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    Pete takes some time to look back at how leagues worked before 2008, dispels some myths and speculated about what Wizards has in store for us. Wizards has promised Leagues will arrive in about 6 months (we've heard that before), but this time they've scheduled a beta test. That's progress.
  • 342
    Happy Thanksgiving! Here's some turkey for ya!
  • Legacy DE#2
    Here am I with another Legacy Daily Event!
  • 223
    Taking a mulligan sometimes is a feeling that causes you dread when you are playing competitive magic. Though most times mulling to 6 or even 5 will leave you in a better position than a weak starting 7. Inside I will give you examples of starting hands from Standard and Modern decks and help you decide when to go to "Paris"
  • 835
    Time to divulge the results on the survey to understand the current state of MTGO.
  • 705
    Join Josh, AJ and special guest Andrew as they spill the good and bad news on leagues, see what's up and what's down on Khans prices, and delve into some welcome changes to MOCS promos. All this and more!
  • Momir DE#4
    Here's another Momir event. Let's see if I can do better this time!
  • 1,018
    Marcos is back from his hiatus and needs help tuning his deck for Grand Prix San Antonio! Come read about the deck he plans to play and why he thinks it's a good choice right now. (Bonus Limited content included)
  • 507
    Ever wonder how Cube could be influenced by the EDH/Commander format? Well we will tell you how! Let's rock!
  • 10,543
    This deck, inspired by some of the new cards released in Commander 2014, is sure to impress Timmy players. The build only costs as much as Khans draft and promises to smash opponents for tons of damage!
  • 2,373
    It's Friday! It's time for news, prices, deck tech and more. GPNJ was huge; not destroyed by Treasure Cruise. GP Madrid was also huge, also not destroyed by Treasure Cruise. VSL season one wraps up, and Wizards adds memory leaks to the bug blog. On the down side, the invisible disconnect bug is back, but so is Cube. Yay Cube!
  • 672
    What would the GP Madrid Top 8 Martyr Proclamation deck cost you online? A break down of the deck, a PRE reminder plus all of the other prices are a click away.
  • Pauper Stompy
    Come see if Evan can Stomp through Pauper.
  • 432
    Come watch Josh and Casper battle some more!
  • 1,142
    Paul takes us on a winter's journey into Standard and Tribal Wars via prose and perhaps there is a discussion of other sundry subjects as well.
  • 898
    Yo quiero Taco Bell. Come with me on a leisurely cruise as I go south of the border digging for gold (and other treasures), and uncover a fountain of fire instead. Woo hoo! Gasp in wonder as the Modern meta is warped by a black hole. Heck, let's dive right into that Event Horizon and see what's through the wormhole...
  • 636
    The award show you always wanted to be a part of, but were afraid to ask.
  • 631
    So whatcha doin' tonight? Have you heard that the world's gone crazy?
  • 1,452
    I finally decided to get into Legacy building UR Delver and played a DE. Let's see how I did.
  • 718
    While it's position in the Standard meta is somewhat fringe, Savage Knuckleblade-lead Temur beats is a core player in the KTK block constructed metagame. Come in as I update the metagame statistics with the last couple of weeks of data and dive deep into the Temur midrangey, aggressiveish, sort of tempo deck.
  • 595
    Jake goes over this weekend's Legacy Heirloom results and gives some ideas for those players looking to jump into the budget oriented forma headfirst.
  • 468
    TRIBAL APOCALYPSE, the only LEGACY TRIBAL WARS tournament in the whole wide world. The Tribal format, the Tribal players, the Tribal decks, and everything else.
  • 1,948
    Blue-Black Control is positioned very well in the current metagame. Despite that, it is left under the radar. Curious what builds are the most popular to be prepared the next time you get paired against UB? Or maybe you're looking to play it, but don't know where to start? Check out this article!
  • 724
    Join Joshua and AJ as they look over the holiday events on offer, check the state of the bug list, go over the recent Grands Prix and look at the savings you could make in the name of power. All this and more!
  • 709
    Spoiler Alert!! I did not win GPNJ but I learned a ton. Take a look inside as I highlight the highs and lows (but mostly lows) and explain what I would play in legacy moving forward and some advice in handling crushing defeat.