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By: NeoNetGen, Parker M
Apr 26 2008 11:15pm
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One of the most overwhelming things being said on the forums is "you imagined a different place" you thought the world of magic was so much bigger. I am glad that so many have taken the time to tell everyone their side of the story. I have enjoyed reading all the different perspectives the past week. It really makes you realize that there are many different views on what Magic is to each and everyone of us.

Let your creativity flow some more. If you think you can visually change the way the rest of us see Magic here is your shot. We want you to really push what can be seen on V3. The sky here really is the limit. The only head start I will give you is this: The landscape of Magic is large and vast. Have fun and play with it.
1. You must allow any website to offer the skin for publishing
2. Your skin must be original.
3. You must share the code.

1. Can be sent Here
2. All submissions should be gathered before June 15th.
3. Voting will began the following day for 1 Week
4. Then a winner will be announced
Some free Software
*If you are interested in helping with prize support please leave me a PM


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Prize Updates.

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