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    This is the beginning of a chain of articles discussing how to properly analyze and choose the right cards to combat the current metagame, starting first with red's removal spells. This article also marks the beginning of "Deck Spotlight," and the continuation of "You Make the Play."
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    Check out today's article for a deck that combines some new M10 options with a few junk rares to bash through the red zone with some giant monsters!
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    We're going to be talking about the most important part of any deck you'll ever build: Lands. But this isn't just a list of good Commander lands. This is a guide for people who are looking to improve their manabase on any budget. This week, we'll be focusing on basic lands and dual lands.
    The D.K.
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    A Visual 'How To' Guide for the upcoming V3 launch. Step by step how to's for changing the duel screen, using the zoom slider, disabling the chat and using the new marketplace!
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    It's Friday, and WE HAVE A PREVIEW CARD! And it's sweet! Also all the usual news, deck tech, prices, etc. But first, the preview card. So click already.
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    At San Diego's Comic-Con 2012, Wizards revealed a lot of new information about Return to Ravnica. In this article I look at what we know now and speculate on what could be coming.
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    I've done combo compendiums before, but this one is solely based on my favorite Commander (two-card) Combo interactions. New to Commander? Maybe one of these will speak to you and start your journey to deck building. This tome contains a wealth of information so vast, a dragon should be freakin' guarding it, man.
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    Check out today's article for a simple online app that helps you calculate the correct balance of land for your deck!
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    Check out a new double-faced card from Eldritch Moon, Ulvenwald Captive! Does it have what it takes to make it in the Pauper world?
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    In the last couple weeks, I have had time to play in, or run, a number of paper events, and spent some time on MTGO. Paper Magic and digital Magic are different. Let me discuss the difference – and why MTGO is better than Online.
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    Finishing up a look at starting out on Magic Online with a detailed look at getting into Pauper. Be prepared to read!
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    Too often people get so obsessed with face value of cards they forget the purpose of the game - to Win. This article explores winning and what conditions allow such a thing, then looks at keeping this in mind with deck design and play.
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    In this edition of Becoming A Modern Man I will be looking at a Mono-Blue Tron deck that took down a recent Modern Premier event. Intrigued? Come check it out!
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    PureMTGO.com is proud to present it's Rivals of Ixalan card, Golden Demise
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    Literally no cards that aren't planeswalkers or mana-producers.
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    I get to showcase a preview card! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *pant* *cough* *hack* *wheeze* *deep breath* eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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    PureMTGO is proud to present a new card from Dominaria!
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    An all-encompassing look at one of the best pauper decks: Stompy. Complete with tournament coverage, videos, card by card in-depth analysis and strategy.
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    Joshua takes a look at a spoiler from Magic Origins!
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    This is my twenty-something preview article. My card, this time around, is Disdaining Stroke. It's good. Not quite as good as Grafdigger's Cage, but way better than nearly anything else I've reviewed in the last couple years.
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    Sideboards are hard. Finding the right sideboard cards to fight the threats is hard. Let Anthony make it easier with this compilation of all of the most popular Pauper sideboard cards!
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    This deck, inspired by some of the new cards released in Commander 2014, is sure to impress Timmy players. The build only costs as much as Khans draft and promises to smash opponents for tons of damage!
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    Once again, we have a Counterspell to reveal. Once again, it is a sweet 1U Instant. Is it as good as our last Preview: Disdainful Stroke? Is it a new Mana Leak or Remand? Or is it something really situational, like Second Guess or Hisoka’s Defiance? Finding out is only a click away!
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    Welcome to world of clans! In this article, dragonmage65 explains what a clan is, and how to get involved in one.
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    Puremtgo.com is proud to unveil our Shadows over Innistrad preview card, Engulf the Shore