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  • 26,646
    Here is a primer to get started on the 4 booster sealed deck format on Magic Online. I also included a tournament report from the first 4 booster sealed deck tournament I entered.
  • 26,475
    Sideboards are hard. Finding the right sideboard cards to fight the threats is hard. Let Anthony make it easier with this compilation of all of the most popular Pauper sideboard cards!
  • 25,470
    Return to Ravnica has now been completely spoiled and the prerelease guild pack lists are up for viewing! Unsure of how the guild packs stack up to one another? Here's my analysis of each one!
  • 24,185
    Join me as I start a long term adventure - building a deck for Theros block play, tweaking it as the meta changes, incorporating new sets and eventually bringing it into Standard!
  • 24,088
    Come look at Evan give you the breakdown and play hexproof in Pauper.
  • 23,955
    Finally back for round two! We're going to be talking about the most important part of any deck you'll ever build: Lands. But this isn't just a list of good Commander lands. This is a guide for people who are looking to improve their manabase on any budget. This time, we'll be focusing on three-color lands and lands that can tap for any color.
    The D.K.
  • 23,937
    Too often people get so obsessed with face value of cards they forget the purpose of the game - to Win. This article explores winning and what conditions allow such a thing, then looks at keeping this in mind with deck design and play.
  • 23,369
    Force your opponents kill themselves for with this unique twist to the pillowfort archetype. One of the most interesting decks I've ever played!
  • 22,984
    In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except Death & Taxes.
  • 22,718
    Wizards had a panel at Comic-Con 2014 at which they revealed their plans for the coming year, including a lot of new information about the upcoming block Khans of Tarkir.
  • 22,419
    From Serra to Lyra: let's make all the Angels ever printed dance on the head of a list, to judge them for their virtues, but also for their sins. [Updated through Dominaria]
  • 22,053
    A relatively unknown general, and mono-red at that! The doc is here to show you how remarkably fun and powerful this little goblin can be! Budget deck under 20tix
  • 21,632
    In this installment, Matthew takes a deep dive into Gatecrash, by recording data from 600 decks and crunching the numbers. Which guild is the best? Which is the worst? Was he wrong when he said Boros was bad? How fast is the format? Come find out how to get an edge on the competition when you draft Gatecrash.
  • 21,308
    Alex was given access to all the lists from the Pauper Premier Event on March 29th. Here he goes over the top 32 decks, mining for gold.
  • 21,101
    The best Commander set so far! Join me as I go through my favorite new cards and their effects on the format as a whole.
  • 20,722
    Heirloom constructed is a new casual competitive format on MTGO. It's cheaper than pauper but has a larger more varied card pool to build from. The purpose is to win, not to play fair(and enjoy yourself playing of course). I will be sponsoring free player run events once a week with tix prizes.
  • 20,535
    It's good to be reminded that this program we all use is far from perfect
  • 20,495
    Check out today's article for a big announcement, and then a breakdown of budget alternatives to a whole ton of cool (but expensive) cards!
  • 20,271
    How to install v3. This article is pretty important considering the fact that the MTGO we have all come to know and, (awkward pause) will be going dark today!
  • 19,864
    This week Alex takes a look at using the graveyard as a resource.
  • 19,853
    A take a look at the Mono-Black Infect deck in Modern. A competitive Modern deck that you can put together for around 35 tix. Come take a look as I attempt to infect the world of Modern with my Phyrexian minions.
  • 19,635
    Each month, PureMTGO users run a card design contest in this site's forums. This month's contest was to design one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse, a Planeswalker.
  • 19,606
    Chris breaks down the top decks of the Pauper metagame, explains why these decks are on top and how you can break into the format with one of these lists or one of your own.
  • 19,437
    It's the PureMTGO preview card. It has no drawbacks. It really does attack for 7. It is indestructible. I know you are curious - so why haven't you clicked on the article already?
  • 19,210
    Some deck tech for my very first and most cherished commander, Zedruu.