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By: gamemaster32, Keya Saleh
Jan 07 2014 12:11pm

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Episode 256: Value Advantage

Hosts: Keya and AJ

Episode Length: 20:15




I love MTGO contest complete! Winners announced in the thread.


January Season (3rd-29th) Promo Cards:

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In pure financial terms, what lands are worth sacrificing Wasteland to destroy?


Wasteland 74.27

Foil Tropical Island 82.05

Foil Volcanic Island 84

Foil Mishra’s Workshop 85

Rishadan Port 87.70

Foil Gaea’s Cradle 87.95

Foil Tolarian Academy 90

Foil Bayou 92.95

Foil Promo Maze of Ith 100

Foil Underground Sea 102.80

Foil Tundra 110.45

Foil Wasteland 111.40

Foil Rishadan Port 225


Question of the Week:


What are your MTGO new year's resolutions?


Whatcha been playin’:


AJ - Dabbling in Gods once more, to little effect.

Keya - Holiday Cubin. Fav plays: Turn 2 Sundering Titan to blow up my opponents board. Ultimating Karn with gilded lotus and Precursor Golem underneath .  :)


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