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By: Salgy, Michael Salgado
Apr 19 2008 11:23pm
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Every so often I get hit with a question that I just do not know the answer to.  Today that riddle would be, What did the five fingers say to the face?  

I guess the right answer would be SLAP!  However, I am trying very hard to be funny.  We're sitting down with MTGO superstar CharlieMurphy today. 

Player Dossier

Full Name: Jon Swearingen
Age: 19
Hometown : Westerville, Ohio
Occupation : student
Clan: osyp drives me to school
Other Hobbies: partying and watching sports.

Previous accomplishments: Top eight some limited pe's, finals of a constructed pe.  In real life I have placed in the money of both pro tours I have played in, getting twenty first at Pro Tour charleston with teammates Adam Yurchick and Kendall Bright, and 49th at Pro Tour Valencia.  My real life raiting is well into the 1900's in both constructed and limited, and I have made the top eight in nine of my last 12 ptqs.
Favorite Magic Format: limited,draft specifically
Favorite Card: Decree of JUSTICE
Favorite Magic Set: Time Spiral
Decree of Justice
Yo, man, my forehead is bumpin', man.  I'm going to show off the decklists that Jon supplied.  We have a couple of looks at Big Mana! 


Nice I like the flow of this deck alot more than R/G Big Mana, and I used to be a fan of R/G Big Mana.  Wonder how Korlash would do in this deck build and instead of sinks add in Tomb to increase the swamp count to further beef up Korlash.  but then again it doesnt really fit in because the black is just a  splash and not a main color.  Oh well just a thought,  now without further adieu the interview!

(MS= Milkshake75 CM- CharlieMurphy)

MS: Why did you play it? 

CM: Its very good against faerie's and other aggro decks.
MS: What are it's good matchups in events?

CM: Faerie's and all aggro matchups.
MS: What are it's poor matchups in events?

CM: U/g tempo and revilark.


MS: Do you have any general matchup advice for someone who would want to play this deck?

CM: Play this deck if you feel that you aren't going to play against a lot of control decks in the field. 

MS: Do you have any sideboard advice?

CM: Bring in the acid moss and Primal Command against Dragonstorm and any deck that you need to out tempo.
MS: Any advice for magic online players?

CM: Play slow and pay attention to what you are pressing ok to.

Sundering Titan
MS: Do you have any cool Magic stories that you would like to tell?

CM: At a ptq this weekend playing for top eight, I had no permanents in play late into the first and second game due to an Obliterate game one and a Balancing Act game two that also got rid of my hand. I was playing u/w tron and managed to win both games. 
MS: What do you think about Morningtide?

CM: I like it alot, R&D is doing a great job with this game.
MS: What cards can you see in Tide making an impact?

CM: Countryside Crusher is insane in aggro and Bitterblossom is the only reason their is a faerie deck right now. Not to mention how big of an impact revilark has been in every format.

MS: Anything else you would like to add?

CM: Props to Adam Yurchick for loaning me stuff for the PE.

Countryside Crusher

Thank you again Jon for letting me interview you and sharing your decklist with us at  The Standard metagame is evolving a lot as we speak I cant wait to see white decks come up on top and reclaim their throne.  Here are more decklists that Jon has played in PTQs.  Enjoy the decklists and have fun everyone see you next week for another community profile!





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The decklist is missing 4 cards