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    Once again, we have a Counterspell to reveal. Once again, it is a sweet 1U Instant. Is it as good as our last Preview: Disdainful Stroke? Is it a new Mana Leak or Remand? Or is it something really situational, like Second Guess or Hisoka’s Defiance? Finding out is only a click away!
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    Puremtgo.com is proud to unveil our Shadows over Innistrad preview card, Engulf the Shore
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    Eternal Masters is shaping up to be an exciting set, we get to reveal our card today, so click the link to see what you could find in packs!
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    Finally back for round two! We're going to be talking about the most important part of any deck you'll ever build: Lands. But this isn't just a list of good Commander lands. This is a guide for people who are looking to improve their manabase on any budget. This time, we'll be focusing on three-color lands and lands that can tap for any color.
    The D.K.
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    A historic look at the dreaded "WHITE WEENIE" within the pauper format. Including many versions of the decks incarnations over the years and a card by card breakdown with funny pictures to boot!
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    A foray into Standard Esper control with a focus on Sanguine Bond.
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    Come look at Evan give you the breakdown and play hexproof in Pauper.
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    Here is a primer to get started on the 4 booster sealed deck format on Magic Online. I also included a tournament report from the first 4 booster sealed deck tournament I entered.
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    Force your opponents kill themselves for with this unique twist to the pillowfort archetype. One of the most interesting decks I've ever played!
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    Return to Ravnica has now been completely spoiled and the prerelease guild pack lists are up for viewing! Unsure of how the guild packs stack up to one another? Here's my analysis of each one!
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    Join me inside as I take you on a Johnnytastic tour of the insane amount of possible tricks with Stuffy Doll! I elaborate on all of the cards that make it a great combo-piece in addition to laying out Twelve, that's right TWELVE different 60-card Classic Stuffy Doll Decks.
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    From Akroma to Firja: let's make all the Angels ever printed dance on the head of a list, to judge them for their virtues as much as their sins. Updated through Kaldheim.
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    Join me as I start a long term adventure - building a deck for Theros block play, tweaking it as the meta changes, incorporating new sets and eventually bringing it into Standard!
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    In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except Death & Taxes.
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    A relatively unknown general, and mono-red at that! The doc is here to show you how remarkably fun and powerful this little goblin can be! Budget deck under 20tix
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    Check out today's article for a big announcement, and then a breakdown of budget alternatives to a whole ton of cool (but expensive) cards!
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    Control is most stigmatized, unintuitive and misunderstood strategy in Magic: The Gathering. In this guide, Frankie looks to dispel the common myths of the archetype and provide the tools needed for designing winning control lists.
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    Wizards had a panel at Comic-Con 2014 at which they revealed their plans for the coming year, including a lot of new information about the upcoming block Khans of Tarkir.
  • 24,698
    The best Commander set so far! Join me as I go through my favorite new cards and their effects on the format as a whole.
  • 24,459
    Heirloom constructed is a new casual competitive format on MTGO. It's cheaper than pauper but has a larger more varied card pool to build from. The purpose is to win, not to play fair(and enjoy yourself playing of course). I will be sponsoring free player run events once a week with tix prizes.
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    With the return of the Momir Basic 2-man queues, the format has picked up in popularity. This is a primer for anyone interested in starting the format, or strategy suggestions for anyone interesting in digging deeper in the intricacies of Momir. Get your information here on a great format for anyone at any level of Magic.
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    In this installment, Matthew takes a deep dive into Gatecrash, by recording data from 600 decks and crunching the numbers. Which guild is the best? Which is the worst? Was he wrong when he said Boros was bad? How fast is the format? Come find out how to get an edge on the competition when you draft Gatecrash.
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    In this article, gwyned breaks down the new combo in Standard Pauper that has all the deckbuilders buzzing. Then, he examines how the deck matches up against White Weenie, the leader in the current metagame. After the link you'll find an explanation of the combo, various options to make it work, a decklist featuring the combo, and a match highlighting how it fairs against White Weenie from MPDC 18.01.
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    It's good to be reminded that this program we all use is far from perfect
  • 23,105
    Everything you always wanted to know about Liliana (but were afraid to ask).