in the "other" section as a rogue, but somehow it made it to the top tables twice this week so I couldn't pass up giving everyone a look at the simplest deck strategy around. This deck is aggro, aggro, aggro. It's all about playing guys out and turning them sideways. You play down forests and then start accelerating with creatures that will count later like Llanowar Elves and Boreal Druid. It has some pre-sideboarded answers to some stuff like the Mire Boa against the dirth of decks which play black with swamps or Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, or the Riftsweeper against all the Blink decks and the Mannequin who love to suspend a Riftsweeper turn two. Mire Boa and Troll Ascetic can also block almost all the threats that get played and survive through it thanks to their amazing regenerative powers.

The mana acceleration continues with Garruk Wildspeaker who also plays a pivotal role as one of the main win conditions of the deck - getting four or five creatures out and then using his Overrun ability will almost always put an opponent into the end life range. I don't know if we'll see this deck type thrive at all, but it is a blast to play in the Tourney Practice room and I've even split a couple eight man tourneys with it.

Well, next week we will be looking at some of the new deck archetypes that are rampaging through paper standard, where Morningtide has had almost a month to thrive without the influence of Magic Online to twist the game in one direction or another. It'll be a deckstravaganza that we haven't seen before on the Deviation. Until next time, Good luck in the PEs!


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