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By: Baron_Sengir, Michael Vadman
Feb 03 2014 1:00pm
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With Prerelease Weekend days away (and the Magic Online release happening within a fortnight), Alex and Mike take the second step on their heroes path and examine Born of the Gods with an eye toward Pauper. Will they be Inspired? Will they have to pay Tribute? Only one way to find out! 

Music Recommendation:

Alex: The Lawrence Arms “Metropole” 

Favorite track: “Beautiful Things

Spotify Link: Metropole by The Lawrence Arms


Mike: Millencolin “Pennybridge Pioneers”

Favorite track: “Penguins & Polarbears

Spotify Link: Pennybridge Pioneers by Millencolin  


Where can you find us?
Twitter - @baron_sengir
MTGO: Baron_Sengir6989
Alex: Twitter - @nerdtothecore
Alex's Facebook
MTGO: SpikeBoyM