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  • 18,249
    A beginning run through of the new client: hopefully helpful to those new to MTGO and also to people new to the beta!
  • 18,191
    The Gatecrash spoiler is up, and prereleases are almost here. In this installment, Matthew takes a deep dive into the numbers behind the creatures in Gatecrash, and talks about what those numbers mean for how we will draft and play the set. How fast will the set be? What is the best guild? How much fun will Simic be to draft? Can I play Enter the Infinite? The answers to all of the questions and more are here for you.
  • 18,121
    Talrand makes waves in Commander, crushing the opposition in this powerful deck that only costs 15tix!
  • 17,995
    In this installment, Matthew takes a look at M14. He talks about the speed of the format, as well as the strength of the two-color combinations. How good is the sliver deck? What about the lifegain deck, the sacrifice deck, or the enchantment deck? What is the best performer in the format? What about auras like Mark of the Vampire? Matthew answers these questions and more in the article.
  • 17,988
    Life, the Universe and Everything else you need to know about UBw Teachings(pauper) and the current meta!
  • 17,920
    Reveillark provides a powerful new ability and begs for a deck. The question is whether the flier belongs in a combo build, or as a finisher in a UW control deck. Let’s look at both.
  • 17,713
    Having lost draftcap and draft walkthroughs since the launch of version 3, Sebastian Park brings to you a video draft walkthroughs of MMM!
  • 17,640
    Ever considered joining the ranks of Magic Online players, but didn't know where to start? Maybe this will help!
  • 17,320
    I take a look at Gerry Thompson's Elemental Combo deck from Pro Tour Return to Ravnica. Will it be a consistent turn 2 kill machine or will it be a suicidal floundering wreck? There's only one way to find out and that's by reading the article.
  • 17,245
    Oraymw continues his tradition of hundreds of limited matches during release events, and using those observations to build a powerful overview of the current limited environment.
  • 17,207
    Do you like grindy, controlling decks? Do you like Planeswalkers? Do you like making your opponent quit long before they'd die? I know you do!
  • 17,201
    For Worship Week, RexDart takes a look at the competitive history of Clerics in Magic. This surprisingly deep and powerful tribe has packed quite a spiritual punch through the years, see if your favorites made the list!
  • 17,104
    I take a look at the latest version of the ever potent Modern Infect deck.
  • 17,040
    Matthew brings another statistical deep dive to the JBT draft format. He gathers data from hundreds of matches on MTGO, and then crunches the numbers, analyzes the data, and presents it in understandable formats. Come find out the keys to the draft format, including the formats speed, and the popularity of the various draft decks. He also breaks down the best decks in the format, and explains what makes them tick.
  • 17,031
    Fury tempered with discipline, zealous conviction guiding a military might, is the Boros legion well-suited to bathe the opposition in righteous flames?
  • 16,996
    Is Force of Will overrated? Motu makes his case as he casts Parasitic Strix over and over and over and over.
  • 16,969
    Welcome to my next installment of Commander, a one hundred singleton multiplayer format built around a dedicated legend known as your commander. In my last article I went briefly over the format rules and reason why Commander may be appealing to you. In this article I want to talk about deck building suggestions.
  • 16,895
    Pauper currently has access to the best mana in the history of the format. This opens up deckbuilding opportunities galore. Alex takes a look at the different considerations one must make when choosing the fuel for your common fire.
  • 16,855
    The Pauper format is one of the best for brewing and starting on the competitive scene. How about improving your deckbuilding or play skills learning 18 different ways to get real or virtual card advantage in this format ?
  • 16,802
    How to disrupt the single-most notorious combo deck in Pauper.
  • 16,721
    Here's one for the Timmy players out there: an EDH deck that plays the biggest, scariest creatures out there and smashes for a billion! Go BIG or go home with this powerful budget deck!
  • 16,612
    We have a MM2015 preview card! Is it something new we have never seen before? Well, no, Modern Masters is entirely reprints. So is it a really good, expensive card that sees serious constructed play and costs a bundle being reprinted in a new way? Yes, yes it is.
  • 16,485
    The contest ended last week, and after sifting through 79 All star deck lists, Andy and I are here to bring you the top ten lists! Voting begins now as well!
  • 16,146
    Flippers_Giraffe has a look at how to play with your beautiful new Eldrazi.
  • 16,075
    A look at a control archetype within the pauper format and its various flavors.