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By: 88spartans88, Kurt Johanknecht
Apr 26 2008 12:42am
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Drafts came back up a week ago.  This draft was my first (and at this point only) back on v3.  I used PrintScreen to take screenshots and saved them in a Word document during the draft and then typed in all the cards here.  It is certainly more work than with DraftCap, but still doable.

v3 Draft Thoughts

  1. No view of the draft table.  This isn't a very big deal, though it does prevent you from making any judgements about the skill of those feeding you.   In this draft, I was the 2nd lowest rated player at ~1690.  So I didn't have to worry about that.

  2. New pick clock.  Very nice addition.

  3. Draft chat "room" that is docked for you.  Another nice addition to see the progress each round is making.

  4. Prize distribution changes.   This happened later in the week.  But holy mackerel.  One small shift (a good one) from WoTC and bam - MMM jumps from 8 tix to 14 in the span of a day or two.

On to the draft.........

Pack 1:

Oaken Brawler, Smokebraider, Stonybrook Angler, Nameless Inversion, Fertile Ground, Moonglove Winnower, Triclopean Sight, Nightshade Stinger, Faultgrinder, Faerie Trickery, Warren-Scourge Elf, Seedguide Ash, Flamekin Spitfire, Vivid Grove, Knucklebone Witch

Pick: Nameless Inversion

A very obvious pick in the first pack.

Pack 2:

Plover Knights, Whirlpool Whelm, Leaf Gilder, Adder-Staff Boggart, Wispmare, Streambed Aquitects, Lairwatch Giant, Spiderwig Boggart, Boggart Forager, Ringskipper, Hunt Down, Vivid Marsh, Boggart Shenanigans, Nova Chaser

Pick: Nova Caser

An uncommon is missing here.  Other than the very powerful rare, my other choice would have been Leaf Gilder over Plover Knights.  I could end up in Wb Kithkin, but GB allows a lot more flexibility.  And green could end up as GRb with the mana fixing to more easily support a splash.  I've heard of success with red focused elementals though, and a 10/2 trampler is really powerful.  I've not drafted this archetype in LLM yet, so I take the rare.

Pack 3:



Consuming Bonfire, Boggart Loggers, Lys Alana Huntmaster, Runed Stalactite, Inner-Flame Acolyte, Triclopean Sight, Nath's Buffoon, Caterwauling Boggart, Tideshaper Mystic, Elvish Handservant, Changeling Titan, Hunter of Eyeblights, Thorn of Amethyst

Pick: Inner-Flame Acolyte

Two red elementals confirm that the tribe is reasonably open.  But look at the green.  I'm not sure if I'd take the Huntmaster or Titan if I was to move to green, but I do know that I'll still be sending a reasonably strong green signal downstream.   I have passed Fertile Ground/Seedguide Ash and Leaf Gilder and will now pass either Huntmaster or Changeling Titan.  I won't see any good green in pack two if I make this move.  I've seen no good black - so by taking the Acolyte, I am clearly indicating to my neighbors downstream that RB is cut-off.  I should get good cards in both colors in pack two - and then hopefully continue with good red in pack three.

Pack 4:
Leaf Gilder, Boggart Sprite-Chaser, Whirlpool Whelm, Broken Ambitions, Cenn's Heir, Boggart Forager, Facevaulter, Hunt Down, Tar Pitcher, Pollen Lullaby, Ego Erasure, Gaddock Teeg

Pick: Tar Pitcher

I could branch into blue for the counterspell or bounce.  If I had switched to green, then Leaf Gilder is the easy pick.  I may end up with more goblins and/or shapeshifters, though.  So I'll take the good red goblin and try to maintain my clear signals.  A couple of Ghostly Changelings and War-Spike Changelings will make this playable.

Pack 5:

Boggart Loggers, Adder-Staff Boggart, Fertile Ground, Hillcomber Giant, Giant's Ire, Dawnfluke, Spellstutter Sprite, Black Poplar Shaman, Elvish Eulogist, Inner-Flame Igniter, Benthicore

Pick: Inner-Flame Igniter

At this point it is pretty clear that Kithkin is being cut.  I'm glad I did not go for the Plover Knights in Pack two.  This pack has a fine elemental for me.  Though I did think twice about taking Benthicore and splashing blue, on the assumption that I'd still nab a smokebraider or two.

Pack 6:

Stinkdrinker Daredevil, Battlewand Oak, Oaken Brawler, Hurly-Burly, Caterwauling Boggart, Goldmeadow Dodger, Faerie Trickery, Nightshade Stinger, Entangling Trap, Thousand-Year Elixir

Pick: Caterwauling Boggart

Pack 7:

Neck Snap, Smokebraider, Gilt-Leaf Ambush, Kinsbaile Balloonist, Black Poplar Shaman, Shimmering Grotto, Elvish Eulogist, Wren's Run Vanquisher, Kithkin Harbinger

Pick: Smokebraider

Fantastic.  Maybe the first one I passed will table as well.  Though probably not as the pack was weak.  This pack, though, still has a Vanquisher (how???) and the Kithkin Harbinger.

Pack 8:

Inner-Flame Acolyte, Paperfin Rascal, Nath's Elite, Spiderwig Boggart, Flamekin Brawler, Tideshaper Mystic, Rootgrapple, Hearthcage Giant

Pick: Inner-Flame Acolyte

Pack 9:

Oaken Brawler, Fertile Ground, Moonglove Winnower, Triclopean Sight, Faultgrinder, Warren-Scourge Elf, Vivid Grove

Pick: Faultgrinder

A very good sideboard card to handle Obsidian Battle-Axe and other equipment.  The alternative would have been the vivid land.

Pack 10:

Wispmare, Lairwatch Giant, Spiderwig Boggart, Boggart Forager, Hunt Down, Boggart Shenanigans

Pick: Lairwatch Giant

Pack 11:

Consuming Bonfire, Runed Stalactite, Nath's Buffoon, Tideshaper Mystic, Hunter of Eyeblights

Pick: Consuming Bonfire

I am very surprised, but happy, that this tabled.

Pack 12:

Cenn's Heir, Boggart Forager, Hunt Down, Pollen Lullaby

Pick: Cenn's Heir

Pack 13:

Pick: Black Poplar Shaman

Pack 14:

Pick: Entangling Trap 

Pack 15:

Pick: Elvish Eulogist

Pack 16:

Kithkin Greatheart, Mulldrifter, Footbottom Feast, Lowland Oaf, Lignify, Weed Strangle, Bog Hoodlums, Judge of Currents, Inkfathom Divers, Needle Drop, Soaring Hope, Hunter of Eyeblights, Treefolk Harbinger, Fallowsage, Hostility

Pick: Hostility

Mulldrifter is good, but not as good as Hostility in this deck.

Pack 17:

Cloudcrown Oak, Wanderer's Twig, Hornet Harasser, Axegrinder Giant, Woodland Changeling, Blind-Spot Giant, Wellgabber Apothecary, Wanderer's Twig, Boggart Birth Rite, Zephyr Net, Merrow Commerce, Summon the School, Final Revels, Ancient Amphitheater

Pick: Summon the School (hate draft)

Did you really think so?  I hope not.  I certainly picked Final Revels here.  And was very pleased to do so!

Pack 18:

Deeptread Merrow, Fistful of Force, Eyeblight's Ending, Soulbright Flamekin, Glimmerdust Nap, Fire-Belly Changeling, Skeletal Changeling, Aquitect's Will, Kinsbaile Skirmisher, Spring Cleaning, Prowess of the Fair, Treefolk Harbinger, Flamekin Spitfire

Pick: Eyeblight's Ending

Another great black removal spell.  I won't see much black in pack three, but pack two is working out exactly as I expected it to.

Pack 19:

Warren Pilferers, Soulbright Flamekin, Kithkin Daggerdare, Surge of Thoughtweft, Weed Strangle, Soaring Hope, Shimmering Grotto, Judge of Currents, Lace with Moonglove, Blind-Spot Giant, Vivid Crag, Boggart Harbinger

Pick: Warren Pilferers

Is Weed Strangle the better pick here?  With all the removal I have already and the good red and black removal in Morningtide, I think that the Pilferers is the correct pick.

Pack 20:

Mudbutton Torchrunner, Springleaf Drum, Oakgnarl Warrior, Glimmerdust Nap, Springjack Knight, Heal the Scars, Inkfathom Divers, Boggart Birth Rite, Ingot Chewer, Crush Underfoot, Glen Elendra Pranksters

Pick: Mudbutton Torchrunner

Pack 21:

Wanderer's Twig, Silvergill Douser, Bog-Strider Ash, Spring Cleaning, Exiled Boggart, Shields of Velis Vel, Mournwhelk, Needle Drop, Veteran of the Depths, Prowess of the Fair

Pick: Mournwhelk

Pack 22:

Quill-Slinger Boggart, Scarred Vinebreeder, Gilt-Leaf Seer, Protective Bubble, Ingot Chewer, Amoeboid Changeling, Woodland Guidance, Flamekin Harbinger, Benthicore

Pick: Flamekin Harbinger

A very welcome sight in this booster.  This card really helps the deck.

Pack 23:

Kithkin Healer, Deeptread Merrow, Herbal Poultice, Elvish Branchbender, Wellgabber Apothecary, Aquitect's Will, Mournwhelk, Zephyr Net

Pick: Mournwhelk

Pack 24:

Footbottom Feast, Bog Hoodlums, Inkfathom Divers, Needle Drop, Soaring Hope, Hunter of Eyeblights, Fallowsage

Pick: Footbottom Feast

Pack 25:

Wanderer's Twig, Axegrinder Giant, Wellgabber Apothecary, Boggart Birth Rite, Zephyr Net, Merrow Commerce

Pick: Wanderer's Twig

Pack 26:

Soulbright Flamekin, Glimmerdust Nap, Aquitect's Will, Spring Cleaning, Prowess of the Fair

Pick: Soulbright Flamekin

Pack 27:

Soulbright Flamekin, Soaring Hope, Shimmering Grotto, Lace with Moonglove

Pick: Soulbright Flamekin

Pack 28:

Glimmerdust Nap, Heal the Scars, Ingot Chewer

Pick: Ingot Chewer

Pack 31:

Order of the Golden Cricket, Disperse, War-Spike Changeling, Kithkin Zephyrnaut, *, Moonglove Changeling, Forfend, Mudbutton Clanger, Deglamer, Ink Dissolver, Coordinated Barrage, Pyroclast Consul, Bramblewood Paragon, Thornbite Staff, Kinsbaile Cavalier

Pick: Pyroclast Consul

I thought long and hard about the War-Spike Changeling, but went with the mass removal ability instead.

Pack 32:

Shard Volley, Changeling Sentinel, Latchkey Faerie, Winnower Patrol, Pack's Disdain, Seething Pathblazer, Merrow Witsniper, Blightsoil Druid, Bosk Banneret, Stonybrook Schoolmaster, Diviner's Wand, Obsidian Battle-Axe, Wandering Graybeard, Heritage Druid

Pick: Pack's Disdain

This or Shard Volley?  I need land to cast Hostility and haven't seen a banneret yet - so I went with the more flexible damage spell, which can't target players.

Pack 33:

Burrenton Shield-Bearers, Shard Volley, Elvish Warrior, Dewdrop Spy, Kithkin Zephyrnaut, Mothdust Changeling, Pulling Teeth, Roar of the Crowd, Everbark Shaman, Shinewend, Redeem the Lost, Boldwyr Intimidator, Shared Animosity

Pick: Shard Volley

Shared Animosity was tempting but I thought my deck was already strong so I stayed with something more simple and conservative - with less overall power.

Pack 34:

Fire Juggler, Weed-Pruner Poplar, War-Spike Changeling, Violet Pall, Distant Melody, Fertilid, Merrow Witsniper, Morsel Theft, Stingmoggie, Lys Alana Bowmaster, Rivals' Duel, Sage's Dousing

Pick: Violet Pall

Woo hoo - another chance to get War-Spike!  But...  there is a Violet Pall sitting there as well.   I take the best common removal spell.

Pack 35:

Ballyrush Banneret, Brighthearth Banneret, Squeaking Pie Sneak, Reins of the Vinesteed, Distant Melody, Negate, Prickly Boggart, Hostile Realm, Everbark Shaman, Pulling Teeth, Revive the Fallen

Pick: Brighthearth Banneret

A banneret is very welcome in this deck.  With Smokebraider, Hostility now costs 3R!

Pack 36:

Order of the Golden Cricket, Sunflare Shaman, Weed-Pruner Poplar, Stream of Unconsciousness, Mosquito Guard, Floodchaser, Morsel Theft, Luminescent Rain, Mudbutton Clanger, Walker of the Grove

Pick: Sunflare Shaman

Pack 37:

Sunflare Shaman, Disperse, Brighthearth Banneret, Lys Alana Bowmaster, Mosquito Guard, Roar of the Crowd, Orchard Warden, Sage's Dousing, Offalsnout

Pick: Brighthearth Banneret

Another Banneret!   I have enough removal that this is more necessary than Roar of the Crowd.

Pack 38:

Seething Pathblazer, Final-Sting Faerie, Lunk Errant, Luminescent Rain, Ink Dissolver, Mothdust Changeling, Nightshade Schemers, Stomping Slabs

Pick: Seething Pathblazer

Pack 39:

Kithkin Zephyrnaut, Forfend, Mudbutton Clanger, Deglamer, Ink Dissolver, Coordinated Barrage, Thornbite Staff

Pick: Coordinated Barrage

Pack 40:

Seething Pathblazer, Merrow Witsniper, Blightsoil Druid, Stonybrook Schoolmaster, Wandering Graybeard, Heritage Druid

Pick: Wandering Graybeard

Pack 41:

Burrenton Shield Bearers, Pulling Teeth, Everbark Shaman, Shinewend, Redeem the Lost

Pick: Redeem the Lost

Pack 42:

Merrow Witsniper, Stingmoggie, Rival's Duel, Sage's Dousing

Pick: Rival's Duel

Pack 43:

Negate, Hostile Realm, Pulling Teeth

Pick: Negate

Pack 44:

Pick: Floodchaser

Pack 45:

Pick: Roar of the Crowd


9 Mountain
8 Swamp

1 Flamekin Harbinger
1 Smokebraider
1 Sunflare Shaman
2 Brighthearth Banneret
2 Inner-Flame Acolyte
1 Inner-Flame Igniter
1 Nova Chaser
1 Pyroclast Consul
1 Warren Pilferers
1 Hostility
2 Mournwhelk
1 Shard Volley
1 Nameless Inversion
1 Pack's Disdain
1 Eyeblight's Ending
1 Footbottom Feast
1 Roar of the Crowd
1 Violet Pall
1 Final Revels
1 Consuming Bonfire
Relevant Sideboard
1 Tar Pitcher
1 Rivals' Duel
1 Wanderer's Twig
2 Ingot Chewer
1 Seething Pathblazer
1 Mudbutton Torchrunner
1 Needle Drop
1 Faultgrinder
1 Caterwauling Boggart
2 Soulbright Flamekin

Round 1 Summary

I lost the first round 2-1 to a very good goblin deck piloted by a very good player.   His deck included Boggart Mob, Stenchskipper, and at least one Warren Pilferers.  It also included Boggart Harbinger to search up the best piece.   Either the Mob or Stenchskipper showed up in each game.   My deck cooperated quite well (no mulligans into oblivion, reasonable draws) so either the matchup was in his favor, or I made mistakes.  Unfortunately, no replays makes it hard for me to review the gameplay.  I did have turn one harbinger in games one and three (the games I lost.)  In game one (on the draw) I kept a three land hand, and drew a fourth in my first draw, so I tutored up Nova Chaser.   The reveal is the problem here, which allowed my opponent to save a Tarfire to kill it upon entering play.  In game three, I tutored up the Smokebraider instead, not wanting to give my opponent the chance to plan out his attack.   But then didn't draw into my power cards.

In game two, my opponent had the game won and played into my only out.   My opponent had all black creatures including Stenchskipper, and I was at ten life.  He attacked to take me to four, and then played War-Spike Changeling.  Without playing the non-black creature, I am dead the following turn.  But this play allows me to use the Violet Pall I am holding to kill the War-Spike and create a chump blocker.   Harbinger into Hostility allowed me to take the game.


1) My land allocation was wrong.  I got lazy in a two color deck and just went 9/8 when it clearly should have been 10/7 or maybe even 11/6.

2) Violet Pall is an awesome removal card, unless your opponent is playing mostly black.  I thought about siding it out for games two and three - but in the end decided not to.

3) Stenchskipper is a house in this format.  But you won't know it is available until you are cemented into the archetype.  Not much removal can get rid of it.  Perhaps I should have valued that Weed Strangle more highly at Pack 19.

4) Should I have played the Soulbright Flamekin to be sure I'd be able to cast Hostility with the convert all mana to red ability?

5) Rage Forger is a key part of the red elemental archetype.  I would have much rather had one of those than Pyroclast Consul, but the packs did not open that way.


by Klutz (Unregistered) (not verified) at Mon, 04/28/2008 - 17:22
Klutz (Unregistered)'s picture

Sorry about the double-post; my first post missed the alternate G/x picks.

Once you make a different pick you can only go 7 more picks into the future until you start seeing packs affected by the changed picks.  So for picks 2-9 I would have had:
2: Leaf Gilder
3: Changeling Titan (Yeah over Huntmaster, but it's close)
4: Leaf Gilder
5: Fertile Ground
6: Battlewand
7: Vanquisher
8: Nath's Elite
9: Fertile Ground

That's a solid start to a G/x deck especially with the Inversion, and you can easily take Mulldrifter 16th and splash here.  Not sure if the deck would have been more powerful but I certainly wouldn't be complaining yet.

by Klutz (Unregistered) (not verified) at Mon, 04/28/2008 - 17:20
Klutz (Unregistered)'s picture

That's a solid start to a G/x deck especially with the Inversion, and you can easily take Mulldrifter 16th and splash here.  Not sure if the deck would have been more powerful but I certainly wouldn't be complaining yet.

Back to the actual draft:
3: Even intending to go Elementals I'd happily snag Changeling Titan here.
19: I'm not sure here... I think Pilferers is fine here as Weed Strangle is definitely clunky removal, albeit effective.
31: I think you actually had a good chance to wheel Pyroclast Consul here given how late you got the Soulbright Flamekins in pack 2.  It's definitely a defensible first pick though.
32: I hate Pack's Disdain because in any less than perfect tribal deck you need 3 creatures out just to consistently do -2/-2.  I'd be fine with Shard Volley.  I don't like Axe here as you only have about 3 Warriors so far.
39: Here however was the biggest mistake I saw.  Thornbite Staff is INSANE in your deck, as your Elementals are almost all Shaman.  Tar Pitcher is a Shaman also, though in this deck you didn't have enough Goblins/Changelings for that to matter.
40: Seething Pathblazer would have been fine here also.

Despite having 3 pieces of acceleration (4 counting Harbinger) your deck is very top-heavy.  You can streamline it quite a bit.
-1 Roar of the Crowd (worst removal spell)
-1 Mournwhelk (good enough to leave one in but pricey even with your acceleration)
-1 Consuming Bonfire (2nd worst removal spell)
+1 Caterwauling Boggart
+1 Seething Pathblazer
+1 Soulbright Flamekin

Those changes make your deck a lot more aggressive and tougher to stabilize against.

by Faustus (Unregistered) (not verified) at Mon, 04/28/2008 - 03:10
Faustus (Unregistered)'s picture

I would have gone elves, but I can understand your reasoning.  Think you ended up with the better deck for your choices anyway.  I just don't value Nova Chaser as highly as you do, and I really like the Huntsmaster.

I think you would have been a little too creature light with the elf build.  I would definately have gone Mulldrifter off the splash if I was 2 fertile grounds (like I would if I was in green). 

by Anonymous (Unregistered) (not verified) at Sat, 04/26/2008 - 13:46
Anonymous (Unregistered)'s picture

pack 3 pick 32 is definintely the battle-axe-- you unknowingly took a inner flame acolyte pick 3.  the bonfire tabled so it wasn't that big of a hit.  going turn 2 smokebraider- turn 3 battle-axe and setting up one of your 2 inner-flames for the fourth turn with mana back is insane.  packs disdain is definitely not one of my favorite removal spells and it is very close to shard volley in strength but you're draft turned out good congrats!