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By: Salgy, Michael Salgado
Apr 05 2008 11:14pm
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Last week I was watching the Standard Premier Event.  I sometimes like to watch replays because I think it can make me a better player.  Plus paying attention to the decks that were being played, helps me understand the metagame a bit more.  I was more curious to see what other decks were being played that didn't make to top eight, until one deck caught my eye and drew me in.  To my amazement the deck was owning alot of the very top decks.  Can you guess what magical deck this is?  Well before I reveal the anwser let's get to know the player piloting this mystery deck.

Player Dossier

Full Name: Brett R Coggan

Age: 19

Hometown : Gorham, Maine

Occupation : Student

Clan: None at the moment.

Other Hobbies: Picking up hunnies

Previous accomplishments(MTGO events and Real life as well) - 

Qued for the Pro Tour twice, 79th PT Yokohoma, Maine State Champ…
other random top 8s and wins.

Player Rating:


Favorite Magic Format- Ravnica Limited
Favorite Card - Blazing Specter
Favorite Magic Set - Invasion Block


Blazing Specter

Now let's begin to talk about the mystery deck if all of you guessed U/B Faeries or Reveillark Combo/Control then you are wrong!!  Todays list is Blue Green Tempo!!  For those of you rare people who guessed UG Tempo you guys are awesome.  (I'm betting no one did.)

Ancestral Vision
MS: Why did you play it?

K: Because Faeries are lame, and I'd rather play Rogue(ish) decks.

MS: What are it's good matchups in events?

K: It's like 50/50 with almost anything, if you play it right you will win the majority, as a lot of people throw games.. but it almost never wins 2/0, always wins 2/1.. I guess that's how tempo decks are.

MS: What are it's poor matchups in events.

K: Red Green aggro maybe?  Like I said, its pretty close matchups with everything, just have to play tight.

MS: Do you have any general matchup advice for someone who would want to play this deck?  

K: Not really, it's kind of straight forward, counter and bounce their permanents, beat in when you can, usually Cryptic Command takes it home.

MS: Do you have any sideboard advice? 

K: Its pretty obvious how to board with the deck, people can message me on MTGO if they have any specific questions.

MS: Any advice for magic online players?

K: Don't click through too quickly! Haha, we've all been victim to that.   

MS: How long you been playing magic?

K: Hmmm, off and on for a long time like five to six years maybe was a JSS kid for a while then took a two year break.

Venser, Shaper Savant

MS: What do you think about Morningtide?

K: The set is decent, really fun for limited.  Not really sure why they gave faeries a bomb enchantment…

MS: What cards can you see in Tide making an impact?

K: Pretty obvious at this point which ones have and will continue to do so.

MS: Anything else you would like to add?

K: I have three PE wins in the last two weeks.

There you have it folks goes to show you dont have to play the "Top Decks" to be competitive alot of the top decks are well known because everybody and their grandmother play the decks so you see them alot and they play the most because everyone is playing them the most.  Scour though and see what other good decks are out there and give them a chance who knows maybe the decks that we passed over are actually top decks.  Thanks again Brett for the interview and tune in next week folks for another community profile.


by Nash (Unregistered) (not verified) at Thu, 04/10/2008 - 04:06
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    Certainly an interview and decklist is interesting and I thought you asked some good questions but I'm not sure why this guy is so aloof.  He doesn't need to act like he's cool he's being interviewed about a magic deck and we're all reading about it so we won't either.

     I suppose some of the answers "are obvious" but maybe he could let the readers decide that instead of making the decision for us.


sideboard by Anonymous (Unregistered) (not verified) at Mon, 04/07/2008 - 11:41
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So the last 3 sb slots are some secret tech that isn't printed?  Because only 12/15 sb cards are there.

Re by Salgy at Sun, 04/06/2008 - 00:14
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thank you ibanez_bw i know he used "obvious" alot but with a deck like U/G Tempo it's a real tight play deck not much more you can do but the obvious moves and plays.  I talked to konkhra about it and he agreed if it was another deck list he would of put more detail in his anwsers.  But it's still kinda hit or miss some people know they can put in alot of detail and chose not to me as a writer i can't really complain beggers cant be choosers:P  and all the information they give and the decklists it still is a good articles plus their thoughts and feedback is always win win thank you for reading my articles and i will always try to bring everyone really good ones every week

by ibanez_bw (Unregistered) (not verified) at Sat, 04/05/2008 - 23:54
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Wish he didn't answer everything with "It's obvious."  Cool deck, though.  Thanks for this series, Salgy, but this one isn't one of the strongest (through no fault of your own!).

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