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  • 2,163
    My journey through magic lately and an account of my meager attempt to aid (and then cheer on) the community win the Erik "Hamtastic" Friborg Cup yet again. Plus decks and some country stuff.
  • 2,891
    In here I talk about new decks I've brewed in the inbetween period of cycling sets that happens in August and September. Bonus content: Decks for Tribal Wars and Modern formats, and some philosophical waxing.
  • 3,132
    Herein I summarize a variety of decks in a plethora of formats, my standings in Hamtastic's birthday celebration (Ham On Wry), talk about the upcoming CCC event nominations, the V4 Sneak Peak and other fun things. Oh yeah it's either my birthday as you are reading this or it just passed.
  • 5,244
    Herein I interview two fellows who are in my humble opinion legendary personalities on Magic Online. BlippyTheSlug, noted most recently for running the back to back marathon player run events known as Ham on Wry and Leviathan who writes amazing commander articles for this site. Come in and watch them dust up some villains, or at least handle my curve ball questions.
  • 4,013
    Here in I talk about the Ham on Wry event, bounties, Classic format casual decks, and give you tons of lists for other formats. There is also a hidden bonus section with tips for improving your own articles and an Easter egg of sorts.
  • 3,961
    Herein I present some news, some Wolves, some Infinite tricks, Tribal decks and Standard decks and some talk about communication.
  • 3,973
    Herein I present reasons why the sky is yet again not actually falling despite my own feelings to the contrary and some fun if somewhat soon to be crippled lists. Come learn of my angst and then my catharsis and finally my solutions.
  • 3,988
    Lord Erman is a humble man with great skills and an inordinate influence on our community. Come and find out more about him and what makes him so good and important.
  • 3,162
    Within I discuss holiday themes and decks. Come share in the solstice spirit of renewal.
  • 3,598
    Herein I have some words with the infamous Pete Jahn, our very own One Million Words who hosts the State of the Program articles in memory of Erik Friborg and who writes on a wide variety of subjects concerning our favorite game. Come in and get to know him.
  • 3,915
    Within I discuss my ventures into the Weekend Player Run Events and discuss some magical philosophy. A plethora of deck lists in a myriad of formats also within. Also at the bottom some questions about politics.
  • 3,414
    I managed to get a hold of the flightless bird between rounds of Classic and Podcasts to spill on his experiences in this great game of ours. Read within to find out more.
  • 2,298
    Herein I discuss what I love about the DPA solution given by WOTC as a prize for this year's CCC win. And I also discuss why I could not attend the tourney.
  • 2,524
    Within, I do not discuss ccc deck tech but I do discuss my feelings about the Community Cup and the totality that represents us as players and people. There may also be lyrics to a theme song. Come prepared with tuning fork, pitch pipe, etc.
  • 3,197
    Herein we get to find out some more details about our benefactor and friend Heath Newton as I ask him a number of questions.
  • 3,804
    In an almost John Rizzo* like moment, I ramble on a variety of subjects, some of them regarding MTGO... (*Disclaimer: Not claiming this will be anywhere near the greatness of a typical John Rizzo article, just as scattered topic-wise. If you don't know who John Rizzo is, well you have been missing out. Also there may be New Phyrexia Spoilers within. You've been warned!)
  • 3,058
    My own experiences with one of the greatest players and people I have had the honor to know.
  • 3,464
    The 2nd in a series of interviews with famous Magic Online personalities brings you the inner workings of one Joshua X Claytor. Enter to read what he has to say on a number of subjects.
  • 3,257
    This week Paul took a break from playing in the PRES to help XaosLegend with the weekly heirloom event report. Pop inside to see what curves happened therein and who took the big prize.
  • 3,950
    Paul is lucky enough to score an interview with the illustrious and legendary player and Puremtgo podcast personality AJ_Impy. Enter to find out what the man has to say on his favorite formats and trends in magic online.
  • 3,447
    Wherein I talk about Heirloom and Tribal formats with a double fistful of deck lists and cover various other sundry subjects.
  • 2,666
    Herein I describe my journey through creative trial and error to find a deck worthy of the name 'fun yet victorious'.
  • 2,927
    Herein I give you my 2.5 cents about a variety of issues that have been going lately. Plus some Elemental Tribal Wars Classic decks to play with in casual.
  • 3,228
    Herein I talk about a contest on the puremtgo forums, the love I have for legendary cards and why you should too.
  • 3,203
    Herein I talk about our latest set and a tribe that could be fun plus a plethora of black blue decks and a potential new format.