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Mar 29 2008 12:10am
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The Meta Report

Week one my wife found me in a corner shaking. The absence of my favorite MTGO event really hit me hard though I know we must sacrifice inorder to get new sets online. Though I know and understand I still do not have to like it. Once a week us Classic junkies get to endulge our addiction to MTGO eternal format. Week two my wife found me repeativly tapping my finger crying for the lack of a Classic PE to give me a my much needed fix. 

Honestly none of this happed the release actually came at a perfect time for me. My wife and I have just bought a house and even if there had been events I would have been unable to attend. I did not even get to play in any release events, though I usually do not play them as I am a horrible limited player or just lack the luck to get a good card pool. I had been working on my Deckopedia, but between packing and unpacking there was very little free time. What free time I did have, was spent with my children, the time old choice for all us aging Magic players family or Magic: The Gathering. 

Sunday’s event launched with twenty six players and would have been with out a glitch exept for a crash after round five. No doubt giving all those qualified for the top eight a heart attack. Their hard work and five hours down the drain, luckily for them though the event was not lost and our first look at the Classic Meta after the release of Morningtide was left intact. The field of play was well diversified with the most prominent deck being Thresh. It seemed as though the field was filled with what most would consider the lower end of Tier 1 and almost Tier 2 decks. Decks like Pox, Pale Ale, and a few other rogue decks made up the field, while the dominant decks other than Thresh seemed to fall out of favor this week. Even Flash failed to make an appearance, while RDW, Landstill, and Dredge only managed to have one showing apiece.

The fall of Dredge and Flash is really no surprise with so much hate present in the format at this time. They are still viable decks and should be prepared for and respected for their sheer speed alone. Even though they did not make a showing I would not remove your hate just yet holiday weekends are not good for most players with a family. More than likely after looking at my notes for this particular tourney a lot of the pilots of these two popular Combo decks fell victims to family obligations like me. 

Another interesting note on this tourney is the showing of GB Elf Clamp a deck that until now has been showing up once in a while taking prizes and off like a one night stand. The deck while it seems like jank, but really has all the tools needed to perform well in this healthy Meta Game. The life gain is extremely difficult for most decks to handle and the constant card draw from clamp keeps constant card advantage. It may have be on the rise and you may want to take note and prepare for it. Over all the best solutions for most decks would be not to let the Essence Wardens stick or remove them as soon as you can. These provide the much needed life for this deck to abuse Dark Confidants for card advantage. With out the Essence Wardens, Dark Confidants will be too risky for them to cast if you keep constant pressure on them.  Not all versions run Dark Confidants as you can see from the list below, but the added card advantage makes the deck run much faster in my opinion. 
The real strength of this deck is its color choices. With GB you are able to have access to eight duals that are in your color group. With the number of elves this deck runs you will often drop one of the Gilt-Leaf Palace with out it being tapped. That may not seem like much but when you are playing fast Aggro those two life points will often be the difference between a win and a loss. Access to black also gives this deck some amazing disruption with Thoughtseize and  Hymn to Tourach, which quickly pumps the Tarmogoyfs to a dangerous size. The only card this deck can probably work in to keep a solid threat would be Bitterblossom. At first I dismissed the use of this card but after some one wiser than me explained the use of this card for continuous draw would be a huge asset. I am not sure how this card would effect the tempo of the deck but with so many elves producing mana how can you go wrong.

The past few weeks the Top eight spots have regularly had a huge percentage of the top 10 decks in them this week however we find a few of the odd ball decks making appearances. This is refreshing and could be mostly due to the holiday weekend keeping many of the regular Classic players from joining. RG Aggro again moving up in the rankings so fast in this environment, when control players must start out at 16-17 life. Ace of Drafts has made the top eight with this deck the last three tourneys and is proving this deck is a lot for most of the Classic community to handle.

Another interesting note on this tourney was the return of Bomberman. Without a Top eight appearance in months it would seem the deck came back and made a huge splash taking a 4th place finish.  Whiffy Penguin is known to be a great Thresh player and now has shown his hand at operating a Combo deck to pay day.  Great Meta call by him with so many decks geared to battle Flash and Dredge, no doubt this was a shock to them all.
While Thresh decks in the Top eight really is not news, a few of the odd balls of Classic finally got a pay day. Dead Guy’s Ale, GB Elf Clamp, and Sensi Sensi all made it to pay day which is odd most of these deck make an appearance then disappear like a drunken frat boy after a one night stand. To see all these deck in the Top eight really is a good thing showing that even the underdogs can win. 

1 RG Aggro
2 Dead Guy Ale
Bomberman *
4 Affinity
8 Thresh
8 Sensi Sensi**
8 GB Elf Clamp
8 Thresh

*  Last Top 8 appearence was 12/9/2007

**  My last article I had mentioned this deck would probally not make another appearence in the Top 8.  Now i will take it on the chin for this as the deck did perform well again.

I would like to thank Whiffy Penguin for his help which has allowed me to keep my data coming in. 



Next week I will have an updated match up chart for the Top 10 decks from that tourney back and a look at a couple of the oddball decks that seem to throw a wrench into the more popular decks plans. We should also have a larger showing for that tourney as it is not a holiday weekend and most of us with a family are just itching to get back into the Classic PE scene. The Deckopedia is up and open for you requests. I will add Pale Ale this week but any other additions please leave a comment for me to do so. So until next time remember to keep it Classy.


article by whiffy penguin (Unregistered) (not verified) at Sat, 03/29/2008 - 10:15
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nice article there dd opening was amusing as i felt the same way even skipping a pe or 2 b4 the release for fam obligations. thank goodness that im greek and dont celebrate regular easter.

side note about bomber man i didnt actually get to combo anyone out the whole tourny go go go exalted beats.

and lastly kaxon of my clan came up w/ the numbers for the pe as he watchd all the replays in round 1 thx for the scout there kax.

keep it up dd i like em.