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  • 10,558
    Moriarty goes into detail about the deck he's been using to qualify for the upcoming Magic Online Championship Series (MOCS).
  • 10,553
    M19 is right around the corner and we have the full spoiler, so I thought I might look at something pretty unique considering one of my favorite cards is back in Standard.
  • 10,506
    I tackle one of the most common questions being asked about Modern - if and when fetchlands will be reprinted. I go through a pile of evidence and look at both the ZEN and ONS fetches. Come see why I think they will be in Standard and how to prepare.
  • 10,501
    This week's a perfect mirror image of the previous one, with a Control deck taking the win among a horde of aggressive opponents in the most crowded MPDC event of the last two years. Read on to find out everything about the impressive rookie players that took the veterans by surprise and the Steady Progress of a good old deck that now plays in a very different way!
  • 10,477
    It's the Holidays. Time to look back at the year. We went from v3 crashes and suspended bog events through the dark times, the change to v4, and on to VMA and a return to near normality. It has been quite a year.
  • 10,469
    Alex completely whiffed on a card in his set review. To make up for it he tried a few decks, and one stuck.
  • 10,431
    Recently, Chesh got to sit down with Gavin Verhey, a lead disgner over at Wizards, and pick his brain!
  • 10,361
    Tired of winning with Splinter Twin and Scapeshift? In this article we look at another way to close the door on turn 4!
  • 10,342
    My first God! Gruul beatdown at its finest. Xenagos excels at making big dudes even bigger. Let's see how I'm able to take advantage of that.
  • 10,341
    Dracarys! Before being the children of blonde princesses on a warpath, the Dragons have been protagonists of human myths, popular fantasy novels and bad Hollywood movies. They're also the most beloved creature type in Magic, according to people who monitor those things. Let's see what this... entails. (Updated through Amonkhet)
  • 10,315
    Let's take a look at a quirky, sometimes dangerous deck for the Modern format.
  • 10,297
    Mirage block drafts are coming up this week. If you want a chance in the MTGO Lion's Eye Diamond lottery, but have no clue on how to draft Mirage then this is the article for you.
  • 10,282
    Pauper is going through changes again. The ban hammer went down on Dimir's hegemony. Both WAR and RNA brought some interesting stuff to the environment. Time to breed! This article highlights twenty cards to take a look at in this new world.
  • 10,262
    The same old pauper column with a brand new name, Accumulated Knowledge looks at a wonderful UB mill deck today!
  • 10,258
    Pete gives a rundown of news, prices, trends, new decks, and then talks about five ways in which Magic the Gathering and Magic Online are different games. Not better, not worse - just different form each other.
  • 10,220
    The MTGO Legacy Cube is back! Running from February 28 - March 16. Cube Addict SteveJeltz breaks down some of the powerful cards and strategies you should elect as you wade your way into this spring's cube drafting.
  • 10,143
    In this article, I will take a look at a UWR Delver deck. The deck is an aggressive take on the more traditional UWR Control decks that currently exist in Modern. I also give my opinions on the current state of Modern and my experiences at the Journey in Nyx paper prerelease.
  • 10,138
    Or Norin the Wary and the Chamber of Genesis? In this article I take a look at a Modern deck that harnesses the power of Norin the Wary and Genesis Chamber, with a bit of Godly inspiration.
  • 10,129
    This time with Into the Wild we take a modern look at Momir Basic: one the best formats for profit and fun! Learn what you can and then watch me crash through a Momir Basic Daily!
  • 10,108
    New to pauper? In need of a new deck? Come inside and check some of the classic pauper decks!The price of almost every strong deck in the current meta and few quick advice where to cut them if you are low on cash.
  • 10,088
    And here I thought that last week's cards were awesome... but I hadn't yet seen THIS WEEKS preview card! When I'm playing Zen-WWK limited I think I want to get one of these! Also, some interesting movements in the MTGO economy as decks heat up and cool off. What's moving this week? Click and find out!
  • 10,077
    Join us (AJ and Paul) as we betray some bans, check out the hot new spell book, and note a pause in paper magic.
  • 10,055
    Prefer your white decks a little slower? Like reanimating creatures the white way? Well I have just the deck for you! In this article I will be looking at an Emeria Control deck in Modern, complete with deck tech, cost analysis and gameplay videos.
  • 10,001
    This week, I take a look at the Dungrove Aggro deck in Modern. Deck tech, cost analysis and a test drive of the deck all included within. Will I overrun my opponents or will my efforts be plowed under? Take a read and find out!
  • 9,995
    Josh is a figurehead of the Commander/EDH community and has been doing The Command Zone podcast with co-host Jimmy Wong for a number of years.